title: spectator/sport
fandom: Executive Committee
characters/pairings: Tokito/Kubota, Katsuragi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Kubota catches Tokito peeping
notes: for akayalovesyaoi, for this request on fic on demand. tho, it's not long... =/

Tokito leaned forward, pressing his face closer to the small hole in the wall. Really, the people who designed the girls' bath should be praised mightily. The Executive Committee was using some of the confiscated 'evidence' to finance a trip to the hot springs for Golden Week, one of Kubota's better ideas, and one that appealed to Katsuragi mainly because she had never been.

With her approval, everything was settled.

Katsuragi was just about to slip into the water. She was unfastening her robe... Really, Tokito was hoping for some hotter babes, with bigger boobs, but beggars weren't choosers, and Katsuragi was pretty cute...

A familiar hand came down heavily on his shoulder. "What are you doing, Tokito?"

Tokito grinned. "Oh, just appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds us daily..."

"Rea~lly," Kubota drawled. He slipped his hand up the back of Tokito's towel. "Daily, huh?"

Grinning, Tokito turned around. This could be more interesting, potentially. "You have something else you think I should be looking at?"

Kubota leaned in closely, until their lips were just a hair's breath apart, and then...

He slipped around Tokito to check out the peephole. "Oh. She's already in the water."

"You bastard!" Tokito grabbed Kubota by the waist, and threw him into the water, pouncing in after him. They kept it up until Katsuragi started banging on the wall between the two pools.

"Hey! HEY! You two, settle down! What will happen if we all get thrown out of here because you two can't control yourselves?!"

They stopped, grinning at each other. At the count of three, they both took off for the peephole, clawing at each other (perhaps a bit more than totally necessary) to get there first.