title: sharing
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: vague Momoji/Hatori, Ayame
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Momiji visits Hatori.
notes: for nemkess for this request on fic on demand.

He leaned over, far enough to nearly fall off the examination table. He could see Ayame, talking animatedly, as always. And he could see Hatori's hands, and the cigarette he was holding carelessly. Momiji wondered why doctors always smoked. Wasn't it bad for the health?

Maybe it was for stress.

Hatori brushed passed Ayame, who dropped his hands in defeat. Momiji sat up straight, and swung his legs back and forth. He looked up at the ceiling.

He sometimes hated this family. Despite all the secrets, there were always rumors being hissed under everyone's breaths. To call them a family of snakes would have been an insult to the snakes, but it was like being surrounded by the song of vipers.

Momiji hated secrets.

Hatori came into the exam room, watching Momiji from the corner of his eye. Momiji beamed brightly. "Morning, Ha-chan!"

Hatori went straight to his desk, and sat down, his back to Momiji. "You're not sick, or injured," Hatori stated flatly.

"Am I bothering you?" Momiji asked. He wouldn't want to do that. Even though Hatori was too inclined to keep himself cloistered...

Hatori froze for a second, and then he shook his head, just tiny little bit.

It was a good thing, Momiji thought, that he'd spent so much time watching Hatori's every move.

"What can I do for you?" Hatori asked, sounding bored. He was paying attention, though. That was all Momiji needed.

He didn't expect Hatori to respect the day. He was sure Ayame remembered, too, and that was why he was there that morning. For Hatori, though... Momiji could understand, but. It wasn't like he could totally forget, even if he tried.

It was a bitter anniversary, though.

"I made pancakes for breakfast," Momiji started. Hatori's back stiffened. Momiji grinned, and continued. "But I ruined them. I thought adding syrup to the batter would make them better, but it doesn't work that way, it seems." He nearly laughed when Hatori turned slightly toward him. "So... I got something special. Would you like to share?" Momiji held it out.

Hatori looked over his shoulder, and scowled a bit. "A Yubari melon?"

"Yup!" Momiji beamed.

"You got that?" Hatori asked.

"It's right here," Momiji pointed out.

"And should I ask where you got that?" Hatori continued archly.

"Do you really want to know?" Momiji cocked his head to the side. It wasn't like Akito would eat it.

Hatori hesitated for a moment, until Momiji was about to apologize. But then he rolled over, sighing. "You haven't got a knife?" he asked.

"I'm prepared!" Momiji laughed. Hatori nodded seriously, and then set the melon up on the exam table next to Momiji to carve it. He was careful with his cutting, and totally engrossed, which gave Momiji a chance to kiss his cheek. Hatori froze, but then went back to making slices of melon for them to share.

See... Hatori would never be alone, not even when he wanted to be.