title: the obvious title
fandom: Seinfeld
characters/pairings: Jerry/Kramer, Elaine, George
rating: G
warnings: ....Jerry/Kramer
summary: things they will never say.
notes: for mstieforlife, for this request on fic on demand.

Not that there was anything wrong with it. Obviously. Clearly. And anyway, no one ever said it was that, even. Just.

Well, they were friends. Not that it had anything to do with that, really. After all, he was friends with George, too, but. And Elaine. Except, Elaine didn't count, because he had sex with Elaine sometimes. Or he used to. And Kramer wasn't his lover. Absolutely not. He had a girlfriend. (She wore too much cashmere. It was too much pressure to be preppy. Plus, she always invited people to touch it. It was like she was just fishing for touching. It was obscene!) Kramer was seeing someone, too. (She had a high voice. He liked the way she screamed, but it could be heard all over the building. Really a nuisance.)

He wasn't even sure why it started. He remembered something about tequila. This was exactly why he didn't like to drink too much. He ended up gay. Not that there was anything wrong with it! Well, there was a little something wrong with it if it was Kramer, but that was another story.

Because he wasn't about to tell anyone, anyway. Neither was Kramer. They both just acted like nothing had happened. Like nothing was happening. Like nothing would ever happen.

And he kept a bottle of tequila in the cabinet. And when he buzzed Elaine into the building, he opened the door so Kramer could scoot out. And when she came in, launching immediately into her story about the date with the acupuncturists and all of his bad come ons, he stayed standing, because he didn't want to sit. And he wouldn't say anything when Kramer burst back in, grabbing a Snapple and advising Elaine to go for it the next time, because acupuncturists were Asia's legendary lovers. And he would never tell Kramer that sex with him is about the best sex Jerry'd ever had. And Kramer would never say anything about it at all, except that maybe Jerry should stick it out with Cashmere Girl, because she probably had money. And when George came over, everything would be like it always was.

Because there wasn't anything wrong with it and something you did sometimes didn't need to define you anyway and they both had girlfriends so it was just a thing that sometimes happened.

Couldn't be anything wrong as long as they were all just like they always were, and it was just a thing, after all.

Nothing wrong with it at all.