title: sinking
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: vaguely Zechs/Treize
rating: G
warnings: Treize being romantic
summary: Zechs forgot...
notes: for aravistarkheena for this request on fic on demand.

He tipped his head back, feeling... nothing. Nothing at all. A bolt of lightening burst out across the sky in front of him, almost immediately followed by rumbling pressure of thunder. He started to laugh... it wasn't really smart, was it? Coming out here in the storm... he could be electrocuted. That was a real danger.

He couldn't stop laughing.

Maybe it was natural. Natural to laugh at the elements when one rode mobile suits, when one bucked the natural order. If one was an enemy of the world and their own past... But he really didn't see himself that way. Coloring himself in as a villain... that was just vanity.

He was too lazy for villainy. In fact, he wasn't sure at all anymore why he did the things he did. Why was he in the rain, anyway? Laughing at nature... at his own death. Why...

Why was he still alive, if he was just going to forget?

"It's the princess who usually needs saving."

He didn't turn. That regal voice was quiet and smooth, even in the storm. Was he the cause for Treize risking himself like this? It was one thing for him to be out in the rain. Treize should know better.

"A wet prince in need of saving," Treize teasingly purred.

Zechs cut him off, though. "Where's the prince here? There is none. Stop daydreaming. It's unbecoming someone of your rank."

Treize laughed... a deep, rumbling sound like thunder... "And what of you, and your rank?"

Zechs sighed, and closed his eyes. It was pitch black all around them. It would have been a dark night with a new moon, regardless, but with the rain, it was deeper than night. It felt like there was a darkness that he could actually enter, if the rain just kept going. If the ground got wet enough, he might just sink in...

"It surprised you when she said that, mm?" Treize said. He had come up right behind Zechs now. His body was hot. Hot in the sea of frozen blackness he was trying to lose himself in... A hand came up to his cheek, burning him. But Treize's fingers were quickly getting cold... "Nine years ago tonight... the palace in Sanc was sacked. She said it so carelessly..." Treize was speaking right into his ear. Treize's lips were brushing against the his skin... so much heat... They were both wet. They should both be cold. Why could he feel the heat, when he could feel nothing else? "She didn't realize, of course. No one would."

"Realize what?" he said stubbornly, but his voice didn't have the strength he wanted it to have.

"You didn't, either, did you? You'd forgotten?" Treize's voice could be soft. Caring. Sensitive. Treize's voice could be like this, too...

"Forgotten... what?" Zechs whimpered. He wasn't trying to, but he ended up leaning back. Treize's chest was just a bit wider than his shoulders. Just a bit wider than him.

"Can I save you, my handsome prince? And take away your pain..." Treize pled with him, slipping his arms around Zechs' waist. Zechs considered slipping away...

"I don't know what you're talking about," Zechs sighed. "It's raining out here, you might have noticed. I don't know why you're keeping me out in this downpour. If this is how you keep promising young officers under you in check..." He turned in Treize's loose embrace, keeping his eyes off of Treize.

Treize laughed, and pressed his hand to the small of Zechs' back, applying just enough pressure.

"Come, then, my forgetful prince. Let's go inside."

Zechs raised an eyebrow. He could think of two things wrong with that endearment, but...

Maybe... it didn't matter. For tonight. Treize led him back inside, away from the beckoning dark, but they didn't rejoin the party. Instead, they found a small parlor, a flask of sherry, and a pool table, and between shots of both, Treize quietly recalled things that Zechs had chosen to pretend to forget.