title: Slowly
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Haru/Momiji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Momiji is patient.
notes: for skellywag, for this request on fic on demand.

He woke 'Haru up every morning at 6:30, 6:45, 6:55, and 7:02. The last one was the most important. He made 'Haru's breakfast, and carried it for him, so 'Haru could eat on the way to school. They rarely talked. Momiji often sang, though, and 'Haru never complained. Sometimes, he even smiled.

During the school day, 'Haru was looking out for him, just like he looked after everyone. He knew that Momiji wore a girl's uniform so the boys would play with him like he was a child. It was fun to get a group of narrow-minded teen boys to chase him. He wished 'Haru would chase him, but 'Haru's eyes were often fixed on whatever direction Yuki was in at that time of the day. When 'Haru got a chance to see Yuki in school, he would get still, and he wouldn't blink, so he wouldn't miss a second of Yukiness. It would be cute if Momiji didn't want 'Haru to look at him.

Weekends, he didn't get to see 'Haru much. 'Haru avoided the parts of the house where Rin was recovering, and Momiji liked to pester Hatori every chance he got. Their paths didn't cross much, but when they did, 'Haru would absently ruffle Momiji's hair.

Yuki was in love with Tohru, and so was Kyo, and the two of them were getting along better and better, and neither could ever embrace Tohru but Tohru loved to see them getting along well... It was a simple formula, and Momiji would have loved to sit them all down to explain it, but they wouldn't expect that of him. 'Haru was starting to get it, and it was painful to watch, because he wanted Yuki to be happy, and it was not like he ever really expected Yuki to like him, but he didn't necessarily expect him to love someone else, either.

In the summer, they went to the swimming hole. It was Sohma property, so it was completely secluded, and 'Haru had forgotten his suit. He just stripped to his skin, and shrugged, diving in. Momiji's eyes were burning, and he shook as he removed his own clothes. 'Haru asked him if he was all right once he got in the water, and he put his arm around Momiji. Momiji had never felt so hot or tingly before in all his life.

He was the rabbit. He could smile and laugh, and pretend it didn't mean anything. But 'Haru always saw beneath the surface.

That fall, they started talking as they walked to school. One day, 'Haru started to talk about Rin and he stopped walking. They skipped school that day, and went walking. 'Haru said he would take Momiji where he got his tattoo, but they got lost, and stopped for ramen, instead. 'Haru leaned over the table to wipe a bit of sauce off the corner of Momiji's mouth with his thumb, and he licked his thumb clean. Momiji turned pink, and then bounced in his seat, and the rest of the afternoon, he hung off of 'Haru's arm.

It was October when 'Haru pulled Momiji out of the lunchroom to find some small corner of campus to kiss the hell out of Momiji. Momiji was hard and aching, just too excitable. 'Haru smiled, and he was beautiful, and he brushed his fingers through Momiji's hair gently. Momiji heard the rumors about Yuki and Tohru, could guess and put one thing together with another, but he didn't care. That weekend, he snuck over to 'Haru's house, and he slept in 'Haru's bed.

'Haru tickled him in the morning. Momiji laughed out loud and squirmed, but 'Haru only smiled, his eyes looking alive and bright.

When they walked to school the next morning, 'Haru held Momiji's hand, and it didn't look odd, even when they were in the school, because Momiji's girl's uniform made him look like a child.


He put in an order for a boy's uniform that afternoon.