title: take these broken wings
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsuka/Soubi, Seimei/Soubi, Ritsu-sensei, Youji/Natsuo
rating: G/teen
warnings: dropped beer
summary: Soubi dreams.
notes: takes place just after the final episode of the anime *prays for ovas* because seimei's expression as he watched soubi and ritsuka walk away was... inscrutable. heh.

Youji and Natsuo were curled up together, their tails intertwined, on the bedroll. Soubi smiled as he stepped over them. Really, when they weren't trying to kill him, or hit on Ritsuka, they were very cute.

He slipped into bed, but his head didn't feel quite right. Something in the back of his head... he felt alarmed, but... he was so tired...

Sensei put his hand on Soubi's shoulder. Soubi had gotten very good at hiding his shudder at Sensei's touch, but his back did stiffen. "Best behavior, Soubi. You are meeting someone extremely important today. You have to make a good impression."

Soubi never met anyone. He heard voices outside the doors that kept him trapped inside of Sensei's world, but he never met anyone. He didn't know how to make a good impression.

"My beautiful Soubi..." Sensei sighed, and Soubi stared straight ahead.

The door opened, and light poured in all around the figure in the door. He must not have been too much taller than Soubi, possibly even shorter, but he was elongated into shadow proportions. "Ritsu-sensei. This is my Fighter, then?"

Sensei frowned, and sighed. "I don't see any reason for you to take him at this point. I realize that you two need to train together, but..."

Sensei's words got lost. This shadow came toward him, and lifted his chin. His fingers were cool and hard, and his body shuddered at their touch. He looked up, but this person's eyes were hidden from him by the light that still glared behind him. "You are Soubi," he breathed, and Soubi knew.

"You are my Sacrifice," Soubi whispered, afraid of his voice.

The Sacrifice smiled. "You exist for me."

Soubi blinked.

The Sacrifice smiled at Sensei. "I want him closer to me."

Sensei frowned deeper. "You should be living here, anyway. There's no reason for you to be so attached to your family. They can't help you in this world."

The Sacrifice shrugged, and took Soubi's hand. "You can think that, but you can't force me to stay here, and Soubi is mine, so you can't force him to stay anymore, either."

Soubi's heart pounded. Could it be... Was he going to... Was his Sacrifice...?

The Sacrifice smiled at him. "Let's get your things and go. We need to form our bond before we can Fight, anyway."

"I don't approve of this!" Sensei pounded on the desk, and Soubi was afraid, but he stood between the Sacrifice and Sensei. "I'm not done with him yet!"

The Sacrifice patted Soubi's head, where his ears should have been. "I think you've done a bit more than you should have already, don't you? Now, don't make a fuss. I'll be good to Soubi."

The Sacrifice tightened his grip on Soubi's hand, and they went to Soubi's small room, next to Sensei's office. The Sacrifice let go of his hand so Soubi could pack up. Frantically, he grabbed all of his things, and threw them into a pillowcase. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, before Sensei...

"Did you draw this?"

He looked over his shoulder. The Sacrifice had his notepad, the one he doodled on. The one he dreamed on, fluttering dreams that Sensei captured and pinned to the wall.

"You're a good artist, Soubi."

Soubi blinked, and felt his cheeks get hot.

"Soubi, do you love me?"

Soubi's mouth was open before he could think. "Yes, I do."

The Sacrifice laughed, and slipped his notepad into the pillowcase, and ran his fingers through Soubi's hair. "You should know my name, then, don't you think? I am Aoyagi Seimei. And you are mine."

Soubi smiled for the first time in his life.

He sat up quickly, his head spinning from the dream. It was so real... like he was reliving it. The first time he met Seimei... The day Seimei took his hand and led him away from the cage that Sensei had built for him... and brought him to a new cage.

His body felt hot. Seimei... Seimei was gone, now. And he never had to go back to the Institute. He had Ritsuka. He loved Ritsuka.

He got out of bed, and stepped over the Zeros to go to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and left it open for the light, drinking a beer quickly.

It felt like he was reliving it...

"You looked very close to Ritsuka, Soubi."

Soubi dropped his can.

Seimei grinned. "Ah, did you fall in love with my little brother? You pervert! I should have known better than to trust someone like you."

His eyes had to be deceiving him. It couldn't be... He was...

"Does he love you, too? Does he trust you? Will he still love you after he learns all about you?"

He let the refrigerator door close, and closed his eyes. He... must still be dreaming...

"You still have my mark on you, don't you, Soubi? Beautiful Soubi... everyone wants to own you. Does Ritsuka own you now, Soubi?" Cold fingers spread over his bare throat. "Are you still mine, Soubi, or do you live for Ritsuka now? Ritsuka will surprise you, Soubi. Has he taken you from me?"

Soubi's heart was pounding. This couldn't be real. Couldn't be. Had to be a dream. Had to.

Seimei pressed his lips to Soubi's, and parted Soubi's lips with his tongue. His hand tightened on Soubi's throat... Soubi... couldn't breathe...

His vision compressed. He thought he heard Seimei speaking as he drifted off...

"Don't fail him, Soubi. If you love him, don't fail him."

Soubi awoke with a start. His fingers flew to his throat. His bandage was still there. But...

He tossed aside the sheet, and went to the kitchen, but he still had four beers in his refrigerator, and there was no can on the floor. He leaned against the refrigerator, and sighed. It was... It...

He jumped over the cuddling Zeros on his way back to bed, and he checked his phone. He carried it out to the balcony, and he called Ritsuka.

It rang, and went to Ritsuka's voice mail, and he hung up and called again, and again. Finally, Ritsuka answered. "What?! Soubi! It's late!"

Soubi sighed. "Sorry. Needed..."

"What?" Ritsuka asked, sounding distrustful.

Soubi smiled. "I love you. Ritsuka."

"Soubi!" Ritsuka moaned a little, and Soubi could tell he was biting his lip. "Don't wake me up to tell me something like that."

"I love you. Ritsuka."

Ritsuka growled. "Goodnight, Soubi."

"I love you. Ritsuka."

Ritsuka hung up.

Soubi smiled, and held the phone to his chest.

Just a dream. Like Ritsuka's dream. Or...

He stared up at the sky, and moon blurred by clouds. I love you. Ritsuka. He mouthed the words, and smiled.

He was finally free.