title: Stealing from Time
fandom: Demon Diary
characters/pairings: Raenef IV/Eclipse
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Raenef the Fourth contemplates what is his.
notes: for Lethy, her rare pairings ficlet. ^_^ i think it gets a little weird. hope you don't mind... do i get double points for answering my own challenge? ^_~

His footfalls made no noise on the polished marble floors. The moonlight did not touch him. He moved with a grace and beauty envied by demons and angels alike.

Still, he could not pass by his master without drawing his attention.

"Eclipse. I have need of you."

Raenef the Fourth did not look up from his parchments as he spoke. He dipped his quill into the ink with precise expertise, and the moved the quill tip over the stiff paper. He was working out the wording for an incantation, and it was important that all the elements were perfectly coordinated, else the very words on the page would be enough to inspire the spell. Eclipse stood very still at his master's elbow, and awaited instruction.

Raenef finished with a flourish, and flicked his eyes up to his servant. "Sit at my knee, Eclipse. Good. You please me greatly, did you know that?"

Eclipse reacted with neither pleasure nor pride. It was expected that he please his master. "Thank you, my lord."

Raenef smiled briefly. "You exceed all expectations. Why, there are some who would be willing to hand their lands over to you, and give you your own lordship."

There was a hint of a question in Raenef's words, and Eclipse knew the hallmarks of his master's traps. "I need nothing but to serve you, my lord."

Raenef murmured to himself as he wet his quill again. "No doubt, no doubt... me, and my name, am I correct? Which do you suppose is more important, Eclipse?"

This was dangerous. Eclipse had no idea what the right answer could be. "You are your name, my lord."

Raenef smiled, and leaned down as he made some delicate strokes over the parchment. "Very good... very good... Yes, yes, I suppose that that's true, yes... Do you want to please me, Eclipse?"

"Of course," the answer came automatically. It was true, even. Raenef the Fourth was a powerful demon lord, and a good master. It was Eclipse's pleasure to be servant to one so great.

Raenef smiled broadly. "That foppish twit was here again, asking to buy your services. I suppose he meant to rent you out. How does that make you feel?"

It didn't occur to Eclipse to feel anything about it. It was inconsequential. "Nothing, my lord."

"And if I told you that I had accepted his offer?" Raenef watched him from under arched brows.

Eclipse did not miss a beat. "I am yours, my lord, to do with as you please."

Raenef smiled, satisfied. "Take off your clothes, Eclipse."

Without blinking, Eclipse began to disrobe. He did not stand up, because his master did not tell him that he could.

Raenef circled his hand over the parchment, and sealed the words in place. He sent the parchment to be sorted on his bookshelves, and placed the quill back into its case carefully. He turned to face Eclipse. "Take that thing out of your hair."

Eclipse moved to comply, keeping his eyes on his master. His hair fell about his shoulders, getting into his face. It was irksome, but he did not show it.

Raenef picked up a handful of hair, and smiled brightly. "You are lovely, my servant. Lovely and obedient and perfect. You are just as I want you to be. Do you love me?"

Eclipse blinked. Love? Did demons love? "Master?"

Raenef combed his fingers through Eclipse's ebony hair. "Don't mind me, Eclipse. The disadvantage to taking peeks into the well of time is that sometimes, you see things you don't want to see."

"I will always be loyal to you, my lord."

"Yes," Raenef sighed. "To me. And I am my name. So I suppose that it is true. You are perfectly loyal. But tonight... tonight, I want you to love me."

Eclipse hesitantly put his hands on his master's knees, and leaned forward slowly. He was not sure what whimsy was affecting his master's mood, but he was obliged to entertain him. Of course, Eclipse had no idea what his master meant by 'love,' so he opted for the most literal interpretation.

Raenef sighed, and spread his legs, giving his servant access. Eclipse's eyes were cold as he put his mouth to work, but if Raenef did not look at his face, if he concentrated on the feel of Eclipse's skin, and the way his hair brushed against the insides of his thighs, he could almost think...

Afterward, he would blindfold his servant and tie him to the bed, and torture his gorgeous flesh until he was ready again. He would take from Eclipse's body something that belonged to him in name but not in deed, and he would pretend that Eclipse's moans were cries for his master's touch.

He would damn the fates, and have what he wanted, despite everything and everyone, even himself, if he could manage it.