title: the One You're With
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: one sided Fuji/Tezuka, Jirou/Fuji, Oshitari/Gakuto, Hyotei members, Eiji
rating: Teen
warnings: background locker room sex
summary: Rejection leads to something new for Fuji.
notes: for redcarnage, for this request on fic on demand. at first, i thought that Atobe/Fuji was the most natural pairing for the second half of this request, but then Jirou started tugging on my sleeve and asking me if he could meet Fuji-kun... ^_~

It didn't hurt so much when Tezuka slapped him. His cheek stung a bit for a while, but then, he'd been pushing it, far beyond the limits. He didn't blame Tezuka at all; in fact, Tezuka had even apologized. His fault for cornering Tezuka in a stairwell, rather than finding actual privacy. Tezuka's outburst wasn't that unusual. At the time, he hadn't even thought anyone had heard what Tezuka had said, but apparently, they did.

Eiji looked embarrassed when he told Fuji about the rumors. In fact, Eiji couldn't even look him in the eye. It was so funny. Fuji had trouble keeping from laughing as he walked down the halls. His little fan club disbanded, and most of the members went to join Tezuka's fan club. Tezuka's fan club always left such colorful and interesting presents for him in his locker, and at his desk. Funny how even the teachers just sort of turned and looked away.

As long as the 'rumors' didn't get back to his parents, Fuji didn't care if everyone called him a fag. He didn't even regret it. Maybe Tezuka was as straight as they came. He seemed that way sometimes. But sometimes, Fuji saw something in his eyes... Maybe Tezuka was just a tease.

At tennis practice, though, Tezuka wouldn't even look at him. During the whole long time that Tezuka was gone, and healing, Fuji had just wanted to be able to look at him, and feel Tezuka's gaze on him again. They were supposed to be all geared up for Nationals, but he didn't see the point. Even Eiji has asked him if he was really that way.

If everyone was treating him like a pariah, he really didn't think it would be any fun.

Made Yuuta's transferring schools seem pointless. Maybe he should switch with his little brother.

He didn't bother going to the clubhouse after school. He was just tired of the way all the girls on campus glared at him, like he had taken something away from them.

It was just a kiss. Tezuka didn't even mind. That much. Not like he even could rape Tezuka if he wanted to, which he most emphatically did not want to do. People were just so stupid.

He wandered around, choosing to go away from the places where Seigaku students normally hung out. He didn't want to see a Seigaku uniform at all.

He was standing outside the window of a sports store, when a loud, "Eh, Fuji-kun!" nearly burst his eardrum. He turned, and smiled a bit diffidently at the bouncing young man next to him. Hyotei uniform, reddish hair, loud voice....

"Ah, Jirou-kun. Nice to see you."

"Oh my god, I can't believe I just ran into Fuji-kun like this that's amazing hey are you cutting tennis practice too oh let's get ice cream together, ok?"

It was sort of amusing to be dragged off by someone as exuberant as Jirou, so Fuji just let it happen. Jirou dragged him to a park where a vendor was selling ice cream novelties. Jirou insisted on paying for Fuji's, and laughed when Fuji ordered the raspberry-cherry-mango bomb, and he ordered the same. They sat on a bench to eat, and Jirou let his treat melt over his fingers as he talked on and on about the match they played, and Fuji's awesome skills, and when could they play again?

Fuji avoided the question by picking up Jirou's wrist and licking his fingers clean. Jirou turned bright red, and then he jumped to his feet, loudly proclaiming, "Today is the best day ever!"

Feeling cheered just by Jirou's mood, Fuji allowed Jirou to take him back to Hyotei, so Fuji could 'see what it was like' for Jirou.

Hyotei's campus was easily five times bigger than Seigaku's, but Fuji thought that Seigaku's was prettier. He was surprised to feel such pride for his school, especially now, but it was all right. There was nothing wrong with being smaller, after all.

As they walked through the lanes criss crossing the campus, various people, mostly girls, called out to Jirou, and he always just waved back to them with a smile. No one seemed to think it was odd that Jirou was holding his hand, their fingers interlaced. Maybe it was just the way that Jirou was.

He gave Fuji a bit of a frenzied tour of the campus ("Over there's the science wing, I hate science, and this is a good tree for napping, that's where some transfer student supposedly killed himself five years ago, this is where I eat lunch when it's nice out, that's the coach's car, this is the music building, there's the basketball gym, but tennis players hate basketball players, I guess, no one ever told me why..."), and then finally brought him to the tennis courts. The doubles pair, Shishido and Ohtori, they were standing in the walk.

Well, Shishido was standing, and balancing his racquet on his finger. Ohtori was on his knees, tying Shishido's shoes. Shishido raised an eyebrow at him, but otherwise ignored him. "Hey, Jirou, you'd better get dressed. The Captain'll be pissed if he sees you in your school uniform."

"Oh, yeah, thanks," Jirou laughed, still holding Fuji's hand.

Ohtori looked up, and smiled at Fuji, a bit puzzled. "Welcome to Hyotei, Fuji-kun."

"Thanks, Ohtori-kun," Fuji replied, but Jirou was already dragging him off.

The clubhouse at Hyotei more closely resembled a spa than the clubhouse at Seigaku, and there was another feature that was vastly different than at Seigaku.

The other doubles pair... Fuji knew their names, they were... Oshitari and Mukahi. Oshitari had Mukahi up against the wall. Oshitari was wearing his school pants, but they were open, and nothing else. Mukahi was wearing his jersey shirt, and no pants. Mukahi's legs were wrapped around Oshitari's waist, and Oshitari was sucking on Mukahi's neck. He looked over at Fuji and Jirou, but just smirked. Mukahi scowled at them.

"Fuck, Jirou, you're late," Mukahi complained, though Fuji doubted he and Oshitari had spent much time at practice, either.

"Yeah, sorry," Jirou laughed, totally at ease with walking in on his teammates.

Oshitari must have been doing something interesting to Mukahi's neck, but Mukahi was making cute kitten noises now.

"Be out in a sec," Jirou cheerfully promised, and then dragged Fuji inside.

They were quite separated from the doubles pair, but Fuji could still hear them, a bit. He sat down on the bench while Jirou was getting dressed, shifting around a bit to get comfortable. He'd never seen people who weren't related to him having sex right in front of him before. And... "Those two do that a lot?"

"Eh? Them? Yeah, all the time. Oshitari's always feeling Mukahi up." Jirou shrugged, like it was nothing.

"Pretty bold, though, to do it in public," Fuji mused absently, watching Jirou carefully from the corner of his eye.

Jirou just shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. Well, people here are pretty rich. I guess they figure they can do anything they want." Jirou shrugged, and turned to Fuji, even though he was only in his underwear. "Hey, do you want to play a match? Just for fun! I can lend you some clothes."

Fuji shook his head. "I couldn't wear Hyotei clothes... I got some." He unzipped his tennis bag, and started to dress. He was used to boys in the locker rooms just goofing off or roughhousing, but not really looking at each other while dressing.

Jirou was staring at him. "Ah, Fuji-kun, you're really little! But you're so good at tennis! That's so cool!" He beamed.

He couldn't do anything but smile.

Oshitari and Mukahi were moaning pretty loudly when they were done, so Jirou took Fuji out a side door. Hyotei's campus seemed to have acres of tennis courts. Jirou chatted excitedly, but Fuji was only half paying attention. Jirou took him to a court where Atobe was standing, watching over the matches. "Heh, sorry I'm late, Captain, but look, Fuji-kun came back with me, so we're going to play a match, ok?"

Atobe just barely glanced at Fuji and Jirou, though his gaze did drift down to their joined hands. "Fine. So I understand Tezuka is back."

Fuji forced himself to beam. "Indeed."

"Mm," Atobe turned his attention back to his own team. "Looking forward to seeing him in action again."

Fuji had nothing to say to that, so he let Jirou lead him away to a quieter court.

"Atobe's obsessed with Tezuka," Jirou cheerfully informed. "I don't think he was very satisfied with their match. I didn't see it, but everyone says it was awesome."

"It was," Fuji smiled tightly. He saw something in that match that he'd never seen before. Tezuka inspired something in him that he'd never felt before. He wanted, more than anything, to be able to stand next to Tezuka and walk aside him, as equals. Had he ruined everything by seeking even more?

They played, but at first, Fuji's mind was only half on the game. Still, Jirou was a worthy opponent, so it wasn't long before Fuji was lost in the play. Even with all their extensive courts, Hyotei had a hundred members, so they had an audience soon, too. By the end of the match, Fuji was a thousand miles away from his melancholy.

Jirou insisted on walking back to his house with him, excitedly replaying their match, with sound effects and everything. He was fun to watch, so bouncy and excitable. Fuji really felt a lot better, so when they got to the crossroad where there really was no excuse any longer for Jirou to be walking with him, Fuji leaned in and kissed Jirou softly. Jirou's eyes widened, almost comically, and then he grabbed Fuji's face, and kissed him, harder, deeper.

That night, he got a call. From Tezuka. He wished it didn't, but it still made his skin tingle, having Tezuka's voice in his ear.

"You missed practice today."

"Ah, sorry about that, Captain. You can make me run laps tomorrow, of course."

There was a pause, and Fuji pictured Tezuka biting his lip, trying to think of what to say... "Was there... a reason? Ah, were you prevented in coming by...?"

"Nothing. No reason." He smiled, but Tezuka couldn't see. It wasn't that fake, either. "I ended up going to Hyotei, though, and having a rematch with Jirou."

"You... did?"

Fuji chuckled softly. "Yes, so it wasn't a total wash. Sorry, though, I shouldn't have just skipped out."

"Fuji. If anyone... I mean, if because of me something happens..." Tezuka fumbled for words.

And damn his stupid heart, he took pity on Tezuka, rather than just enjoy the rare experience of a flustered Tezuka. "Don't worry. I can take care of myself. Never meant to be a burden to you, Captain."

"We're still friends, Fuji." Tezuka was always so sure of himself. Fuji admired it; not that he spent a lot of time with self-doubt, but there was a resoluteness to Tezuka's confidence.

"I know. I have homework to finish..." It was an easy out to a longer, more awkward conversation.

"I'll let you go, then. See you at practice tomorrow, Fuji."

"Yes, Captain," Fuji grinned.

He laid back on his bed, and thought about Tezuka's voice, and Jirou's kiss. He didn't care what people said at school. He knew right from wrong, in most cases.