title: Smoke trails
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsu-sensei/Soubi, Seimei/Soubi, Ritsuka/Soubi
rating: G/teen
warnings: smoking
summary: Soubi's habit.
notes: none

Sensei blew smoke in his face. Soubi didn't flinch because he wasn't allowed to. The smell made him a bit ill, but he wasn't allowed to feel that, either, so he sat perfectly still, staring straight ahead.

"You have a bad habit."

Soubi's eyes widened imperceptibly. A bad habit... could mean punishment. He repressed the urge to shiver.

"You shut down when you are faced with unpleasant things. This is unacceptable. I let you get away with this when you were younger, because the lesson was different. You're getting older now, Soubi. Your Sacrifice will be coming for you. You need to be ready."

He didn't want to look at Sensei. If he looked at Sensei, he might react. He didn't want to be punished. He had to be perfect, even when he didn't know what perfect was.

"When faced with a distasteful adversary, it's better to show a smile." Sensei reached out, and touched Soubi's face, tracing Soubi's lips with his thumb. "It shows you are unconcerned, untouchable. Some adversaries will become frustrated, and act irrationally. Some will lose interest. It can only offer you an advantage. Show me your smile, Soubi."

More smoke poured over his face. He couldn't breathe. He forced himself to smile.

"That's so much better," Sensei smiled. He leaned down, and smiled. The light from his monitor glinted off of his glasses. "You are so much prettier when you smile."

Soubi felt sick, so he smiled harder.

"Soubi, you're going to the convenience store?" Seimei was cutting school again, reading manga on Soubi's futon.

Soubi was going to the art store, but that didn't matter. "Yes. Can I get you something?"


Soubi's stomach flipped. "You... you smoke?" Soubi asked, trying to keep his voice light so he wouldn't appear rebellious.

Seimei shrugged, flipping the page. "No, you're going to."

I don't want to! Soubi clamped his jaw shut to keep from saying anything, but he couldn't stop staring at Seimei in disbelief.

Seimei frowned. "Go on. Get them."

"But..." Soubi licked his lips slowly. "Ah, I don't understand..."

"I don't want to start smoking," Seimei sighed, sounding bored. "But I'd like to take a drag now and again. So, you'll start smoking for me."

Soubi blinked. That was an order. "Yes, Master."

Seimei smiled, and Soubi did always like it when he smiled.

Soubi leaned back in bed, putting his arms over his head. He stared up at the ceiling. He could really use a cigarette now. He flexed his fingers to keep himself from touching his lips.

Ritsuka rolled over in bed, opening his eyes when he ran into Soubi. He smiled shyly, and shied away. "Hey, Soubi, can you make pancakes?"

Soubi blinked, and looked at Ritsuka. It was because of Ritsuka's orders that Soubi gave up smoking. He'd like to kiss Ritsuka right now, but it would be serious, and Ritsuka probably wouldn't like it. He'd only just agreed to sleeping in the bed with Soubi when he came to visit. "Pancakes? I'm not really good at Western food..."

"Can we learn together?" Ritsuka's ears perked up. It was cute, and so was the tail swishing under the sheets.

Soubi smiled, and touched Ritsuka's lips. Ritsuka blushed, and looked away, but he didn't move his head. It was maybe an oral fixation. It was probably just a habit. He could change his habits easily. He'd like to become fixated on Ritsuka's lips.

"All right. May I kiss you?"

"Soubi!" Ritsuka pulled back, scooting under the covers cutely for protection. "You never ask. You just do."

"I have permission, then?" Soubi asked hopefully.

"I didn't say that!" Ritsuka huffed. "Just... don't ask me, ok!"

That was a confusing order. But Soubi acknowledged it with a kiss on Ritsuka's lips. He slipped out of bed, and sauntered to the kitchen. He must have a recipe book somewhere. Pancakes. Ritsuka had such weird tastes.

"And Soubi! Wear something to bed from now on!" Ritsuka ordered, facing the wall, his cheeks bright red.

Soubi looked down at himself, frowning. So many changes to the rules... "Yes, Ritsuka."

It was worth it.