title: Since we've no place to go
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: Tezuka, Fuji, snow, ordinary day...
notes: for my darling Bryan, for his request on fic on demand.

It had rained that morning, but it kept getting colder and colder. Fuji watched big, white flakes dance past the window all afternoon. The few times he was called on in class, he was able to answer, but he didn't bother even pretending to take notes. It was pretty and more interesting that whatever the teacher was droning on about.

After classes were done, Eiji ran off to find Oishi. They clearly weren't having tennis practice today; Fuji even saw Echizen and Momoshiro leaving school together. Still, he walked sedately through the swirling flakes of snow to the clubroom, confident that it would be unlocked.

Tezuka was sitting on a bench, his back up against a wall, reading the contents of a folder. He hadn't bothered to turn on the lights, so the room was mostly dark except for the crystal-clear white light reflected from the snow outside the windows. Fuji smiled, and leaned casually against the door. "Mm, Tezuka, I think practice is cancelled for today."

Tezuka furrowed his brow. "I know. What are you doing here?"

Fuji shrugged, and sauntered over to his locker. "I think I must have left my calculator here yesterday." He made a cursory look under his uniform. "Ah, not here. So, what are you doing here, Tezuka?"

Shrugging, Tezuka lifted his folder. "Just doing some reading."

He smiled benignly, and sat down next to Tezuka. "The train station is always busy right after school, hm? I suppose it might be more pleasant to use this time for reading. But... that's not schoolwork, is it?" His smile faded softly as he read over Tezuka's shoulder. Inside the folder were printouts from a webpage, all in English, with blurred pictures of a sunny school, right on the beach.

Tezuka put the folder down in his lap, closing his eyes. "Schools in the States are on a different schedule than we are. Some of them want me to start over there soon."

Fuji sat up straight. There wasn't much time left in the school year, and everyone knew that Tezuka was supposed to go pro. It just seemed so... sudden. Now.

Tezuka was looking at him. It seemed so cliché, but when Tezuka was the one looking, Fuji could always feel it. "I haven't decided anything yet. My father doesn't approve, so it's probably moot, anyway."

Forcing a bright smile, Fuji put his hand down right next to Tezuka's leg. "Are you doing anything now?" Tezuka stared blankly at Fuji. Fuji held his hand out. "Come home with me?"

Tezuka closed his folder shut, neatly slipped it into his bag, and took Fuji's hand. They dropped each other's hands after they turned the corner and were in the main part of the school again. It was snowing softly, the flakes big and puffy, barely clinging to the grass. They didn't speak, but then, they didn't have to; Tezuka knew the secret ways to Fuji's house without being directed, and he knew what paths Fuji wanted to take without Fuji saying anything.

They were walking through the park behind Fuji's house, the swings and slide getting covered by a glistening layer of snow. Fuji stopped, holding his hands out, palms up, and tipping his head back, parting his lips and pushing his tongue out to catch snowflakes.

Tezuka's stride broke, the soft crunching of snow under his shoes silenced. "Fuji? What are you doing?"

"Enjoying it while it lasts." He sighed softly, smiling broader, and he opened his mouth wider.

Tezuka walked softly back to him, and put his hands on Fuji's face, his fingers touching the ends of Fuji's wet hair. "While it lasts, mm?" Tezuka's voice was gentle, soft. It almost didn't sound like Tezuka at all, but Fuji knew Tezuka better. He looked Tezuka in the eye, and smiled, because Tezuka knew him better, too.

They kissed, the snowflakes catching on their eyelashes and on their hair and Tezuka's hands were hot on his face. Tezuka put his arms around Fuji, holding him tight to his chest. Tezuka was warm, so warm, and Fuji put his arms around Tezuka, holding him tight enough so that Tezuka could feel him through his coat, but not so tight that Tezuka couldn't leave at any time.

Tezuka broke the kiss, resting his forehead against Fuji's. His eyes were closed behind his foggy glasses. He brushed his thumb across Fuji's cheek. "Some things... last longer than others."

"Do they?" Fuji breathed softly against Tezuka's cheek.

Tezuka kissed Fuji on the forehead, and took his hand. "Yes. Let's get out of the cold, mm?"

Fuji laughed as Tezuka led him home, and he smiled as Tezuka took off his coat and gloves, and he sighed happily as Tezuka made him hot chocolate, from scratch.

He wouldn't think about Tezuka's reading material until after the New Year. It was good to enjoy the now, regardless.