title: substance
fandom: Blood+
characters/pairings: Saya/Haji, Joel
rating: G
warnings: well, blood, obviously...
summary: Saya listens.
notes: for kneazles, for this request on fic on demand.

She set the glass aside, and primly licked her lips, sitting still and quiet as she always had. Haji... Haji hadn't wanted to leave her side that afternoon, so she had sent him outside to practice. The deep, stirring strains made her feel like he was was very close, like he was... in the bed with her.

Joel's pen scratched over the paper. What did he have to write about this, after so many years?

"Joel?" He didn't acknowledge her, but it was inconceivable that he wasn't listening. "Where does the blood come from?"

His pen stilled. She'd never asked before, but she'd heard the servants talking... maybe there was no reason for any creature to like her, if she was an enemy to them. And yet. "There's no need for you to ask that."

She nodded. But. "Maybe... someday, it will... come from Haji." If it was Haji's, surely, then, her taking it wouldn't be a monstrous thing. No.

Joel was quiet for a moment more, and then he stood up and sighed. "Get some rest, Saya. I'll come see you in a bit."

She wasn't tired, but Haji's cello was with her, so. She didn't mind being treated like a child.

Maybe it was something she shouldn't talk to Joel about. Something that... wasn't childish and wasn't monstrous at all. Someday, she felt, a thrill running down her spine, it would be something between herself and Haji.

It made her feel womanly.