title: Taming Duo
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: suggestive Heero/Duo, Quatre, Trowa, Wu Fei
rating: G
warnings: silliness
summary: Duo undergoes some training.
notes: for my precious and wonderful samikitty, in exchange for this lovely set of chibis! *snugglies the kitty* this is an AU story. set in a bakery. why a bakery?! why NOT a bakery, I ask! *coughs*

As always, Heero was the first to enter the shop, at 4:30 am, and as always, Duo was the last, at nearly a quarter to six. Quatre was highly indulgent, as he was in the front, anyway, and Duo always made such grand entrances. Trowa didn't say anything, because it wasn't really such a nuisance, and he had work to do. Wu Fei made a few bitter comments, but it was part of the litany of complaints he made all the way up to the opening of the front door.

Heero never said anything, but he kept his eyes on Duo.

When the bakery's door opened, though, Duo was all smiles, ready to serve up coffee, doughnuts, bagels, croissants, and advice. In the pre-lunch rush, he helped soccer moms select practice treats, brides-to-be select their cake designs, and homemakers select rolls and desserts for their families. Lunch was insane, and Trowa had to go up front to help at the register, as people from offices ran in for the perfect cap to their lunch. After that, business would even out, and Duo would appear in the kitchen at last, helping with the cleaning, which mostly consisted of eating up yesterday's discards.

Heero and Duo lived together, which was something that Duo used to joke about a lot. Duo was, essentially, a street kid who had grown up lucky. He came into the bakery with no experience at all, but he charmed Quatre enough to get the job as counter staff, and he charmed everyone else enough to pick up a few things here and there... Everyone else, except Heero.

Heero complained about Duo's hair, his fingernails, his crooked teeth, his bad posture, his breath, and even, in one rather convoluted explanation, the color of his eyes. However, when Duo got evicted from his apartment complex, Heero let him crash on his couch, and somehow, Duo never left.

But Heero still complained about Duo's hair, his posture, his tardiness, and his clothes.

The day after Duo showed up just in time to open the doors, Heero dragged him in at 4:30, and he was wearing a collar. A shiny black dog collar with little sparkling rhinestones. Quatre made a joke about it, and Duo turned bright red. No one mentioned it after that.

He didn't keep coming in with Heero, but he got progressively earlier and earlier, until he was coming in regularly at five. And, his collar got a little bone-shaped tag.

Duo took a day off to see the dentist. He acquired an Altoids habit. He stopped wearing jeans that hung so low they looked like they would fall off with t-shirts that barely made it to his bellybutton, though some customers complained about that.

And when Wu Fei noticed a leash that matched Duo's collar in Heero's jacket pocket, well... He really didn't want to know.

Many suspicions were put to rest the day Quatre had to come back after closing to get concert tickets he had left in his desk. Heero and Duo were closing, but they were still there. Duo was on all fours, with his rump sticking up in the air. Heero had the leash wrapped around his hand and he was using it like a whip. They both turned to look at Quatre, who was just staring at them, fish-eyed.

Heero shrugged. "He forgot to clean out the fryers."

"Don't worry, Q," Duo grinned. "Heero's really good at the petting part."

"I don't need to know," Quatre smiled, and walked back out again.

As long as the bakery kept rolling it in, he could overlook anything.