title: the Draw
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Lui/Naoji
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Lui handles Naoji's reaction to his "engagement."
notes: don't you love fics that come to you with crystal clarity right before you are going to bed? hmph. takes place during episode... whichever. the one where lui is getting married. um. 5? some continuity details may be off because I didn't watch the ep recently.

Lui pushed his teacup away somewhat hastily. It was empty, and therefore rendered useless to him, anyway. He watched Naoji with an eagle's focus.

Naoji understood their evening to be over, and he began to stand up to clear the dishes.

"Sit down." It was second nature to Lui to command things of the people around him. In fact, he had no other means with which to ask for anything. Naoji was obedient, so very quick to comply, and it irritated Lui. "Is that all?"

Naoji continued to watch Lui, appearing composed, his hands folded neatly in his lap, his face expressionless, but Naoji's eyes were traitors to his heart.

Lui smirked, and stood up, striding casually around the table, so he could half sit on the table, right in front of Naoji. "You disappoint me, Naoji, but perhaps it is to be expected."

Naoji blinked. It took him a moment to answer. "I apologize for interfering in something that is none of my business..."

Lui reached out and placed one finger on Naoji's lips. "Is it none of your business, Naoji? Do you have no other objection to my arranged marriage other than your fears for my future happiness? Are you not at all concerned for your own happiness?"

He tried to turn his face away from Lui, but Lui didn't let him. He lowered his gaze, and Lui lifted his chin. "I cannot object on grounds I have no right to stand on in the first place."

"Right?" Lui sighed. "You have spent far too much time with Orphe. What is your right and what is not your right is determined by what you want and what you do not want."

"I should be more like you, I suppose," Naoji sighed. "Perhaps I lack the courage to take with both hands that which I fear will be taken away from me."

Lui's fingers slipped down Naoji's chin, down the line of Naoji's throat. "What courage is required to hold onto that which has been determined by fate to be yours? It does not matter, right, wrong, home, foreign, yours, mine." He held his hand out to Naoji. "Come with me to my bedchamber."

Naoji closed his eyes. "It remains simple for you. You see things so clearly. I wish that I had your conviction."

"Are you rejecting me?" There was nothing even remotely serious about the question; in fact, it was a rebuke more than anything else.

Leaning back in his chair, Naoji looked away, putting his hands on the armrests, clutching at the rounded edges tightly. "You are like a dragon, never needing to watch where you tread because your footfalls form the earth, not the other way around. It is difficult to follow where you lead, Ludwig."

"I have confidence in your ability to stay by my side, where you belong." Lui's hand did not waver as he waited with obscene patience for Naoji to take it.

"Your confidence is a force mere men cannot resist. It is futile, I suppose, for me to try to oppose you." Naoji fit his hand inside of Lui's. Their hands were about the same size; his might even have been longer, but his fingers were slim, and Lui's palm was wide. Lui's hand tightened around his immediately. "Not that I wish to oppose you. But you confound me, Ludwig."

Lui drew Naoji to his feet, and walked backward to his bedchamber, never once faltering in his step. "Confound you, Naoji? That is absurd. You are simply denying to yourself the inevitable truth. Are you afraid of admitting it? Would it not be easier to succumb entirely rather than to cling to your doubts?"

Naoji closed the door behind them, closing off the pale, electric light that would automatically go out at ten. Darkness enfolded them, and it was just as Naoji wanted. Were it a moonless night, it would have been perfect, were they only to be enclosed entirely in the blackness of the unknown, as if their eyes were covered in thick velvet. "You speak of truth in such absolute terms, as if there were only one. I long to return to the state of mind where there is only one answer to any question. Am I afraid, Ludwig? Answer that for me, for I cannot even tell if I tremble."

Hands far too gentle given their strength caressed his cheek, seducing him. "You tremble, you blush, you squeeze your eyes shut and cling to me even as you block out the sight of me. Tell me truthfully, Naoji; when you heard that I would wed, were you jealous?"

No words slipped from Naoji's lips, but if they did, Lui would have been there to swallow them. Was he jealous? He could not say, but Lui could tell from the way he clung to Lui as they kissed. Lui pushed Naoji down onto the bed, and smirked.

"Undo your hair." Another command, and it caused Naoji to tremble, his fingers fumbling as they undid the fabric that held his hair in place. He pulled it away, and placed it down on Lui's bedside table with careful precision. He would need that again in the morning.

Lui's hands were in his hair, shaking it out, bringing up thick handfuls, kissing the strands with reverent care.

"You are beautiful, Naoji." Naoji was pushed down onto the bed, his boots still on, Lui's boots still on, and perhaps Lui really did believe it, perhaps it might even be true. But there was nothing in the world like Lui when he was swept away by his passion. "You have such perfect skin." Lui tore open Naoji's shirt, clawing at the fabric to get to Naoji's skin.

Naoji turned his head away, and he imagined this phantom woman on her wedding night, yards and yards of silk and crepe tossed away so she could give herself to Lui and his appetite. Would Lui's kisses on her skin be as hot as they were for Naoji? Would Lui be as impatient with the ties on her corset as he was with the buckles on Naoji's boots? Would she cling to the trails of Lui's hair over her skin the way Naoji did? Would Lui be as interested in her breasts as he was in Naoji's nipples?

Lui smirked. "You are jealous, are you not? Tell me, Naoji. Tell me that you don't want me to marry. Tell me that your reasons are selfish."

"Selfish?" Naoji sighed, spreading his legs out for Lui. "Is it selfish of a horse to wish to be his master's only steed?"

Lui's fingers tangled in Naoji's no longer perfectly flat hair. "I am your master, and you will be mine whenever I need you."

It was absurd, and it should have been humiliating, but Naoji felt a rush of pleasure because Lui had said he needed him.

The night was just turning cold, and the stars were looking particularly clear and bright. Naoji waited, because it was only a matter of time, and he could wait for as long as he was required. It was quiet and cool here, and after the commotion of the evening, it was pleasant to sit and watch the sky, and find the stars that he had followed when he was a boy.

There were concerns. There were enemies out there, somewhere, hidden in plain sight, perhaps, but cloaked by their ignorance of them. He knew enough of the politics of this land to know that his father was perhaps mistaken to send him here to escape the unrest at home. Still, he could not think on the troubles of the night for long; on one side, there was Lui, and on the other side, there was Orphe. It was hard to be pessimistic about the future with such luminaries blazing the path to the future.

"Are you waiting for me?"

Naoji allowed himself to smile, slightly. "It was decided that perhaps it was best that you did not return to the University alone."

"Was it?" Lui sneered. "And who decided this?"

"It was a universally accepted decision," Naoji informed blankly. "But I did not wait to see who else might volunteer."

"Were you worried about me, Naoji?" Lui was standing before him now, one hand on the brick above Naoji's head.

Naoji considered. "Before I had a chance to worry, I saw the two of you rise. Like night and day sharing the same sky... The two of you together are truly beautiful."

"You have developed a rather odd sense of humor," Lui stated with disgust. "I blame Ed. You must limit your association with him."

"But it's true," Naoji calmly persisted. "You and Orphe together... I was very moved, despite the setting. You were... radiant together."

Lui sighed audibly and leaned against the wall, his arms folded over his chest. "Orphe is too pale."

Naoji smiled. "I would expect the night to find fault with the day, and vice versa. But it is good that they both have their chance to reign over the sky, is it not?"

"Perhaps we think that only because we have never had the chance to discover how life could be if the sky was ruled by the moon alone." Lui's confidence was absolute, as always.

"You never intended to marry that girl." Naoji looked up the stars again, as if he was speaking to them. "You knew all along, were planning for this... and yet, you let me spend the night in your room, risk expulsion, all for..."

Lui watched his carefully, waiting for him to finish his sentence. "You were jealous."

"What am I to do?" Naoji smiled as he beseeched the stars gently. "I am trapped in your obit."

Lui put his hand on Naoji's chin, and made Naoji turn his gaze to him. "Do you regret sharing my bed?"

"You possess me," Naoji stated matter-of-factly. "I am weak before you. Does it not disgust you?"

Lui crouched down, so that he was only a bit above Naoji. "You are weak for me and for me alone, because only I can possess you. As long as you promise me that, I will never be disgusted with you."

Naoji closed his eyes, and leaned closer to Lui. "Is that to be our vow, then? To each other, we pledge this and this alone - that I will be weak for you, and you will not be disgusted by me?"

"Is there more that you require?" Lui stood up, and held his hand out to assist Naoji up.

Naoji took Lui's hand, and shrugged. "It is enough, I suppose."

"Then, let us return, before curfew." Lui's lack of respect for the rules that pretended to govern them was obvious, so Naoji understood that Lui did not expect to be alone that night, either.

He followed Lui, with infuriating obedience, captured once again and still by Lui's gravitational pull.