title: simplicity
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Tohru
rating: G
warnings: introspection
summary: Tohru cleans.
notes: for ariyanaforever, for this request on fic on demand.

Tohru loved to clean. She loved to cook. She loved all those simple, household chores that seemed such a burden to everyone who had "important" things to do. She was good at it. She enjoyed it.

She was aware that people thought she was simple. Whenever she was assigned classroom chores, she knew that she would end up working alone, unless Uo and Hana were with her. Everyone knew they could depend on her, after all, and she had nothing better to do, right?

Her mother used to love to cook and clean, too, though she wasn't as good at it. The work of your hands is very satisfying, she'd say. Tohru agreed. She didn't always know the right thing to say or do, but she could fix someone something delicious to eat, and they would feel better, or she could take care of a mess so no one else had to bother.

She knew that Kyo and Yuki thought that Shigure took advantage of her, but she was happy that she could provide a service to the household, to earn her place there.

She wasn't born anything other than herself, after all.

She would graduate high school, because it was her mother's dream, but she had no great ambition. She was happy working at the hotel, and she was happy taking care of Shigure's house, and she was happy just being herself.

When there was a large task to accomplish, especially when it seemed daunting, there was no greater pleasure than seeing it through to the end. If that made her simple, than she was satisfied with that.

She didn't bother other people with her troubles. They couldn't understand, after all. Even the Sohma's, with all their heartaches... how could they comprehend what it was like to have lived so long in the blinding sunshine of her mother's undying and perfect love, only to have it ripped away? She had faults, so many of them, and she was never outgoing or popular. She was hardly what anyone would call an ideal daughter. But her mother had adored her, all the same.

She used to do these chores by her mother's side, and her mother would throw her arms around her, and hold her tight, exclaiming her joy with Tohru. Now she worked alone, but the work was the same.

It was simple. She felt closer to her mother when she did these normal, everyday things than any other time. She could hear her mother's laughs, and feel those arms around her again. And when she was done, she would see her mother's smile, and hear her say, Tohru, how wonderful! You did such a great job!

In her abject loneliness, that was what it took to make her happy.