title: She Said
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Hilde, Heero/Duo
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: After the war, lives are being rebuilt.
notes: for djynn, her request on fic on demand. ^_^ perhaps a bit... sparser? Than she wanted...

She said that they should be together, so they were. He didn't really know what else to do anyway, and she was so sure. He was less sure, very much less sure, about so many aspects of what they were now, but she was patient, and willing to wait.

She said that they should live together, so they did, and she said that he would get over his shyness, so he assumed that he would, because that's what normal people did, but it was going to take time. At least they had separate bedrooms, so he didn't have to change in front of her.

She said that it was normal to do things like feed each other from their fingers, or kiss using their tongues, or share an ice cream cone. He wanted to be normal now, so he did what she said, but it didn't feel normal.

Heero came to visit them. He didn't say much, and he watched Hilde warily. Duo didn't understand.

She said it was because he was bitter and unable to adjust to normal life. He couldn't agree with her. Heero had more of a chance than he did, he was sure. He was purer.

She said they should go to the movies, and he didn't realize it was the sort of thing he shouldn't invite Heero to tag along to; he thought it was just the movies.

She said that Heero was crowding them, that he was jealous of Duo's life and that it would be better for Heero if they cut him off. But he had fun going with Heero to the yards, or shooting pool with him, or just watching the artificial sunset with him. He didn't understand why it was bad.

She cried, and he held her in his arms. She asked him if he loved her. He didn't know what to say.

Heero kept coming by, kept visiting, kept asking him to do things together. He didn't understand why it felt more normal when it was Heero than when it was Hilde. Heero kissed him during a scheduled rain shower. It was cold, and they were wet, and Heero's hands rested loosely on his hips, his tongue touching Duo's lips. It felt more than normal.

She held his hands, and looked him in the eyes as he cried. It was stupid, because boys didn't cry, but she smiled, and said that sometimes, men did. She asked him if he loved Heero, but he didn't know the answer. She kissed him on the cheek, and told him that there was more than one way to be normal.

She called Heero. They talked. Duo was in the shower, washing his hair slowly as he thought about what she had said. It was all arranged by the time he got out.

He asked her if it was all right. He asked her if he'd hurt her. She kissed him lightly on the lips, and told him that they were still friends.

Heero didn't look at her as he waited for Duo. She didn't look at him. He kissed her cheek before he left, and promised to call once they had settled down.

She sent them a card one year to the day afterward. It just said, "I'm happy for you."

He still didn't understand, and Heero didn't have any answers, either, but it was somehow more normal to search for the answers with Heero.