title: tease
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: animal boys
summary: Fuji doesn't mind making ripples to get what he wants
notes: for reddwarfer, for her birthday. *snuggles!!* ^_^ also, based on this pic, posted to the tezuka/fuji lj comm post a day event, by sutsume.
i was initially going for sort of a... storybook feel to it, however, i think it came out more... simple-minded. =/ er. let's pretend it has a storybook feeling to it, ok??? ;_; sorry, reddwarfer!!!!!! oh, and i use the word 'kitsune' instead of the English 'fox' because i think there's a layer of meaning implied by 'kitsune' that isn't necessarily implied by 'fox.' ^_~

For a bear, Fuji was pretty small. He wasn't that much bigger than his friend Eiji, who was a cat. He didn't mind being small, though, because his round little tail was very cute, and his round little ears were also very cute, and because he had such an abundance of cuteness at his disposal, he found it very easy to always get what he wanted.

He liked school, because it was easy, and his friends went there, too. The thing he liked the most about school was tennis, because when he was at tennis, he got to see Tezuka.

Tezuka was the most unusual kitsune that Fuji had ever met. Kitsunes were supposed to be wily and tricky, always playing pranks, and having fun. Fuji wasn't sure at all that Tezuka knew what fun was. If he were asked, he'd probably rattle off the dictionary definition. His favorite thing to do was probably follow the rules, and he didn't tolerate anyone else not being very, very good.

Tezuka was actually extremely boring, which was why he was so much fun to play with. It was especially fun because Fuji was the second best player on the tennis team; only Tezuka was better. But while Tezuka worked very hard, always following all the rules, Fuji never worked at all. He knew it frustrated Tezuka, and that was why he did it.

Bit by bit, he got to spend a lot of time with Tezuka. For some reason, it never got boring, because there was probably no one in the world, with the possible exception of his brother, that Fuji loved to tease more than Tezuka. Because he was so good at teasing Tezuka, he got to know Tezuka very well. He knew, for example, that Tezuka actually had facial expressions. A great number of them, as a matter of fact. It wasn't easy reading Tezuka's expressions, but if he wanted to be able to tease Tezuka the best, he had to know what displeased Tezuka the most.

Fuji ended up working hard on his tennis, just because Tezuka was the most passionate when he was playing.

Fuji swiped Tezuka's lunchbox, and replaced his sensible meal with junk food. That earned him a twitch of Tezuka's left eyebrow. He switched jerseys with Tezuka, so Tezuka had to play in a much too small jersey for practice one day. That got him pursed lips. He put hair mousse in Tezuka's shoes. That got him a sigh.

It was challenging thinking up new ways to torment Tezuka, but it was always worth it, because Tezuka always had new ways of expressing himself.

He wondered what would happen if he ran out of ways to tease Tezuka. It was a worry. He didn't want to leave Tezuka alone. He didn't think he'd run out of ways to tease Tezuka, because he was a very clever little bear, but it bore some thought.

Then, he wondered why it was so important to him to be able to continue teasing Tezuka. However, right away, he decided not to spend too much time considering that, or think about why he didn't want to think about it.

It was their third year that Fuji had an actual birthday. Being born on the 29th of February was a pain, really. Most years, he didn't really feel like he had a proper birthday, like everyone else, and when he did have one, he couldn't get worked up about it. He'd already told all of his friends not to bother about it. He just wasn't used to having birthdays.

But that day, at the end of class, Fuji found it in his locker. A simple cacti plant, with a small gingham ribbon tied around the pot, and a neat little note, wishing him a happy birthday from Tezuka.

His little bear stomach swirled with all kinds of weird feelings, and as he picked up the little pot, a lot of things became rather clear to him. Some things, he hadn't ever wanted to think about, but if Tezuka was going to buy him little cacti in cute pots with ribbons...

He found Tezuka after that, and thanked him for the cacti. He then invited Tezuka to his house for dinner. His sister was going to make cake, and his brother would be there. He wanted Tezuka to be there, too.

Tezuka looked uncomfortable, but he agreed.

After dinner, Fuji and Tezuka retreated to the window seat. Fuji had lured Tezuka there with a photo album of pictures he'd taken over the years. Tezuka sat very primly, as only a kitsune like Tezuka could, and went through the album methodically. Fuji put the cacti on the seat, and stretched out next to Tezuka, looking up at him happily.

Tezuka's gaze would sometimes shift to look over at Fuji, like he was worried that Fuji might suddenly try to bite him or something like that. Fuji just kept smiling, though.

"Why are you smiling like that," Tezuka asked, biting his lip.

Fuji shrugged, but his smile didn't waver. "I'm happy today. I figured it out."

Tezuka slowly turned the page in the album, and waited for Fuji to continue.

"I realized that I'd never run out of ways to tease you," he said with a contented sigh.

That earned him a grunt, and a twitch of the lips.

Tezuka was so cute, Fuji realized, and Fuji had to lean up to nip playfully at Tezuka's pointy ear. Tezuka's face turned red, and he ducked his head down, trying to hide behind the album.

Tezuka might well have been the only serious kitsune in creation, but as far as Fuji was concerned, that made him perfect for Fuji's use.