title: Ten Year Reunion
fandom: Here is Greenwood
characters/pairings: Mitsuru/Shinobu, Kazuya, Shun
rating: Teen
warnings: kissing, flirting, talk of sex
summary: Shun hosts the reunion, and Suka learns a few things about his senpais.
notes: for grey pencil, for this request on fic on demand.

Kazuya moved with caution. Shun had been very exuberant about, well, everything, but there were noises coming from the baths, and if it was true that Tezuka-senpai and Ikeda-senpai were the only ones there...

He made as much noise as possible and started to hum, shutting his eyes tightly. It was a good plan, because he sure didn't want to walk in on anything, or, at least, it was a good plan up until the part where he slipped and nearly killed himself falling. Fortunately, Tezuka-senpai was right there to catch him, grinning down at him as he always did - coldly, superiorly wicked.

Kazuya righted himself, blushing, and stammered, "Ah, Tezuka-senpai, Ikeda-senpai, good to see you again..."

Ikeda smirked. "Look, Shinobu, our Hasukawa is just how we left him. How cute!"

Burning, Kazuya faced Ikeda. "Wh-What is that supposed to mean?"

Tezuka patted him on the head condescendingly before slipping back into the water. "It's good to know some things never change."

Sulking, Kazuya got into the water and as far away from them as he could. "You two seem the same, too. Still as thick as thieves."

"Of course," Ikeda wiggled his eyebrows. "After all, we're inseparable." He threw his arms around the calm Tezuka's neck, and started to nibble on his ear.

Kazuya didn't know if he should look away or stare and oh, damn, yes, look away, look away fast, because Ikeda's hands were moving under the water and Tezuka was parting his lips.... "Y-you two are just messing with me. Like always."

"Maybe," Tezuka sighed serenely. "Or maybe we are being so blatant, it seems like we are messing with you."

"We do live together, still, after all," Ikeda giggled.

"R-really?" Kazuya's eyes widened.

Tezuka shrugged. "It's not likely that I'd find too many other people I could stand to live with, anyway."

"Ah, Shinobu, you're so romantic," Ikeda stuck his tongue out.

Tezuka leaned forward and bit it, smirking. "He kissed me first, you know."

"He wanted to have sex first!" Ikeda defended himself.

"He went down on me first."

"That was our second year, wasn't it? Took a while to get good at it. You bought the handcuffs first."

"And you wore those edible briefs."

"Heh, they gave you gas. You got that vibrator."

"You stuck a butt plug in my ass and made me go to class like that."

"And you put the cock ring on me and rimmed me for four hours for punishment."

"I did. That was good punishment. You came for five minutes after that."

"Stop!!" Kazuya covered his ears. "Stop, stop! I know you two are just being perverts! Stop it!"

"Aw..." Ikeda lazily shoved himself over to Kazuya. "But we're being serious, here, Hasukawa. Our first year, we were rivals, at best. And then we became friends, and..." He put his hands on the side of the bath, around Kazuya. "Is it really so disgusting? A person can't help whom they fall in love with. Shinobu and I just... clicked. He was made for me, and I for him. Is that really so wrong?" He leaned in very close, so close that even through the water, Kazuya could feel his body heat, could feel his breath on his lips.

Kazuya started to hyperventilate.

"Mitsuru," Tezuka kicked some water at them, but still sounded bored. "Fun is fun, but... if you don't get off of Hasukawa now, I'll have to have you both killed."

There was no doubt that Tezuka was serious, which was good, because it got Ikeda to drift away and back to Tezuka. "Oh, Shinobu, you are so hot when you are being possessive..."

Tezuka smirked, and grabbed Ikeda's face, and proceeded to kiss him.

This kiss was not like those fleeting ones of the past, intended to entice and tease the audience. This was for them. It was hot, intense, messy, with tongues, and hands moving over flesh, and moans, and Ikeda begging, and Tezuka saying he couldn't wait another minute, and...

Everything got fuzzy and then dark.

He blinked, feeling hazy, and weak, and... there was a pretty girl leaning over him, worried, fanning him?! If this was a dream, he wanted to never wake up...

"Oh, Suka-chan, thank god! We thought you were never going to wake up!"

He blinked. That wasn't a pretty girl. That was Shun. And that was Ikeda and Tezuka in the background, looking far less concerned about his health, and far more concerned in each other's tonsils.

Kazuya groaned and rolled over. What ever had possessed him to go to a Greenwood ten year reunion, anyway!?