title: the Hard Way
fandom: Saiyuki
characters/pairings: Gojyo/Sanzo
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Gojyo makes Sanzo see.
notes: this is for the fantabulous Wingless the Flightless, whose generosity is most exceptional, and whose art is just utterly GUH. loves on it
set early in the series, because that's what i'm familiar with. kinda sorta rough bloody sex ahoy...

Thunder cracked outside. The arid smell of smoke parched the air, making him feel twitchy and hungry in ephemeral ways. He watched, his feet propped up on the table, as Sanzo treated his own wounds.

"Yer a hard man, Sanzo." He shook his head, and clutched the legs of his chair, fending off the need for nicotine.

Sanzo barely looked up as he sucked on his cigarette.

"Want some help with that?" Gojyo knew the answer before he asked it, and Sanzo's grunt of dismissal was hardly necessary, but it needed asking.

Best to ask first, after all.

He got up, and loafed amiably over to Sanzo, grinning. He took the cigarette out of Sanzo's mouth, and finished it off himself.

"Hey!" Sanzo glared at him. "That was mine!"

"And then it was mine," Gojyo shrugged, still grinning. Sanzo was bare to the waist, thick stripes of dripping red marking his chest and his back. "You're gonna need help with your back. Admit it."

"Fuck off," Sanzo muttered, and went back to cleaning out his wounds.

Gojyo shook his head. If he was Hakkai, Sanzo would let him help. If he was Hakkai, Sanzo would listen as he smiled and spoke gently.

If he was Hakkai, he would kiss Sanzo's wounds reverently, and patiently bear out Sanzo's temper.

But Hakkai was off with the monkey, dealing with their lack of food, and since it was the monkey, it was going to take a while.

Gojyo smirked as he sat down next to Sanzo. He always did like doing things the hard way...

"Relax, priest man, I'm not going to befoul your sacred skin with my demon hands. Just give it up... Even the great Sanzo needs help from time to time." He picked up a square of cloth, and started to clean out one of Sanzo's wounds. They were deep, and painful-looking. It was easy to forget that Sanzo was human, but his blood was as fresh and red as any human's. His wounds were as painful.

Sanzo glared at him from over his shoulder. "Horny bastard, you just want to get your hands on me..."

Gojyo smirked. Now this, he understood! He leaned forward, pressing his chest against Sanzo's back, and moved his hands around to Sanzo's front. His hands moved fluidly into Sanzo's pants, wrapping around the flaccid flesh between his legs. "That what you want, priest man? I can deliver for ya. Just lean a bit forward..."

"Get your hands off of me!" Sanzo tried to jump up, but Gojyo had a good hold on him, and he used the movement to gain the leverage he needed to flip Sanzo over.

He leaned down, and licked the back of Sanzo's neck, drinking in his sweat. "You like to keep people away, like to do everything the hard way. But you aren't alone in this, Sanzo. Mighta gotten a clue when even your fuckin' gods made ya bring us along. We're with you."

Sanzo growled, and turned himself around, but now Gojyo had him exactly where he wanted him, his back on the bed, and his mouth right in sight. He moved with liquid grace, and invaded Sanzo's space, licking and sucking on Sanzo as hard as he could. At the same time, he put his hand between Sanzo's legs, and started to work Sanzo through his tight pants.

It was hard at first. Sanzo was biting and scratching him, but after being with Hakkai for so long, he kind of liked the violence of it. Even when Sanzo nearly ripped his ear off. Still, he wasn't saying anything, so Gojyo continued on.

He got Sanzo's pants open, and dipped down to taste the hardening flesh there. He needed Sanzo's help to get his pants off, but he had worked Sanzo over just enough to get him to the point where he wasn't really fighting against it as much as he was fighting with it.

He stood up on his knees, licking his lips as he stripped. He loved challenges.

He grabbed the bottle of healing ointment, figuring this was as good a use for it as any, and he coated his fingers. With a wicked grin, he stuck his hands under Sanzo, and pushed his fingers against Sanzo's anus.

"What the fuck...!" Sanzo growled, and tried to grab Gojyo's hands.

Gojyo grabbed Sanzo's wrist, and dug his fingers into his skin. "Let it go, priest man. Always gotta do things the hard way..."

Sanzo kept glaring at him, his eyes piercing and bright, but that just made it hotter, because Sanzo never lost eye contact. Not when he started to breathe heavily, not when his hips started to move in rhythm, not even when Gojyo grabbed a hold of his cock, and he was ready to come...

It was so fucking hot, like only Sanzo could be, and it made Gojyo hot, made his skin hot, and his blood hot, and damn! Sanzo had beautiful eyes, and beautiful anger, just, fuckin' gorgeous rage, especially when he used his rage, his back arching, and his bloody chest heaving with it, but his eyes, his eyes still locked on Gojyo, even as his hands were pulling at Gojyo's hair, and whether it was because he wanted to kiss or because he wanted to bite, it didn't matter...

They shook the bed, the shook the whole damn house, maybe, shifting back and forth over the sheets, because Sanzo was such a damned hard man, and it wasn't easy to get inside of him, and the sheets turned red with Sanzo's blood, and there were tears pouring our of Sanzo's eyes, but they were nothing compared to the absolutely fury...

Gojyo did remember not to fall down on top of Sanzo, a sure testament to his control, because that was absofukinglutely the best sex he'd had in days. Sanzo pushed him aside, and sat up, grabbing his cigarettes. Gojyo felt like chucking as he watched Sanzo light up, his cheeks hollow as he sucked deep.

"What the fuck was that?" Sanzo turned to look at him, but the fire was gone from his eyes.

Gojyo looked away, and shrugged. "The monkey's not the only one who'll die for you, you know. There's a reason why we're here with you."

"Yeah," Sanzo agreed, bitterly, "to make sure I find an early grave."

Gojyo pulled himself up off the bloody sheets, and smiled, taking Sanzo's cigarette. "Actually, we're here to keep you on the right side of the edge. Now be quiet, and let me clean your wounds."

Sanzo grumbled, and moved over on the bed. "Hurry the hell up, already, then."

Gojyo smirked, and sat up, ready to serve Sanzo again.