title: Sister Complex
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji/Saeki, Tezuka/Yumiko
rating: Mature
warnings: incestual kissing etc, unrepentant het smut
summary: Yumiko is bored. But she can always have fun...
notes: .......Yumiko is so damned hawt. so is tezzie. this is what i came up with. and saeki joined, because... he pointed out to me that if tezzie was having sex with his boyfriend's sister, then this was the sort of kinky universe where he, fuji, and tezzie were in a threesome. he made a good point.

Heat and nothing to do were bad combinations. She got dressed up, and even put on her sexy underwear, but then she didn't feel like going anywhere.

She strolled out to the enclosed porch, curling her toes over the wooden floor that was just as hot as she was.

Her brother was sprawled out over the rattan couch, with one arm stretched over one of his boyfriends, who was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch as he meticulously worked on tying one of his silly fishing lures. Her brother's other boyfriend was sprawled over a rattan chair, blowing bubbles.

Fuji Yumiko sighed. Someone like Syuusuke with two sexy boyfriends should be able to do better.

She sighed audibly, and flopped down in front of the couch. "Look at you boys. This is ludicrous. Young, strapping boys like you should be taking advantage of the day and going out... doing things!"

Saeki just sighed. "Too hot."

Syuusuke smiled but didn't look at her. "We're fine." He rubbed his thumb over Tezuka's collarbone.

Tezuka continued to tie his lure. "Already was out fishing."

She rolled her eyes. "This is insane. We're all really fabulous young people." She ignored the sardonic twist to Syuusuke's smile. "The best thing we can think of to do is sit around and be hot?"

Saeki raised his head slightly. "Well, you've whored yourself up. Why not hit the sands and give some poor schlob a thrill?"

Casually tossing a pillow that was handy at Saeki, she watched Tezuka, his fingers nimbly threading the ultra fine thread in delicate knots around the hook. He was wearing khaki pants, which was a shame, because he had such nice legs, but his shirt was open a few buttons, so Syuusuke could touch him. His hair was messy, as always, like it was begging to be rearranged, though she knew that Tezuka had twenty fingers that were ready and willing to help out. Thirty, actually. His face was blank, admitting no emotion, his eyes fixed on the work in his hands, so he didn't notice her just openly staring at him. He was beautiful.

She tucked her legs under her coquettishly, and smiled wickedly. "Mm, Tezuka-kun, if you went fishing already, does that mean we have fresh fish for dinner?"

"Yes," he answered, a slight hint of boredom to his voice.

Syuusuke was watching her, his hand still moving seductively over Tezuka's skin. She purposefully ignored Syuusuke. "Mm, that's good..." She stretched her leg out. Her skirt was short, and pleated from the waist, a kicky, sexy look that showed off her gorgeous, curvy legs. She rubbed her toe against Tezuka's leg, but he still concentrated on his lure. She grinned. Nothing worth having was easy. "Tezuka-kun, you're so mature... it's hard to believe you are the same age as my cute little brother."

"Hey," Syuusuke objected weakly, but he was smiling as he did, his fingertips curling in possessively on Tezuka.

Tezuka flicked his eyes over to her momentarily, and shifted ever so slightly away from her foot.

She smirked. Shifting closer to him, she hunched her shoulders so the spaghetti strap of her tank fell down her shoulder. "Tezuka-kun... are you gay?"

Syuusuke chuckled softly, and Tezuka looked at her for a moment. "Apparently."

She licked her lips. "But... have you ever kissed a girl? I don't doubt that you want to be with these two ne'er do wells. But. That doesn't make you gay, does it? You might be bi, right?"

He furrowed his brow, and concentrated on his lure more.

Saeki was smirking over on his chair, she knew, and Syuusuke was watching her like a hawk. But she wanted Tezuka's eyes on her again. She moved even closer to him. "I taught Syuusuke how to kiss, you know."

That earned her a quick look. Syuusuke was chuckling. She leaned forward.

"It's true. Let me show you." She leaned across him, twisted her body somewhat uncomfortably so she could show off her legs, and push her breasts against Tezuka's hands. She smiled sweetly at Syuusuke, and he smiled back at her. She closed her eyes, and pressed her lips to his. She didn't necessarily enjoy kissing her brother. It was a bit weird, actually, but she and Syuusuke were so close, and so alike, they thought alike, and they acted alike.

Kissing Syuusuke was very comfortable.

She pulled back, but stayed stretched out over Tezuka's lap. He hadn't moved his hands a millimeter while she was kissing her brother, but he was watching her now, and he was regulating his breathing carefully.

"Mm," she sighed, being as sexy as she could. "I think he's a learned a few new tricks. Want to see?"

Syuusuke's hand moved up Tezuka's neck to his jaw. He gently pulled Tezuka's face to look at him. They shared a moment, and then Syuusuke let go of Tezuka, and Tezuka turned back to Yumiko.

A thrill ran down her spine. She didn't waste a second. She leaned forward, and gently touched her lips to his, parting his lips slowly, breaching his mouth with her tongue, putting her hand on his stomach, sliding it up under his shirt as she ran her tongue over his... She pulled away only because he needed a moment.

Saeki whistled low. She smirked. Syuusuke was watching them, breathing hard.

Tezuka was watching her. There was a quiver to his lips, an uncertainty to his expression that was so dead sexy... She started to unbutton his shirt. "I'm a lot like my brother, aren't I? It's not so different... Have you ever been curious... Tezuka-kun?" She ran a fingernail over Tezuka's chest, between and around his pecs...

And he was still working on his lure. He hadn't let it go at all. He tied two more knots while looking at her, and then he set it down in the tackle box, which he pushed under the couch, and then he laid his hands flat on the floor.

She grinned triumphantly, and swung one leg over Tezuka's lap, straddling him. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders, and ran her hands over his arms, his chest, up his neck... She leaned in to kiss him again. "Are you curious, Tezuka-kun?" She picked up his hand, and laid it flat on her thigh, guiding it up, under her skirt. "I'm wearing my best underwear. Want to see?" She lifted her skirt.

He swallowed hard, and nervously looked down at her lace, skimpy thong. She moved his hand to touch it, and she pushed his fingers between her legs, right there...

"Day~am!" Saeki whistled. "Syuu-chan, are you gonna let your villainous sister defile our Kunimitsu like that?"

Syuusuke chuckled, and tangled his fingers in Tezuka's hair. "It's up to him. I'm enjoying the view."

Tezuka looked over at Saeki, and then he brought his other hand up to her leg, watching her for direction.

She pulled off her tank and tossed it aside. Her bra had clear vinyl straps and black lace cups. She put her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra, but she didn't slip it off right away. "Tezuka-kun, touch my breasts..."

Thank the gods, he left his hand between her legs, and used his other hand to graze over her breasts, touching the edges of the lace.

She was nearly panting now. She smiled at him, licking her lips. "Take off my skirt for me, mm?"

He looked down, his brow wrinkled in concentration, like when he was working on the lure. He unbuttoned the buttons, and opened her skirt, setting it aside neatly. She almost laughed, and tossed her bra across the room.

"If you're curious, you can go ahead and touch," she purred, putting her hands behind her head so she could emphasize the beauty of her breasts. Given his choice in partners, it might not be something that really appealed to him, but they were her best assets, after all. He looked away, blushing ever so slightly, and if she thought he was beautiful before, now... now...

Syuusuke turned over, sitting up a bit. He slid his hand down Tezuka's chest, circling his nipple teasingly. He nibbled softly on Tezuka's ear, whispering secretively to him.

Her brother clearly had the keys to Tezuka's body, and was able to use them nimbly. With each breathy whisper, Tezuka got more and more agitated. Yumiko pouted, and leaned forward, sucking on Tezuka's neck, kissing down his chest, raising her round bottom into the air as she opened his pants with her teeth. Like a good, healthy, horny eighteen-year-old boy, Tezuka was ready on demand. He had no underwear on.

Tezuka lifted his hips for her, and she shed his pants, tossing them over his shoulder to Saeki's amusement. She ran her nails up the inside of Tezuka's legs, causing him to wriggle, but she took his cock in her hand almost roughly, and tickled him just above his cock, running his fingers through the thick hair that surrounded it.

He grabbed the waistband of her panties, and tugged them down. She helped him lift them off, and then she grabbed his face and kissed him, hard. She hadn't noticed that Syuusuke had taken off his glasses; it was frustrating. She had wanted to slip them off. Her brother always had Tezuka to play with.

"Use your hands, 'Mitsu," Saeki suggested. From the sound of his voice, he was using his hands. Tezuka looked over Yumiko's shoulder at him for a moment. She bit her lip in frustration. They certainly wouldn't leave her alone with Tezuka, but...

He put his hand between her legs again, almost fumbling, just exploring, but it was sweet, she vibrated to his motions, and he grabbed her breast somewhat roughly, which made her groan, made her shiver...

No more waiting. Syuusuke offered her a condom, and she sheathed him, milking him a bit as she did, putting her tongue on his neck as he moaned. She pulled his hips forward, and positioned herself, positioned him, seating herself slowly, groaning with the effort, the tension, her whole body ratcheting tighter and tighter, and she could feel him getting more and more excited, feel him getting closer, feel his body, so close, and he was in her now, his hands were on her, she could hear him, and Syuusuke was touching him too, but he was moving in her...

She was on her back, and she saw Tezuka's eyes, and it took her breath away. Suddenly, she had become the center of the universe. He hitched her leg up to his shoulder, and dug his fingers into her shoulders as he pounded into her, such violent lust washing through them in waves, and she couldn't see or hear for a brilliant flash.

He had collapsed on top of her, and she put her arms around his body, the light wash of sweat on his back sticky and slick at the same time. She brushed her cheek against his.

He was good.

"Fuuuuuuuck, Yumiko-neesan," Saeki sighed. "You can really light a fire, can't you?"

She smiled, proud, but Tezuka wasn't looking at her anymore. He wasn't looking at anyone.

Sighing, she rolled out from under him. It was too damned hot. She couldn't cool down. She felt like she would combust.

She gathered her clothes, but didn't bother to put anything on. She rubbed her hand through her hair, and smiled pleasantly at her brother and his two lovers. "Well, I'm going to take a shower. Later, boys..."

Syuusuke waved goodbye with two fingers, and Saeki smirked at her, his hand still in his shorts. Tezuka was watching her over his shoulder.

She walked back into the house, and leaned against the wall for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being nude and completely satisfied, soaking in the coolness from the wall. She could hear them, just a bit. Her brother asked Tezuka if he was gay. Tezuka sighed, and said something soft, it sounded like 'apparently.' Saeki chuckled, and crawled over to the couch.

Her whole body felt lax, felt loose. She made her way to the shower, knowing there was a chance they could run into either Saeki-san, or Yuuta, or Saeki's sister. She didn't care.

She turned the water to cold, and let herself shiver under the spray.

Syuusuke always had the best things.