title: Size Matters
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Akutsu/Dan
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Dan takes to following Akutsu around... even more...
notes: for zeneschal, for this request on fic on demand.

The damned little brat was following him. That wasn't unusual. It's what the damned little brat did. But ever since he ditched the tennis club, the little brat had been tracking him down after practice, and then following him around. All night long. Home.

That pathetic twat who called herself his mother thought the little brat was adorable. She pinched his cheeks, and called him cute.

Stupid bitch.

So now, he couldn't go anywhere without the brat at his elbow. Sometimes clutching his elbow. Often, squealing like a newborn piglet. Akutsu-senpai! Akutsu-senpai! Akutsu-senpai!

So annoying.

If it were anyone else, he'd just beat the crap out of him, but Dan... Well. He was so damned tiny. And. He still wore that stupid headband. And.

Fine, he was cute.

But now the kid was taking to spending the night on Saturdays!

"Oy! Kid! Don't you have a home?"

Dan blinked at him mid-pillow fluff. "Eh? Of course I do. You can call me Taichi, Akutsu-senpai." He beamed.

Akutsu glared at the kid, but that had no power. Nothing he did had any power. What the fuck was wrong with this kid? "Kid, why are you here?"

"Um!" Dan thought really hard. "Because it's fun! And your mom said it was ok!"

"Che! You don't get to stay here because of that idiot Yuuki. I'm the only one who can let you stay here!"

"Akutsu-senpai!!!" The kid actually glomped him. For real. Right there. He was still attached to Akutsu's chest. "Thankyou! You'resoawesomeandbigandseethisISfun!"

Akutsu couldn't believe it. Why was it that this kid was about the same size as that brat from Seigaku, but whenever Akutsu thought about smacking him, he thought, but he's so small!

Rolling his eyes, he leaned back and flicked off the light, allowing Dan to cuddle up to him.

Nothing he could do about it.