title: the Apartment: Secrets
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yumiko/Atobe, Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: glossed-over sex
summary: Yumiko starts to date someone her brother wouldn't approve of.
notes: the fifth in the Apartment series, dedicated to my beloved aisoku, as he starts college.

She didn't tell Syuusuke about the first date, because it was just a dinner. One time meeting for coffee had led to a habit of meeting for coffee after work, and one dinner was just a natural extension of that. Though, he took her to one of the classiest restaurants in Tokyo. It was modern and chic and there were actual celebrities at the tables around them, but he was only looking at her. The wine was from France, and he assured her it was a good year, and she drank enough of it to get a bit giggly, but she didn't lose her head. For dessert, they shared a chocolate soufflé with a divine caramel cream sauce, and he fed her delicate spoonfuls, which she lapped up with kittenish coquettishness.

As they walked out of the restaurant, she spared enough of a glance around the room to be sparklingly aware that she was the object of plenty of jealousy, which was exactly how she liked to leave a room.

Still, it was just one dinner. One fabulously glamorous dinner that went exceedingly well, and ended with the perfectly measured kiss at the doorstep to their building. Syuusuke had already pinned Tezuka down to the bed, so he didn't even have to question why she had worn her sexiest and best dress to go out that night.

Just one dinner. That was all it was, and as long as that was all it was, she didn't need to tell him anything.

There was no way that she was going to get serious about a boy like Atobe. Really, he even seemed like a boy to her. She'd be cradle robbing to date him seriously. So, there was no reason for Syuusuke to know about something that would just vex him.


Since the dinner went so fabulously well, there was no reason not to have a second dinner, this time with a movie. A premier, actually. With the red carpet and the stars and the whole works. She got to meet the director, who stared at her gorgeous breasts and offered her a screening, and Atobe was so adorably protective, slipping his arm around her waist and assuring the man that she had better things to do with her time. It was a good movie, too, and there was a cocktail party afterward, and she drank a few too many fancy martinis, and in the limo on the way home, she let Atobe caress her thigh as they kissed.

A few kisses, some touches, another glamorous and exciting date... but still. She wasn't going to get serious about a playboy who could only trot out connections to impress her. She was more mature than that. She was just having fun, and he was just having fun, and there was no reason for Syuusuke to know anything about it.

It was just fun, that was all.

The third date was trickier. Tezuka was out of town, and Syuusuke was being more of a homebody. Also, it was the third date, and that tended to be a bit of a watershed date. They went to an intimate restaurant and sipped brandies, and then went to a gallery opening. She wore something scandalously chic and was mistook for being ten years younger than she was, and once again, she was the envy of every girl in the room. It was the third date, and she was getting to know him, through barbs and half-veiled jokes and clever banter that was taxing to keep up but oh so fun. He was intelligent and witty and charming to a fault, but he had a wicked sense of humor about himself. She drank too much wine on purpose at the gallery, and refused his invitation back to his apartment, but in the limo, she let him caress her breast. His hands were skilled and he was a damned good kisser. He held his liquor well and he knew just what to say and do to send shivers down her skin.

It was a game and he knew it, and he knew how to score points. Because it was a game, she could have fun and play with him, and it didn't have to mean anything.

It was just a game, after all, just for fun.

The fourth date, he decided to surprise her. He took her out for lunch in the middle of the week, on a picnic in the park. He swore up and down that he had cooked, but then it turned out that he was just offering her Greek salad, smoked fish, rice balls, and watermelon slices. Still, the salad was rather good, the fish was high quality, the rice was plain, but perfect for the fish, and the watermelon was messy, giving him the chance to lick her neck clean. She was fairly sure she didn't have any watermelon juice down on her chest, but she undid one button of her sweater anyway, letting him seek it out. His hot breath on her chest made her breathe deeper, and his hand on her waist felt hot.

She touched his lips, and kissed him, letting him part her lips, letting him move closer. He was so eager, which reminded her that he was young, but it was exciting, anyway, being desired by such a young and desirable man. Not that she needed the affirmation, but she enjoyed it.

Their game moved into other venues, into emails and text messages and long phone conversations. She loved to cradle the phone to her ear and listen to his deep chuckle. He had a sexy voice, and she told him he could probably just make her come from talking to her because she knew that would make him hard, and it amused her to get him worked up just over the phone when he couldn't even touch her.

She decided that she wanted to try sleeping with him, so she suggested they go to a club. Syuusuke was out of town on a photo shoot, so she went out late, wearing her sluttiest skirt and her most risqué top, which left little to the imagination, and they went out to club where the music was loud, hot, and pounding, the lights were low and flashing, the drinks were hard, and they could dance. He wore a transparent shirt with a floral pattern and leather pants that were practically painted on, and even though he looked about as gay as her brother's boyfriend actually was, his hands just about never left her body.

In a darkened corner, she let him take her thong off, and in between her legs, she got to experience the true breadth of his talented fingers. She kissed him sloppily while slipping her hands up the back of his shirt, and down into the back of his pants. He licked his messy fingers clean, and then kissed her hard, pressing her against the wall, so she could feel his erection.

They went back to his place, because she wasn't thinking completely clearly. She started peeling off his pants in the elevator up to his penthouse, and let him take off her top as she did. It was a private elevator, and there was no one else on his floor or in his apartment, but it still felt like it was extra naughty, and she almost wished he had done that in the club.

They ended up making love in the kitchen, on the polished steel floating counter in the middle. He was a nice size, long and not too fat. His body was extremely lean and his skin was rather pale and hairless. Naked, they went upstairs to his bed, him stumbling after her, giving her vague directions, because he wanted to keep his mouth on her skin. His bed was decadently huge and swathed in silk, and she fell asleep in his arms.

She took a shower in his gigantic bathroom in the morning, and borrowed a jacket to go home in; not that she felt self-conscious about walking up to the apartment in her outfit from the night before, but now, she had his jacket.

And a problem.

She'd been dating him for over a month, coming in on two months. His phone number was third on her speed dial, and she was first on his. She didn't go ten hours without speaking to him, much less a day without seeing him. She'd slept with him, and she liked it.

And Syuusuke wouldn't understand, because forever in his mind, this was the man who hurt his Tezuka.

She decided that she needed to end it. She needed to break it off, before she became attached to the game that could potentially never end. She didn't want to keep a secret like that from her precious little brother, and she didn't want him to think less of her, for any reason.

She went to his office, so he couldn't make a scene, and was surprised by how quickly she was ushered into his luxurious, huge office, with floor to ceiling windows, and a gorgeous view. Of course, she knew why she was ushered in so quickly as soon as she entered; Atobe's friends had invaded for an impromptu brunch. Blushing, he jumped up and kissed her quickly, and then proudly introduced her to the group.

Adorably, his friends were all former teammates of his from high school. There was the tall and horrifically arrogant Kyoto native who was even more impressed with his own charms than Atobe was, and his huffy and sexy little boyfriend. The tall, stoic man who just nodded at her. The hotheaded man with a ponytail, whose boyfriend hovered over him ridiculously. Then there was the cute, sleepy boy who woke up when he heard her family name, and started excitedly asking about her brother.

She sat in Atobe's lap and ate a delicious quiche while she laughed as everyone tried their best to embarrass Atobe. She expected him to lash out at them, but he didn't. He was tolerant and even good-natured about it, laughing along with some of the funnier comments. She was amazed. He was actually being affectionate with these people.

He cared about them, and he was treating her like she was special, in this group of people who meant a lot to him.

She was the second one to leave, winking and joking that they needed a chance to talk about her with Atobe. She rode down in the elevator with Shishido-kun, who asked her if she was sure she wanted to be with someone like Atobe, and then he quickly extolled that egotist's good points.

Now, she had a huge problem.

She hadn't broken up with Atobe, and she no longer wanted to. She still didn't know how to tell Syuusuke, and she still didn't want to lose face with him, but she wanted this game to go on a bit longer.


She was starting to think that maybe she was more invested in the game than she had any right to be.

Damn that charming, sexy brat. To punish him, she was going to have to make him fall completely in love with her.