title: Sharing
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Ryou/Chotarou, Atobe, Yuushi, Hyotei
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing, suggestive sexual situation
summary: Atobe shows them to their room.
notes: takes place just before the training camp, episode 110. written for Noel, a wee (but crappy) pick-me-up.

The click of their heels reverberated off the high ceilings. Choutarou's eyes kept getting bigger and bigger, his mouth in the shape of a tiny 'o.' It was adorable beyond words, but Ryou wished he could subtly kick him. Atobe definitely did not need any encouragement.

Atobe was droning on and on about the history of his mountain "cottage," though Ryou suspected it was a pack of lies. He was pretty sure the Marquis de Sade was never in Japan at all, much less holed up with Atobe's family...

They were here for some r & r, and training, though Atobe was being mysterious again, which probably meant that he was going to expect them all to be really impressed at some point. Ryou had long learned that being impressed with Atobe was a waste of time, as you could never be impressed enough, but he would have to explain that to Choutarou. As soon as they could be alone...

...or perhaps shortly thereafter.

They were the last in the group to be shown their rooms. Atobe, of course, had the master suite at the top of the stairs, and he had Kabaji in the room right next to him. Jirou didn't even wait to be shown to a room, just shuffled off sleepily to the room the furthest away from Atobe, his chin bouncing on his chest. Presumably, he collapsed right inside the door, but that wasn't important. He could sleep anywhere. Gakuto and Yuushi were, unsurprisingly, given rooms right next to each other, and Wakashi was across from them.

Atobe led Ryou and Choutarou around the corner. "Ah, I'm sorry, boys, but the staff did not open quite enough rooms. Too costly to clean and heat such a large space for such a short time, you know."

Choutarou nodded quickly, as if he knew exactly what Atobe meant, so Ryou swallowed his snort. Atobe saying something was 'too costly' was precisely the same thing as Atobe saying 'I'm lying to you and I don't really care if you believe me or not.'

"I hope you don't mind sharing a room," Atobe winked at Ryou.

Ryou sighed, and shrugged, acting like he didn't care.

Choutarou squeaked and touched Ryou's elbow excitedly.

Atobe smirked. "Ah, and unfortunately," he swept open the door, "all the rooms only have one bed. It's certainly large enough to share, don't you think?"

Choutarou turned pink and stared at his feet. Ryou lifted his chin and smirked at Atobe. "It will be just fine. Anything we can do to help out your family's finances."

Atobe put his arm on Ryou's shoulders. "That's what I like to hear! Cooperation is the soul of teamwork. Now, dinner isn't for a few hours, so you and your kohai should just... get... comfortable, and enjoy the room."

"We will," Ryou smirked back at Atobe, making sure to close the door soundly behind him.

Choutarou folded his arms over his chest, and turned around slowly, looking almost frightened at the various accruements of the room. Swallowing hard, he asked Ryou softly, "Do... Do you think there's a chance that there's... any video cameras in here?" He tried to chuckle at the end, as if he really thought the idea was ridiculous.

Ryou shook his head. "Choutarou. With Atobe, the question is never, Is there a video camera? The question is always, How many video cameras are there, and do they pick up audio?"

Choutarou squeaked, and his eyes widened.

Ryou almost laughed. Choutarou was so cute. He really couldn't help himself. He crossed the room to put his hands on Choutarou's face, gaining his 'kohai's' attention. "Choutarou...." He breathed softly.

Choutarou almost protested, but his hands drifted up to touch Ryou's hands.

Their lips touched, and Ryou gently seduced Choutarou's mouth until he lulled Choutarou into a rush of pleasure. Ryou put his arms around Choutarou, and drew him closer, and closer still.

Choutarou purred.

Yuushi cleaned his glasses slowly. "He knows there are cameras... and he's still going through with it?" He made a dismissive sound in the back of his throat.

Atobe smirked and lifted the teacup to his lips. "You misunderstand, Yuushi. This isn't Ryou putting on a show.

"This is him saying thank you, for the room."