title: Spare
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero, Duo/Solo, Howard
rating: G
warnings: kissing, braid-lovin'
summary: Duo and Heero, on Howard's ship, with a twist.
notes: for jangalain, for this request on fic on demand.

Duo paced back and forth, his hands in a knot behind his back. Heero didn't really trust this guy, but he was useful, at least as far as spare parts went. And. Heero kept watching that ridiculous braid swishing back and forth. In hand-to-hand combat, that would be a disadvantage, but then, they weren't really placed for hand-to-hand combat. Duo's Gundam was an impressive machine, and these scavengers were skilled mechanics.

Heero kept watching that braid swing back and forth.

"When? When are they landing? Weren't they supposed to be here already?" Duo practically leaped on the old guy who was the captain of the ship as soon as he entered the hanger.

"Kid, kid, relax! Matching entry to floating target isn't exact science for all of us! Give 'em a few. They'll be here." He patted Duo on the back, and grinned.

Duo wasn't placated. "But they should have been here a half hour ago. They're really late. Do you have their signal? Maybe I should go get them?"

That would be problematic for Heero, as he had not anticipated explaining his appropriations of the necessary equipment at all, really.

The old guy just scoffed, though. "Relax, kid. We're not going to mess up this cargo."

"Better not," Duo huffed, earning him a swack to the back of his neck.

Heero quietly continued his repairs, keeping on eye on everyone. And that braid. Swish, swish.

As soon as the sound of the engine could be heard, Duo was running out to the deck. What landed was a small pod, probably modified to look like an escape pod. It had likely jettisoned its engines and heat shields as soon as it got into the atmosphere. Heero expected it to be a scientist. He couldn't figure why Duo would be so excited to see his scientist, but it made sense that his relationship with his scientist would be far different than Heero's with J.

But that wasn't who stepped out.

There was a young woman, a young man, and an older man, probably the pilot.

Duo didn't waste time. "Solo!" He ran and flung himself full weight at the young man, crawling all over him. "Solo! You were late! I was worried! Don't do that to me, damn it! Are you hurt? Are you ok? Let me see you!"

"Kid, Kid!" this 'Solo' laughed, clinging to Duo. Clinging to the braid. "Relax! I'm not the one that came to Earth in a damned weapon of mass destruction. Those news reports nearly gave me a heart attack, Kid! Are you ok?"

"A heart attack?!" Duo rubbed his hand over 'Solo's' chest. "Don't even joke. I'd die without you."

"Hey, hey." Solo put his forefinger under Duo's chin, and lifted Duo's head. "Ain't nothin's gonna keep me from you, Kid."

Right there, in front of the whole damned crew, and a rather appreciative young woman, and the birds, and the sea, and the sky, 'Solo' kissed the hell out of Duo, who responded by jumping into 'Solo's' arms, and wrapping his legs around 'Solo's' waist. There were catcalls, and jibes, but Duo and his 'Solo' were oblivious.

What cute names.

Heero turned his back, and went over to Deathscythe. Since everyone was on deck, he could pilfer a few spare parts.

Duo seemed to have plenty to spare.