title: tending open scars
fandom: Weiss Kreuz
characters/pairings: Yohji/Aya
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing/foreplay, blood
summary: Yohji sees to Aya's wounds
notes: for artemisia_l, for, er....... well. a realllllllly old request. this will be set pre-Gluhen somewhere, so i can have aya with long hair, and omi out of the picture. yeah.

Reckless. Reckless, and stupid. Aya put his hands on the shower wall, and let the water wash over his wounds brutally. Reckless, stupid, childish....

Persia would want to talk to him in the morning. This... this couldn't please him. That... was over now. Persia... Omi...

The door to the shower opened, and someone pushed inside.

"Hey, you're bleeding on the tile, you know."

He looked over his shoulder. "Yohji. Get out."

Yohji winked. He looked different without his sunglasses. He looked... more human. "No. Someone's got to clean your wounds. You nearly got yourself killed today. Do you expect me to take care of Ken? ...What about Persia?"

Aya scowled, and turned his head away from Yohji. Like he needed someone to point out the truth to him...

Yohji's hands came up to his sides, running up and down.

"I didn't agree to this."

"Shut up. Fuck."

He stilled from the emotion in Yohji's voice. He looked over his shoulder, but Yohji was turned, running his hand down Aya's back.

Over Aya's cuts.

Yohji wrapped his arms around Aya, and put his hand up to Aya's mouth, spreading his own blood over his lips. "I think you don't realize who you are. You only think about... who you were. I can understand that. But." He turned Aya around, and covered Aya's mouth with his own. The kiss was flavored with the bitter taste of Aya's blood. Yohji slipped his leg between Aya's.

Aya wanted to push Yohji away, but this was something being freely offered, and since it was Yohji...

He leaned back against the tile, and tipped his head back. Yohji tangled his fingers in Aya's hair, and tugged them through.

"You aren't alone," Yohji reminded.

Aya slowly raised his hips, and then let them sink back down. The friction, the water... even the residual taste of blood... He closed his eyes. "We're all alone."

"Well, sure," Yohji drawled, laughing. He ground his hips against Aya's. "But I mean, right now. You're not alone. So ease up for five minutes, ok? You can see the kid tomorrow, and get your knuckles rapped..." He pressed his fingers into the wound on Aya's back, and Aya hissed. "Right now, I'm here. So, for fifteen minutes, you can forget about all your terrible terrible pain, ok?"

"Fifteen minutes?" Aya asked archly, grinding his hips in time with Yohji's.

Yohji's hand slipped around to Aya's back, and down... "Twenty if you're good. Come on, Abyssinian. Don't tell me you aren't up to this challenge." He brought his hand forward, and licked the blood off his fingers.

Aya grinned, and pushed Yohji back.

Twenty minutes... he could probably spare it.