title: Studying
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: kissing, groping, petting
summary: Tezuka and Fuji study together.
notes: oh, the images that fill your brain and don't let go...

He'd insisted on putting on music, which was fine, but Tezuka didn't really have an extensive cd collection. Fuji had teased him about it, but it wasn't something that bothered him, really. If he ever wanted to listen to the music his classmates listened to, he could just turn on the radio. He liked his music. It was soothing.

Fuji had teased him about that, too, wondering what sort of strange passions might overtake Tezuka's heart that would necessitate soothing music, and that's when Tezuka laid down on the bed to start studying.

It was a tiny bit absurd for them to be studying together. For one thing, Fuji never studied. And for another, they weren't in the same class. But Fuji had asked him if he could study with him, and no one had ever asked him that before, so he'd said yes without thinking.

Fuji wandered around his room, poking his nose into various things. Tezuka watched him absently, flipping open his world history book. Fuji even opened his underwear drawer and rifled through his underwear. Tezuka had little doubt that Fuji would have an unerring sixth sense about finding his underwear. He uncapped his highlighter, and pretended to read.

Fuji whistled lightly in time with Vivaldi as he examined Tezuka's lures. They were all lined up on the wall, on perfectly arranged hooks. He liked the way they caught the light at night. He had hand-tied most of them, and he was rather proud of how well they had come out. Fuji's long, delicate fingers reached out and nearly touched a half dozen of them. Tezuka watched those fingers with naked awe, marveling at their precision and grace. He loved Fuji's hands. It was the first part of Fuji's body that he really noticed in a sexual way, and now that he had noticed them, he couldn't stop noticing them.

Fuji turned back to him, and Tezuka lowered his head to start marking up a random passage of the text. It was doubly absurd for them to be studying together, because, truthfully, Tezuka never studied, either. It wasn't that he had a poor work ethic; on the contrary, he read his book for leisure more than for class. But there were two factors at play; first, athletes were given quite a few liberties at Seigaku, even when they did not want them, and two, Seigaku had many positive attributes, but it wasn't really a premier educational institute. Just being alert in class and keeping up with the reading was more than enough to stay ahead in class.

Fuji sighed, and flopped down on the bed, landing partially on top of Tezuka. He rubbed his chin over Tezuka's back. "What are you studying?"

"World history," he replied quickly, by rote, his whole body acutely aware of the weight and heat of Fuji on his back.

"Eh?" Fuji sighed, propping himself up on his elbows, which were digging into the small of Tezuka's back. "Is that your first final?"

"Aa. No." Tezuka blinked, and thought about it. "English is my first final."

"Mm," Fuji sighed dreamily, kicking his legs back and forth like a child. "Shouldn't you study that first?"

"Shouldn't you be studying, too?" Tezuka frowned.

"Oh, I left my books at school," Fuji stated matter-of-factly.

Tezuka looked over his shoulder at Fuji. "What? I thought you came here to study?"

Fuji smiled brightly, enigmatically. "I'll watch you study. It should be educational."

Tezuka sighed, and turned back to his book, hiding his expression.

"Mm, Tezuka... Are you nervous about next year?"

Fuji's voice was light and airy, and its tone hid the potential meaning of the words like a silk scarf concealing the flesh of a dancer. Tezuka tried to penetrate the words, but there were too many possibilities, and he disliked uncertainty. "Why?"

"We're going to be senpais, for everyone... our third and final year..." Fuji drawled, almost seductively.

Tezuka's eyes burned with eternal fire, seeing beyond the pages of his book to his desired prize. "And we're going to Nationals."

Fuji laughed, softly, and Tezuka smiled at the sound. "You have such tunnel vision. I love that about you."

Tezuka's cheeks burned bright red, and he dipped his face down lower into his book. Fuji said things all the time, and he wanted to believe that those things were just for him, but Fuji said things to everyone, and he wasn't really confident that he held a higher place in Fuji's heart.

He wasn't confident at all that he held any place in Fuji's heart.

He was so intent on staring at the words on the page that he didn't notice it at first. Anyway, his shirt always came loose in the back by the end of the day. He felt needlepoints of questing pressure, the barely there sensation of fingers on his skin, just above his pants, on his spine. He nearly jumped.

Fuji laughed again, but this time, the sound was deeper, and Tezuka turned to look over his shoulder, meeting Fuji's blue-aqua eyes. "My, my, Tezuka, you are so responsive..."

Tezuka had never engaged in flirting, to his knowledge, and he had little understanding of the type of discourse that people engaged in during courtship. He imagined it to be like a tennis match, the competitors rallying closer and closer together... But there was something almost dirty in the way that Fuji said that, and it made Tezuka's skin crawl.

Fuji pushed Tezuka's shirt up a bit, and kissed the skin above his pants, his hands resting lightly on Tezuka's ass, his lips making just enough contact for Tezuka to feel the slight dryness of them tickle him.

He looked over his shoulder at Fuji, and he knew that he was breathing a bit harder, but he said nothing, and Fuji smiled at him, looking almost entirely unlike himself as his true mirth shone through. Given tacit permission, Fuji raised Tezuka's shirt a bit more, pulling more of the cloth out from his pants, and he kissed the skin that was bared, licking his lips between kisses.

Tezuka's eyes widened, and his fingers tightened around his highlighter. He could hear the air passing in and out of his nose, the sound almost deafeningly loud. Fuji's tongue snuck out of his mouth, and swiped at Tezuka's skin. Fuji's fingers slipped under the waistband of Tezuka's pants, just sliding underneath.

Tezuka felt his face get hot, and he was getting hot in other places, too. His fingers wrapped around his textbook, the edge of the book pushing in hard against his flesh. He bit the inside of his lip, and pushed down on the mattress with his knees, alleviating some of the pressure minutely.

Fuji chuckled dangerously. "Do you like that, Tezuka?"

Tezuka blinked, watching Fuji watch him. He cleared his throat. Fuji grinned, and dipped his mouth down to really taste Tezuka's skin, letting his hands drift up Tezuka's sides.

"Anyone could walk in, couldn't they?" A swipe of tongue to Tezuka's spine. "Your grandfather could be bringing us tea right now." A tug on his pants, revealing the beginning of the curve of his ass for tasting. "How does that make you feel... Tezuka?"

Tezuka was breathing hard, now, and he wanted to jump off the bed and hide somewhere, or, maybe, turn over and let Fuji see how he was feeling... "Do you think... that... if you are kissing my back... maybe... you ought to call me Kunimitsu?"

"Mm, should I?" Fuji asked archly. He slid his hands all the way up Tezuka's shirt, digging his fingers into Tezuka's shoulders. "Does that mean that you should call me Syuusuke?"

Tezuka dropped his head to his book, still watching Fuji from the corner of his eye. He was dizzy with the unknown, a bit lost, but drowning in a form of inertia that left him totally at Fuji's mercy.

Fuji's backpack started to play Seigaku's fight song.

There was a moment of stillness, and then Fuji moved, slipping off of the bed to retrieve his phone. He checked the display before answering, his whole body seeming to light up. "Yuuta! How are you? ...Mm, that's no problem at all! Should I come get you at school? ...No, I know you know your way home. It's the reverse of leaving home. ...Fine, fine, I'll be there to meet you. Yes, I will. We can get movies! ...No, my finals start tomorrow, but that's no problem. ...Oh, ok, then I'll meet you at home. Bye!"

Tezuka watched Fuji pick up his bags cheerfully. He was biting his bottom lip, as if he was trying to think of what to say. Tezuka tapped his highlighter against his book, and nodded. "Wish Yuuta well for me."

Fuji stood still to look down at Tezuka, an expression on his face that Tezuka might have been able to comprehend given several dozen years. He leaned down, smiling wickedly, and put his lips to Tezuka's ear. "I'm going to let myself out, because I'm going to imagine that you need to beat yourself off, while thinking of me. Ok, bye... Kunimitsu." He bit Tezuka's ear enough for Tezuka to really feel the edges of his teeth, and then sauntered off.

Tezuka watched him go, feeling his face flame redder and redder.

Someday, he would make Syuusuke blush.