title: Sunsets
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Saeki
rating: G/Teen
warnings: longing
summary: One summer day.
notes: for Noel, because she rocks *that* much...
ah, and this is (once again) assuming that they are really in high school (as god intended), so they would be about 16/17 in this fic.

They got there just before sunrise, tossing down their towels haphazardly. They napped for a bit, and ate some of the breakfast Saeki's mother had packed for them. As the sun crept up in the sky, they hit the waves. Saeki kept his eyes on Fuji, missing some key waves, but that didn't matter. It was a quiet morning, perfect for Fuji who had surfed only a handful of times, but fairly dull for even Saeki, who never had as much time in the water as he wanted.

Tennis took over his soul when he was 10, and he never looked back.

Fuji had good form, but then, when didn't he? Still, it was obvious that he would never be a great surfer, which meant that he wasn't really taking it seriously.

They stopped for lunch, eating food from the vendors on the beach. Calm waters meant there were only tourists surfing, but the beach was getting full. They walked through the sand, and talked about unimportant things. Fuji avoided the topic of the boy in his class who could beat him, and how Yuuta was doing. Saeki knew that there were things they weren't talking about, but when talking to Fuji, there were always things that weren't discussed. Saeki was good at hearing the unsaid, and reading Fuji's smiles.

He didn't talk about things, too.

They talked about tennis. Matches they'd seen, practices, plans for the next year... They would both be regulars in their second year, that much was obvious. They might even get to play against each other. They talked about playing before Fuji left, but neither had their racquets, and neither really felt like competing.

They spread fingers greasy with sunscreen over each other's backs, and dozed for most of the afternoon.

Fuji had brought some smutty magazines, and they piled their backpacks together to make a fortress so they could look them over together. Fuji's skin smelled like coconuts and salt, and Saeki pushed a little closer, for privacy, until their arms were touching from their shoulders to their elbows. Fuji's eyes stayed on the pages, but from how closely he was paying attention, and how he was biting his bottom lip, Saeki knew he was really watching him. Their feet brushed together as they kicked their legs up and down.

Saeki felt dizzy from too much sun, too much sugar, too much greasy food, and too much contact with Fuji. He stared down at the pictures of naked women, and thought about Fuji's small body, flat on his bed, and the taste of Fuji's bellybutton.

The sand was good for hiding his arousal, and he pretended that it was the magazine that caused him to put his face down to sleep on his belly. Fuji helpfully spread more sunscreen on his back, and down his legs and arms, before trotting off to play in the water.

Saeki watched him as the heat bled from his body to the towel, and then to the sand. He never lost sight of Fuji.

They were tired and hungry, but they stayed on the beach, just laying out on their towels, until the sunset. They hadn't bothered to watch the sunrise, but they sat up to watch the sunset. Their fingers were touching on the towel, moving over each other, but their eyes stayed on the sun as it melted into the horizon.

It was dark by the time they got their things packed up, and they only stopped long enough at Saeki's house to pick up Fuji's duffel, and for him to say goodbye to Saeki's family. They ate dinner from a street vendor, straddling a bench so they could face each other as they talked. They meandered through the streets at night, commenting on the local color, or, more frequently, just walking side by side.

Fuji let Saeki kiss him in the shadows near the train station before Saeki escorted him to the train, and neither said a word about when Fuji might come to spend the weekend again.

Saeki watched the train pull away, staying on the platform until he couldn't even see the lights at the back of the train anymore.

He took his time walking back, and he stopped outside of a bar off the main drag to listen to some music for about twenty minutes. People moved in and out, and some people, mostly girls, tried to talk to him. There was one girl who was a couple of years older than him that he knew from school, and she teased him while her friends waited and giggled, but he just smiled and teased back.

He could have picked someone up, could have called a couple friends, could have gone to someone's house...

He went home, the smell of coconuts and salt still burning his nostrils, and he grabbed some dvds off of his shelf, heading down to the basement to watch them in peace.

His sheets still smelled like Fuji, and he didn't want to sleep in them just yet.