title: Shopping
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yumiko, Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yumiko has plans for Tezuka's afternoon.
notes: i have no doubt she will have forgotten, but a million years ago, i promised ninjatrauma i'd write her something. *sheepish*

He hadn't let her in, so she must have used Fuji's key. He tried not to look her in the eye, not that avoidance would make him any more dressed than he was, but at least he wouldn't be able to see how she was not looking away.

Avoidance, in fact, worked no better on her than it did on her little brother.

"Did you hear me, Tezuka-kun? We're going shopping."

"I heard," he replied placidly. "However…"

"Syuusuke said that you needed to get out and keep going after your surgery. So! I'm here to make sure that you don't mope around alone here." She sounded so bright and cheerful, like she was doing him a wonderful favor.

It was hard not to scowl. "I am hardly prone to moping. It's kind of you to…"

"I promised my brother I would check in on your while he was gone, and that's what I'm doing. I'm not likely to take no for an answer, so you might as well just get dressed," and he could practically hear her staring at his boxer shorts then, "and come with me."

He sighed heavily. He hadn't even wanted this surgery to begin with; he was missing the French Open. Perhaps he would have lost anyway, the way his shoulder was acting up, but.

Yumiko poked his shoulder experimentally. He sighed.

"Just give me a few minutes."

"Take your time, Tezuka-kun!" she replied far too brightly.

It was going to be a long day.

His shoulder did not hurt. He would have considered it a miracle if he was not almost entirely sure that it was because his head was throbbing too much to feel pain anywhere else in his body.

Yumiko had been babbling cheerfully about fate and destiny earlier, but Tezuka refused to believe that any force of nature was responsible for him standing in the middle of a sea of dresses, holding five over his arms, and Yumiko's purse, while she dug through yet another rack of dresses. She had competition in the form of high school girls preparing for a prom, which was why she threw everything in her arms at Tezuka, so she could make her way through the rack more efficiently, but…

"It's nice to be young, isn't it?" he heard from behind him.

"And such a handsome man. I wonder if he's proposed yet? What beautiful children they'd have…"

He subtly looked over his shoulder, but his consternation wasn't easily masked entirely, and the two older ladies quickly scurried off, giggling to each other.

He was relatively certain that his mother never dragged his father out to hold her purse and wares while she shopped. He was relatively certain that if she had asked, he would have politely refused. He was quite certain his grandfather never stood in a department store like a manservant, waiting for his wife or daughter-in-law.

They were straight.

"All right, Tezuka-kun, let's go try these on," Yumiko said kindly, tossing one last dress over his arm.

His heart froze. He wanted to say something, but Yumiko had already flounced off in the direction of the dressing rooms. She certainly didn't intend him…?

However, he was carrying her clothes, and her purse, and so he had no choice. He trailed after her, the hackles raised on the back of his neck. If she wanted him to help her change in some cramped dressing room, he would have to make a break for it, but discreetly, without causing a scene…

Yumiko was waiting for him at the entryway to the dressing rooms, looking entirely too amused as only Fuji's sister could manage. She held out her arms, took the dresses, and pointed to a chair that was in front of the three-way mirror. "Wait there. Be right back!" She winked at him, and spun away.

He sighed, realized he still had her purse, sighed again, and sat down. A few minutes later, Yumiko emerged, wearing a slinky green dress with silver sequins. It had… an impressive slit up the front so Tezuka felt the need to turn his face away quickly to avoid impropriety.

"What do you think?" She stood in front of the three-way mirror, looking herself over critically. "Is this my color?"

He cleared his throat and scowled, but was unable to commit to any further commentary.

She sighed, and went over to him, bending down before him. Since the dress was rather… low cut, that was an interesting and embarrassing thing for her to do, or so he thought. "I don't think this fits too well across the rear, but Tezuka-kun, you'd better be prepared to be more helpful! What's the point of bringing you along if you're just going to sigh and fuss like a spoiled child!"

He had been wondering the same thing since she had let herself into his house that morning, but she was still his elder, and she had reprimanded him, so he had little choice. He straightened his back, and tried to mentally ready himself.

The next dress was all silver sequins and sparkles, and was cut far too short, with long dangling bits that made noise. It was easy, though, because he could say succinctly, "Too sparkly," and though her shoulders slumped a bit, she agreed with him. The dress after that was yellow with some black appointments, and far, far too much cleavage, if she wasn't intending on just flashing everyone she encountered while wearing it. However, for that, he could simply say, "Bumblebee," and she laughed.

The fourth dress was a slinky purple Chinese-styled dress with a slip up to her hip, almost, and almost no back. He tried to think of something other than too host club to say, but she shook her head. "I don't know why I picked this, I can never wear backless gowns. I have too much to go braless and those backless bras are far too much work to bother with."

That was information he didn't need, but at least it got him off the hook.

The fifth dress was black and silvery-green stripped with black lace, very fitted, something that looked like a cross between Hollywood glam and gothic style. She posed a few times before the mirror, looking at herself questioningly. He furrowed his brow, and bit his lip. It was low-cut, too, and it had a slit up the side, but mostly, she looked like she couldn't walk in it. He never understood that about fashion.

She turned to ask his opinion, and he swallowed hard. "It looks… uncomfortable."

She laughed hard. "Well, this is the sacrifice we women make for you men, Tezuka-kun."

He scowled. "And busy." He actually didn't know what 'busy' meant in reference to clothes, but he knew that sometimes, his father would pick out a shirt for himself, and his mother would shake her head and say, Too busy, so it wasn't a good thing.

"Ah!" She leaned forward and put her hands on his arms. He paled, thinking of all the men who would rather have the view he had, and bemoan that none of them were in his place. "I was thinking the same thing. Ok, one last dress. I saved the best for last -" Why, he wondered, despairing, "so keep your fingers crossed or we'll have to go to another store."

He felt sick.

A few minutes later, she came back out, wearing a tight, sexy red dress with a crystal bauble in between her breasts. The back was cut low and had criss-crossing straps, the front showed ample cleavage, and had a long slit. She beamed at him, turning around. "Well? Is it sexy?"

Was that her aim? He wasn't sure what the dress was even for, but it looked… He cleared his throat. "Don't you think it's a bit… risquéé?"

"Oh, Tezuka-kun, no one uses phrases like that anymore!" she sighed, smiling. "Now, come on! Don't you think that any man would want to put his hands on me if I were wearing this?"

He didn't think he was the only man who wouldn't, but that wasn't what she meant, he was sure. Still. "I… don't think someone as beautiful as you needs to wear something so… trashy to be noticed."

She froze, her eyes widening. Had he said something wrong? The dress was trashy… "You… well. What sort of dress should a woman like me wear, then?"

He swallowed, and got up, putting her purse down. "One moment."

It was a mission. He couldn't fail, or else they'd have other stores in their future, and Tezuka just wanted to go home, make some tea, and pretend that he hadn't gotten up that morning. Still, it wasn't hard, because…

After all, she had her brother's coloring.

He came back with a midnight dress with a row of small rhinestones down its hem. It was cut to appear like a sleeveless jacket, though it was definitely very fancy and a bit dramatic, with the rhinestones, and some cleavage and leg. She raised her eyebrow, but took the dress back to try it on.

He found himself getting nervous, because if she didn't like it, he didn't know where she would drag him off to next. Still, when she came back, he really didn't think that would be a problem.

"You look stunning."

She flushed, and turned to face the mirror. She looked a bit uncertain, so he stepped forward, standing next to her.

"You could wear some really long gloves with it," he suggested.

"Opera gloves," she supplied quickly.

He didn't need to know what they were called, but it was fine. "You really do look gorgeous."

She actually blushed, which made her look even more radiant. "You don't think it looks a bit… old?" she laughed nervously, looking into his eyes.

He shook his head emphatically. "Really. You're amazingly beautiful."

She swallowed hard, and laughed, smoothing down the fabric over her stomach unnecessarily. "Don't tell Syuusuke this, all right, but I'm going to this hospital fund raiser. The man who invited me… he's a bit older, a doctor, of course. We've been out a few times, but I was really hoping I could make a good impression."

"I have a hard time believing you don't always make a good impression," he replied honestly.

She smiled up at him. "I'm not so young anymore, you know. He's… he's a good man. And since my little brother seems to have cornered the market on sexy tennis pros," she winked, and swatted his chest.

And then leaned up and kissed him.

He was frozen, speechless. She laughed, brushing her fingers over his lips. "Don't look so startled! Didn't you hear those old aunties?" She leaned in and winked at him. "If you were straight, we'd probably already be married. I'm very like my little brother, don't you think? So if there was just that one thing about you different… we might have a beautiful child already. Isn't it funny to think about?"

Funny was not the word he was thinking of, although it had become incredibly difficult for him to think about anything.

She shrugged, and heaved a big sigh. "Well, I'll defer to your manly wisdom, then, Tezuka-kun, but if I lose out to some trashy bitch in a slinky red dress, you'll have to take responsibility." She wiggled her eyebrow at him, and strode off.

He thought his head might burst.

He was still in the kitchen, drinking water, when Fuji came out, running his fingers through his wet hair. Tezuka looked him over from top to bottom quickly, and then wiped his mouth clean. "You missed the button on the bottom."

Fuji looked at it and grinned. "It's fine. I'll see you for dinner tomorrow?"

Tezuka nodded, still looking at the bottom button. "Are you going now?"

"Yeah, sorry, meeting Yuuta and his newest girlfriend. She's supposed to be smart, so. I guess I'll have to behave," he winked at Tezuka.

"Wait, before you go…" Tezuka walked around the island counter, and went to the sideboard, sliding open the door to pull out a small, soft pink gift bag. "Here."

Fuji stared at it like it might bare its fangs and go on a killing spree.

"It's for Yumiko." Tezuka cleared his throat and looked away. "She… showed me a kindness the other day, so I wanted to…"

Fuji's lips quirked slowly, and then he covered his mouth in a gesture he'd used since high school to cover up laughter. "Ah. I see. Is this compensation for the baby you owe her?"

Tezuka's arm dropped, and the bag nearly slipped out of his grip. Quickly, Fuji took the bag. "Is it… inappropriate?"

"No. She'll think it's sweet. I think it's… kind." He leaned up and kissed Tezuka's lips quickly. "No more kissing my sister. Only I'm allowed to do that."

Tezuka opened his mouth and the furrowed his brow. Fuji laughed, and pulled the small black box out of the bag. "Hey…"

"She's my sister!" Fuji winked. "I have to make sure you aren't planning on stealing her away from me."

Tezuka rolled his eyes. Still, he watched Fuji open it apprehensively. It was a pendant, Australian crystal, very sparkly, teardrop shaped, on a silver chain.

Fuji just stared at it for a moment, and then he looked up at Tezuka, "It's very pretty. I'm not sure she has anything to wear it with."

Tezuka looked away, shrugging. "I think she does."

Fuji gave him an odd look and then put the black box back in the bag, and then smiled. "Well, I'm sure it will make her happy." He smiled at Tezuka, and then put his arms around Tezuka's neck and kissed him, hard, hard enough to make him a little weak in the knees.

And then he pulled away.

"Sorry, got to meet Yuuta. And Tezuka. I'm serious." He winked, and turned to go. "No more kissing my sister."

Tezuka watched Fuji go, and sighed. He and his sister… they'd be the death of him.