title: set up
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Katsuo, Kachirou, Horio
rating: G
warnings: tezuka's glare
summary: The Freshman Trio try to do something good, but...
notes: for veryviciousv, for this request on fic on demand.

Katsuo hugged Kachirou, both of them shaking like leaves. Horio stood in front of them, his eyes and nose running as his knees wobbled viciously. The Captain stood over them, glowering. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, although Tezuka's glare was lethal, except the entire team was gathered around, snickering. They could all hear the whispers of epic punishment! Speculation was running rampant as to whether they'd be kicked off the team right then and there.

There might have been some small consolation that Ryoma had wandered off, disinterested, but the rest of the regulars were not so carefree.

The plan had been so beautifully simple...! How did everything go so awry? They were going to lure the Captain and Fuji-senpai, separately, into the clubhouse, and then lock them in there. Horio really didn't need to bring so many cream puffs, and they should have checked first if Fuji-senpai liked them. The timing had gotten off. No one expected that soccer girl to chase the raccoon through the yard. Kachirou had been trying to keep Katsuo from falling into the water fountain, but he sent him sailing to the Captain instead.

Grabbing his pants as he fell, well... that had been both stupid and unplanned, but...

"You three..." Tezuka began. He still had cream in his hair from the puffs. Which weren't allowed in the clubhouse. And the tear in his track pants was showing the bottom of his boxers, but none of them were going to say anything. "Just get out of my sight for now."

They had never run faster in their lives, not even when Inui had devised some particularly diabolical juice.

Who knew playing cupid could be so dangerous?

Most of the team was wisely giving Tezuka a wide berth, but Fuji's brand of wisdom was different than theirs. He sauntered over to Tezuka while he was washing his head in the fountain.

"Your shorts are showing," he said casually.

Tezuka spared him a quick glare, and then he went back to washing the cream out of his hair.

"You know... seeing that in your hair reminds me of the last time you were over visiting..." Fuji began, but Tezuka quickly cut him off.

"If you don't want to run any laps, then I suggest you get back to serving practice," he grumbled.

"Yes, yes, Cap~tain," Fuji cheerfully, replied. "Honestly... trying to set us up. Isn't that like trying to invent peanut butter and jelly?" He winked at his Captain, and trotted back to practice.