title: tactics
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atobe/Kenya, Atobe/Oshitari, Oshitari/Kenya, Kabaji
rating: Teen
warnings: kissing, groping
summary: Yuushi has problem with his cousin's techniques.
notes: for crunchy_salad, for this request on fic on demand.

Oshitari Yuushi just stared at the scene before him. Many, many things were out of place. First of all, his cousin shouldn't have been in Tokyo yet - sure, Nationals were the next weekend, but he should still have had school in Osaka. Also, Yuushi was fairly certain that he shouldn't be on top of Atobe, kissing him like that.

But more than that...

He grabbed his cousin's shoulder, and pulled him back. Kenya just licked his lips and grinned. "Oh, hey, Yuu-chan."

Yuushi narrowed his eyes. "You idiot. Get off my captain. Slacker."

"Spoilsport," Kenya shot back quickly.

"Oshitari..." Atobe began, but neither of them was paying attention to him anymore.

"Getting possessive, are we?" Kenya laughed, slipping his fingers more tightly around Atobe's neck.

Yuushi just sighed. "You're not even doing it right."

"Excuse me?" Kenya sneered.

"Just like you," Yuushi drawled. "All over the place, just trying to get done as fast as possible... Let me show you how it's done."

Atobe opened his mouth to protest, but Yuushi's fingers weaved into his hair, and he was being pulled forward. It was a slow, wet kiss, and it was true, Yuushi knew just how to use his tongue to leave Atobe breathless and needy.

Kenya yawned. "God, you're messy. Really. Sometimes, you know, if you know your destination, there's just no point in waiting around in standby, you know?" Grinning, he shoved his hands into Atobe's pants.

Yuushi growled, and slipped his hand up Atobe's shirt, teasing his nipples expertly. "You're such a child. If you can't appreciate the finer things in life, then just stick to fast food."

"O-Oshi-..." Atobe groaned, and tried to push one of them... both of them... away... or maybe he was clinging to one of them... both...

"You're a snob, you know that? Quick and dirty can be damned fun, Mr. Genius. I'll show you on the tennis court later. While you're showboating those skills of yours, I'll wipe you out with my speed." Kenya licked his lips, and leaned in closer to his cousin.

"You're a thousand years too early to say something like that to me," Yuushi grinned, leaning toward Kenya.

Atobe quickly slipped out of their grip, and dashed out of the clubhouse. He nearly ran right into Kabaji, who just stared at him blankly. Taking a deep breath, Atobe pushed his hand through his hair, trying to look as cool and confident as ever. "Kabaji. There are too many Oshitaris in there. Deal with it."

"Usu," Kabaji grunted, watching Atobe strut away, wondering if he should mention that the Captain's shorts were unzipped.