title: Sweet Dreams
fandom: Tales of Symphonia
characters/pairings: Kratos/Zelos/Lloyd... sort of
rating: Teen
warnings: incestuous threeway
summary: Zelos has a dream.
notes: for my darling one.

He tipped his head back, groaning. Those hands... those hands have always done this to him. Strong hands of a swordsman, of an angel, opening him up, ripping him apart...

But there were other hands. Eager, quick hands, rash, clumsy. They were desperate, needing. Prodding. He opened his eyes, and smiled.

Lloyd was right there, parting his lips, tasting him. Zelos didn't mind. Lloyd was a good kisser. A bit sloppy, but active. There was a deep chuckle from behind him, and Kratos entered him, his big, precise fingers, wrapped up in Zelos' hair, circling his nipples. "Do you like this, Zelos? Then scream."

Giggling, Lloyd cuddled up closer to Zelos, propping his chin on Zelos' shoulder. "Wow, Kratos is big. I should have gone first!"

"Patience," Kratos grunted. "Amuse yourself up there, in the meanwhile."

Lloyd leaned over more. "Wow, Zelos, this is really hot. But don't come yet, ok! I'm getting really hard here. Feel!"

Zelos gasped; Kratos had picked up the pace. And Lloyd's hand had wrapped around his, wrapped around both of their cocks, stroking, petting, kissing, and oh, Kratos' hands, and oh, his mouth, and then Lloyd griped the base of Zelos' cock, and Kratos moaned, coming inside of him. Zelos screamed, leaning back against Kratos, and Lloyd was giggling, and Zelos was going to go mad!

"Uhn, Lloyd... damn it, don't leave me like this!" Zelos whimpered, and grabbed at Lloyd.

Kratos chuckled, and walked around Zelos, taking Lloyd's face in his hands. He kissed Lloyd, long, hard, deep, so that Lloyd was moaning and wriggling under him. He pulled away, licking his lips, and he glanced at Zelos, predatorily. "He's all yours, son."

"Hey, Zelos!"

Zelos whimpered, and curled up into himself a bit more, grinning from ear to ear.

Lloyd furrowed his brow. "Zelos! Wake up! It's almost noon already! We gotta have breakfast before we can have lunch, you know?"

Zelos blinked his eyes open. He was not in the Pope's throne room. Kratos was nowhere to be seen. And Lloyd was not naked.

He shut his eyes again.

"Zelos!" Lloyd shook him harder. "It's time to get up."

Zelos sighed. He rolled over and looked at Lloyd. "C'mon. I was having a good dream! Couldn't you have given me ten more minutes?"

"Oh?" Lloyd leaned forward eagerly. "What were you dreaming about?"

Zelos opened his mouth to answer, and then shut it, thinking better of it. "You know, never mind. Gotta get breakfast before lunch, right? Ok, bud, I'm up, I'm up, let's go." He shoved the covers aside and swung his legs out of bed.

At least he was naked. And Lloyd was looking.