title: Sunshine Day Care
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Trowa, Duo, Heero, Wu Fei, Zechs, Treize, Relena, Hilde, Dorothy, Quatre, Sally
rating: G
warnings: chibiness!
summary: lunchtime, as seen from the tree (chibis)
notes: based on this amazing pic by silke, for sunnie, for Mother's day, because sunnie ROCKS. yay!

Trowa could see everything from in the tree. Everything! It was the best place. Even if sometimes, the teacher would yell at him. Except he didn't care much, because he'd just ignore her. He was really good at jumping and climbing, so he knew he was safe. The teacher was just silly.

From the tree, though, he could see Treize taking Millie's hand, and leading him away. Millie was a girl's name, but Millie was a boy. He also got really mad if anyone called him a girl. Or if anyone touched his hair. Or looked at him weird. Millie was really prissy. But he didn't mind if Treize held his hand. Millie was weird.

He could also see Relena and Hilde having a tea party from here. Relena was crying again because Hilde was trying to make her eat worms. Whenever she cried, she called out for Heero, just because on her first day of class, he had helped her up after she skinned her knee. She didn't see him run to the teacher crying, afterward, because of the 'girl cooties.' Heero didn't even realize the teacher was a girl! But he wouldn't sit anywhere near Millie. But, he was always following Duo, and Duo's hair was at least as long as Millie's. Heero wasn't that smart, as far as Trowa could tell.

Wu Fei was hiding behind the side of the school, holding onto that stick he called 'Nataku,' and swung around whenever anyone got close. Trowa knew that he had a puppy that he fed who came up to him sometimes at lunch. Trowa knew because he saw things. People who weren't in trees didn't see things. It was sad.

Dorothy was on the porch, as usual, her skirt perfectly arranged as she rocked gently back and forth. Trowa almost believed Heero about girl cooties when he watched Dorothy. She was kinda creepy. Sometimes, she would start giggling for no reason. Trowa thought she was maybe a little crazy.

Une-chan was running around, asking people if they saw Treize, but no one else saw Treize leading Millie away. Une-chan was really pretty, but she wasn't as pretty as Millie, even if she really was a girl. And if Heero was right about the girl cooties thing, then Millie was even better by far. Une-chan started to stomp out anthills, frustrated because she couldn't find Treize. Trowa felt sorry for people who didn't see things, because they were treeless. He was really lucky.

Heero was under Trowa's tree, though, doing what Heero always did - watching Duo. Trowa liked to watch Duo, too. Duo wasn't as pretty as Millie, but he wore his hair in a braid, and he didn't mind too much if people touched it. It was really cool and thick. Trowa liked touching the braid. So did Heero. Sometimes, Trowa and Heero would catch each other's eye as one of them was touching Duo's braid, and they both knew.

One of them had to go.

Right now, Duo was chasing a butterfly, and laughing. He'd catch the butterfly, but Duo wasn't like Une-chan, so he didn't crush it. So, it could fly away again. He didn't even notice that Heero and Trowa were watching him. When he ran, his braid would bounce around. Trowa'd like to chase the braid, but he'd have to get out of the tree.

Duo should come up into the tree with him. Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow, he'd invite Duo up. Probably.

Miss Sally came out into the yard, but they still had at least ten minutes, Trowa was sure. She was leading a lady around. The lady had a boy with golden hair in her arms, and even though the boy was squirming around, he didn't want to come down. Maybe he thought he could see things from there. But you really need a tree to see things. The lady also had a man following her, but he was on his cell phone, yelling about something.

Adults yelled too much, Trowa thought.

Miss Sally was obviously showing the lady around. Maybe the boy would come and be in their class. Trowa looked him over, but then the boy looked over at him. He bounced in the lady's arms, pointing to the tree, and screaming, "I want! I want!"

Trowa slipped around to the other branch, and neatly jumped down. That kid was trouble. And Heero was getting antsy. He looked at Heero, and then they both broke out into a run.

Trowa was definitely going to catch the braid first.