title: the Chosen Day
fandom: xxxHolic
characters/pairings: Doumeki/Watanuki, Yuuko, Eriol
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: It's the day.
notes: for toscas kiss, for this request on fic on demand. *paws that request* ^_~

Watanuki just barely stuck his head into the door. Yuuko was hosting that... strange boy from England again. He gave Watanuki the shivers, the amused way he was always looking down his nose at Watanuki... And Watanuki was nearly a whole head taller! "Yuuko-san, we're off."

"Oh, ye are?" She chuckled, and brushed some invisible lint off of her filmy, flowing skirt. "Well, have a good night... oh, wait! Watanuki! What day is it?"

He paused. Doumeki was giving him a look. That was so annoying... "Eh? It's... the ninth, I think."

"The ninth?" Yuuko frowned, and tapped one long, tapered finger against her chin. "It's June, is it not? The ninth of June? Oh! Thank goodness! It's finally time!"

"Time?" Watanuki asked. That English boy was looking very amused, damn it. "Time for what?"

"Go into the storage room, please. On the top of the third shelf from the back, there is box labeled 'Ninth.' Please retrieve it for me. Oh, and take Doumeki with you. It's very high up." She smiled at Watanuki, and tipped her head to the side, letting her long, silky hair fall in waves over her shoulder.

Watanuki had seen that before. "What, now?"

"It's labeled Ninth, Watanuki-kun. Now please, go get it." She smiled harder, and it almost seemed like she might start to laugh.

Sighing, Watanuki dropped his bag. Doumeki just raised an eyebrow at him. So annoying...! "Just come on, already!"

Watanuki stomped off to the storage room, but he forgot the step stool. Doumeki crossed his arms over his chest as Watanuki stared up at the box perched on the very highest shelf there was, quite possibly in the world, as far as Watanuki was concerned. Dryly, Doumeki offered, "Should I get that for you?"

Watanuki narrowed his eyes. "I can get it." He just had to balance on the lower shelf, and hold onto the support there, and... He nearly had his hand on the corner of the box, but...

"Watanuki!" Doumeki cried out, and he was too surprised by that to be afraid of falling. Before he knew it, he was in Doumeki's arms, and they were on the ground, and they were... Their lips... They...

And... he wasn't bucking back...

Doumeki was looking... pleased, damn it!

"What the hell!?" Watanuki asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Doumeki's dark eyes watched Watanuki's movements with some disappointment. "You fell on me."

"On your lips?! Why did you kiss me?"

"Let's try again," Doumeki leaned closer.

"What?!" Watanuki backed up, but he didn't have much room. "What do you mean?"

"I liked it," Doumeki stated. "Did you?"

"Did I...? But that's...! You're confusing the issue!" Watanuki accused, pointing at Doumeki.

Doumeki grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, kissed him again.

This was getting habitual. And still he wasn't fighting back.

"Stop it!" Watanuki huffed, but he didn't wipe his mouth this time. "Why are you kissing me!?"

Shrugging, Doumeki pulled Watanuki in closer. "I already told you. I like it."

"Well that's, that's, that's no reason!" Watanuki flailed, or tried to; Doumeki was holding him too tightly to flail properly. "We're both guys!"

"I don't care."

"And I hate you!"

"...Let's try again."


"One more time." Doumeki moved in closer.

"Stop!" Watanuki put his hands on Doumeki's shoulders, but he didn't push. "I just said I hated you!"

"I don't believe you," Doumeki replied.

"What? But... I would know that." Watanuki was confused, and it was all Doumeki's fault.

"Maybe you don't," Doumeki suggested, reasonably.

"What?" But Doumeki was kissing him again, harder this time, his tongue pressing against Watanuki's lips, and... Well, why not?

There was a flash of light. That blasted brat from England was snickering.

"See?" Yuuko said, smugly, clutching her camera to her breast. "I told you today was the day."

"It's about time," the brat replied.

Watanuki shot up to his feet, and he grabbed Doumeki's hand. "We're DONE for the day!" He dragged Doumeki out of the house, grabbing his bag as he did. He walked as fast as he could just to get some distance between them and that infernal house.

"Hey." Doumeki tugged on his arm, bringing Watanuki to a standstill. "Where are we going?"

"Oh!" Watanuki looked around. They were... well, he was going home, and... he was... dragging Doumeki... "Um, well... my apartment..."

Doumeki took a step forward. "You're taking me back to your place?"

"Ah..." Watanuki blushed bright red, and hid his face. "I... well..."

Doumeki put his hand on Watanuki's cheek. "Do you really hate me? I'll protect you, no matter what. But if you do hate me, I won't trouble you anymore."

"Tr-trouble me...?" Protect you, no matter what? That sounded like... Did Doumeki... For how long? "I-It's no trouble. But." Watanuki bit his lip. "Don't expect me to cook for you! I cooked all day! And I made your lunch, so... we can pick up dinner at a convenience store!" Watanuki nodded and stormed off, still holding Doumeki's hand.

Doumeki dutifully trailed behind him. "You don't really have to make me lunch anymore. Tomorrow, I can bring you lunch."

Watanuki's gait slowed until they were nearly stopped. "Ah. No. I mean. I have to make my own lunch, anyway. So it's easier to make lunch for two than one." That sounded stupid. He bit his finger. "Ah. Well. That is. ...Never mind! Stop confusing me!" He shut his eyes and stormed off again. He just couldn't let go of Doumeki's hand for some reason. Would they keep kissing back at his place? Or would they...? His whole body turned bright red.

Doumeki caught up so they were walking side by side. "Ok. I like convenience store food, anyway."

"Y-yeah," Watanuki stuttered. "Well. Um." He glanced over at Doumeki. He looked just like Doumeki always did. How long...? "Well. Anyway." He squeezed his hand around Doumeki's. None of this... none of this felt odd.

June 9th.

He'd have to try to remember this day. It felt significant.