title: sleepy
fandom: Gravitation
characters/pairings: one-sided Hiro/Shuichi, Yuki/Shuichi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Hiro helps Shu late at night.
notes: none

At first, he had thought it was a drumbeat. It was irritating, because it wasn't consistent, and he couldn't find the beat.

Then he realized that he was asleep, and that the only instrument he was playing found the beat all on its own.

It was a rapping on his door that had woken him. Hiro was not overly inclined to answer it, as it was late, and he was drowsy and semi-hard, but the noise wouldn't stop, and anyway, there was only one person who would be knocking on his door at this hour.

He threw off his blankets, and shuffled over to the door, not bothering to cover himself with a robe. He was in his boxers; he was decent.

Of course it was Shu. Of course he was near tears. Of course he needed a place to stay. Of course Yuki had kicked him out. Again.

Hiro didn't know why Shu kept going back, but he didn't bother to say that. He didn't really say anything at all. He just shuffled back to bed and held the blankets open for Shu.

Shu kicked off his shoes inside the door, and stripped quickly as he walked to the bed. He started to pull off his boxers, then realized whose bed he was slipping into, and turned red. He slipped in next to Hiro, cuddling up to Hiro's chest.

"'Msorry, Hiro."

"'Sokay, Shu."

Shu smiled against his skin. "You're always so good to me, Hiro."

Hiro was already half way back to where he had been before he had gotten the door. The dream and the reality blurred, giving him an armful of Shu on both sides of the indistinct boundary. If he had known which Shu he was speaking to, he might have held his tongue. "That's because I love you, Shu."

In the pause, he sensed nothing awry. He was slipping too far into unconsciousness. But then Shu lifted himself up onto his elbow.

"Do you, Hiro?"

Hiro blinked, the real world coming slowly into focus. Oh, he thought. "Yes." Honesty was always best, or so he had been told. And he hardly knew what else he could possibly say. Denying it was too close to rejecting him.

Shu put his hand on Hiro's chest. "He's always so cold to me. I don't know if he's ever going to let me in. He just keeps pushing me away... And I'm getting tired of fighting for something that's not even that good."

Hiro's eyes were open when Shu leaned down to kiss him. It was so chaste, so sweet. So innocent. Just like Shu.

Shu's eyes were deep and still, something stirring far beneath the surface. Hiro answered the look in Shu's eyes. He lifted himself up and touched his lips to Shu's, touching Shu's cheek.

It was all so quiet. Soft touches and gentle kisses. Shu was still too raw to push him, so instead, Hiro enjoyed the casual intimacy of Shu's affection.

They fell asleep covered in each other.

Hiro blinked. He had been warm and cozy, but he couldn't remember anything more than that. There was someone speaking, but that didn't make sense somehow.

Had he left the television on?

He turned and opened his eyes. Someone had opened the curtains, letting light into his apartment. And they were speaking. To him?

He leaned up, and listened.

"...the night with Hiro. ... No, nothing happened. Look, are you still mad at me? Because I can bring over some noodles, or something, and we can have some breakfast. Or lunch. ... Whatever, let me just pick something up and we can talk, ok? ... Well, I want to talk! ... I... I didn't say that I didn't want to do that, but maybe after... ... Y-you did? ... Wait, don't tell me this... ... Don't tell me this..."

Shu was hiding from him. He had his back to the bed, and his shoulders all hunched up. Hiro leaned back, and put his hands behind his head.

"Fine. ... I said fine. I'll be there soon. ... Never mind, I'm coming, ok?"

He didn't turn around immediately, even though Hiro heard the phone click shut. When he did turn, he looked over his shoulder first, trying to see if Hiro was awake.

Hiro sighed, and turned over. He could hear Shu whimper, and he could hear him shuffle across the room, dressing quickly. Shu sat down on the bed to slip his socks on, casting wayward glances at Hiro that he probably thought that Hiro couldn't see.

Hiro hated this.

Before Shu could stand up, Hiro caught his hand. "Hey. Smile. I hate it when you don't smile."

Shu bit his lip, and his eyes became glassy, but when he did smile, his eyes lit up.

Hiro smiled back easily. "That's beautiful. Thanks."

"Thank you," Shu echoed, sounding hollow. He stood up fast and slipped over to the door, sliding his sneakers on distractedly. He opened the door to leave, but he didn't go through right away. He looked back at the bed, looking uncertain as to whether he should be happy or sad. "I love you, too, Hiro."

The door shut, and he was gone.

Hiro pulled the covers up over his head, putting his face down on the place where the pillow was dented from Shu's head, and he went back to sleep.