title: simply
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kio/Soubi
rating: G/teen
warnings: language, kissing, mentions of sex toys and piercings
summary: just a small moment between Soubi and Kio. (AU)
notes: for my beloved. *chu* also, a sequel to Name Less.

"Mom! Are you even listening to me?" Kio stepped over Soubi's legs as he paced back and forth across the apartment. Soubi kept drawing in his sketchbook. He was supposed to have seventeen pages of still life sketches done by this afternoon, and right now, he was at six.

"I've already told you a million times, I don't care if he's got the cure to cancer! I still don't want to meet him. ...Mom, I'm living with someone! Fuck, you know this."

There was no way Soubi could be satisfied with this sketch, but he didn't have time to be perfect. He flipped to the next page. Actually, he wanted to be drawing Kio. He looked so cute, all animated and annoyed with his mother. But there was no way in which Kio was a still life.

"Yes, mother, I know, rich doctor, every mother's dream for her gay son, think about the future, blah, blah, blah! The fact that I'm in love with Soubi means nothing, I guess. ....Soubi! Agatsuma Soubi! Don't act like you don't know who he is! You were here for dinner last week!"

Soubi made a face. That dinner didn't go exactly perfectly. He'd tried his best to make a good impression, but Kio still ended up kicking him several times. In retrospect, Soubi had been right, and they should have gone out for dinner. The apartment was too small to hide all of their sex toys. Though, really, Soubi shouldn't have said anything about helping Kio to pierce his penis. There was no way that conversation could go well. He had honestly tried, though. They had made up their mind about him the moment they saw his hair. It was too blonde and too long.

"Yeah, well, maybe I don't care! Maybe I don't want to see you ever again! If you can't accept the man that I love... Mom, shut up, stop being so damned emotional! I'm not doing anything to hurt you! You're doing something to hurt me!"

Soubi flipped to another page in his sketchbook. Seventeen was such a random number. He wasn't going to be finished in time. Kio's was all done a week ago, seventeen gloriously shaded pages of boring dead things. Soubi only signed up for this class because Kio was in it. Well, and it was a requirement. It was still boring and a waste of time. It was really going to suck if he was going to have to take this class over again when Kio wasn't in it.

"Fine then! Just fine! See if I care, because I don't!" He pressed the off button on the phone as hard as he could, but it just wasn't as satisfying as slamming the phone down, so he threw it into the futon. "I can't believe that woman! She actually tried to pretend she didn't know who you were! And she wants me to meet some doctor she met while getting a wart removed from her foot! She wants me to date a foot wart remover! I mean! God!" Kio was still pacing, just as hard as before. Soubi rolled over to his side, pushing the sketchbook away. As Kio was coming past, he grabbed Kio's waistband, and pulled him down. "Oh!"

Kio made the cutest noises.

Soubi caught him, and held him tight, pulling him down to kiss him, hard. He tugged at the bar in Kio's tongue, and slipped his hand under Kio's shirt. When he broke the kiss off, Kio was hungrily leaning forward for more.

"I thought you said your parents would love me," Soubi teased, flicking Kio's nipple ring.

"They do," Kio groused. "They just don't know it yet." He reached behind Soubi's head, and undid his ponytail, sifting through Soubi's hair with his fingers. "Sou-chan, you are sofar behind on your work! You're going to have to repeat this class," Kio whined.

"Will you help me?" Soubi asked, nuzzling Kio's neck.

"This isn't helping," Kio purred, slipping his hands underneath Soubi's shirt.

Soubi chuckled, his mouth pressed to Kio's neck. "You're always helping me," Soubi caressed Kio's skin with his lips, and then pushed Kio down onto his back, kissing him. "I don't want to cause trouble for you with your family."

Kio grinned, and dug his fingers into Soubi's hair. "Don't worry, Sou-chan. They'll get over it eventually. And if they don't, well, I'll still have you."

"Always," Soubi promised, and kissed Kio again, so that Kio started to make those really cute noises Soubi loved the best.