title: Swords
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yukimura wants something from Sanada.
notes: for pot_challenge's something week challenge. cuz yukimura is WAY hotter than atobe. ^_~

Bare feet moved silently over the tatami mats. Sanada sat perfectly still, his unsheathed sword on the ground before him. He watched Yukimura circle him without moving his head at all. He breathed in and out, slowly, deliberately.

"Mm. Were you surprised?"

The question existed without context, but Sanada prided himself on being able to read between the sparse words Yukimura employed. "Not at all."

"No? You didn't want to be captain?"

He watched his friend... his captain... until Yukimura circled behind him. He could feel his presence there, as Yukimura came to a stop. He was not tall, or bulky, or domineering in appearance, but Yukimura had a powerful chi. "It is your place, not mine."

"Our standings are almost equal. And you beat me as many times as I beat you, now. It won't be long before you can beat me consistently."

It was an arch suggestion, almost a challenge. Yukimura was always challenging everyone on the team to be better than him. It was part of his grace. "Your standings are still better. And it is your place."

"You've said that already. I want you to be my vice captain."

Sanada's head jerked. "Me? It should be Renji."

"Are you telling me who to choose? Your standings are superior to Renji's."

"He works with the team better."

"It is my choice. Are you refusing me?"

"Never," Sanada replied, immediately, passionately.

Yukimura stepped in front of him, swiping the sword off the ground, and slicing the straw dummy in half. He turned to smile at Sanada, pleased.

"How...?" Sanada stared up at Yukimura in wonder. It seemed there was nothing that Yukimura could not do.

Yukimura merely shrugged. "I've been watching you. And I've wanted to handle your sword for a while." He winked at Sanada, smirking. "Tell me," he knelt down before Sanada, placing the sword between them, "how does it feel to know that I've been fantasizing about your sword?"

Sanada blushed, and looked away.

Yukimura chuckled softly, and placed his hand on Sanada's cheek. "I need you by my side, Genichirou."

Sanada could not look Yukimura in the eye. "I will not disappoint you." He wanted to say Yukimura's name, to acknowledge that Yukimura had permission to use his, but he could not presume.

Leaning forward, Yukimura kissed Sanada's forehead, pressing his lips to Sanada's skin and letting the caress linger. He stood up, and winked. "You'd better not."

Sanada watched Yukimura step down to the doorway of the dojo, and slip his shoes on.

Yukimura never once looked back.