title: Sense of Humor
fandom: Harry Potter
characters/pairings: Sirius/Remus, James, Peter
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: Sirius apologies
notes: for my beloved, of course. set in their sixth year, after Sirius tells Snape about where Lupin goes... and nearly gets Snape killed. also, manymanymany thanks to my beloved aisoku for the title. ^_~

Sirius tapped his finger on the side of his desk all through Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was highly irritating, and everyone in class had turned around to glare at him, even Peter, who never, ever thought that Sirius did anything wrong.

Everyone, except Remus.

When class was over, Sirius went over to talk to Remus, but Remus bolted out of class the minute they were released, still stuffing scrolls in his bag. Gritting his teeth, Sirius tried to follow.

Remus just couldn't continue to avoid him forever!

However, even though Sirius kept repeating that to himself a million times over, Remus seemed to be doing a very good job of just that; he wasn't at dinner in the Great Hall, he wasn't in the common room afterward, and he wasn't in the library, either. Sirius dragged James out of the common room to prowl the halls with him, to look for Remus, completely ignoring James' complaints that Lily was actually talking to him until Sirius showed up.

After the third mad dash to avoid a professor, James glared at Sirius. "We're going back now, Sirius."

"Why is he so angry with me, Jamie?" Sirius whined, looking as pathetic as he could. "What did I do?"

James just stared at Sirius. "Sirius, you're my best friend, but sometimes, I want to knock your head against a wall until you get some sense in you. Have you ever considered just transforming into the dog permanently? You're much easier to get along with as a dog."

Sirius scowled. "What the hell? What did I do, for fuck's sake?"

"You led Snape to what would have been his death? Death by werewolf? Werewolf that just happens to be Remus, you dolt." James knocked on Sirius' head, just to be sure that Sirius was getting the point.

"Yeah, yeah," Sirius scowled, rubbing his head. "And you bloody well warned him off, saved the day, didn't you, you big hero, you. So what's the big deal?"

"What the... Sirius, you can't be this dense. You just can't be. I saw your OWLs. You're a smart lad. Put two and two together, will you? You almost made Remus a murderer!" James narrowed his eyes, pressing his lips into a thin line. Clearly, he wasn't totally over Sirius' little prank yet, either.

Like it was such a big deal! Snivellus wasn't worth this shit! "It wasn't Remus, though! It was the wolf. Like anyone would have mourned the loss of the greasy little freak. Anyway, it was just a joke! You people need to adjust your sense of humor." Sirius sulked. Didn't his best friends understand him? Peter sure as hell wasn't being such a prick over such a little thing.

James just stared at him levelly. "Maybe you're the one who needs to adjust your sense of humor," he said, a bit sadly, and he turned around and walked away.

Sirius just stared after him. He... He walked away from Sirius! Scowling, Sirius turned away, and stalked off, just wandering aimlessly. He ended up outside, so he walked toward the Quidditch field. He didn't have his broom, but at least he was out in the night air. He climbed up to the stadium seating, and plopped down, putting his feet up. He stared up at the sky, and sulked.

It was just a damned joke! Snivellus was always getting in their way, sticking his crooked, greasy nose into their business! Filthy little dark arts monger. It would have served him right if he had met the werewolf, which was not Remus, by the way! Remus was gentle and intelligent, witty, and kind to everyone! The wolf was just something that overtook him. It wasn't fair to blame Remus for anything that happened while he was a wolf, and it wasn't fair of Snivellus to keep butting in where he wasn't wanted. He should be dead. Hell, Jamie had even said that the problem with Snivellus was that he was breathing!

The night air was getting to have teeth, and he wasn't getting anywhere, staring at the sky, so he trudged back to the castle. He managed to sneak back to the House without any problems. There were only a couple of stragglers in the common room, and they were so used to seeing him coming in late, they barely looked up. The only strange thing was that he was alone.

He climbed up the stairs to the dorms, becoming more determined with each step. He didn't do anything wrong! Did he? It was funny! It would have been great to see Snivellus' face when he realized it was a werewolf! If Jamie wanted to play at being the hero and be all offended, that was fine, but Sirius was more worried about how Remus was reacting. He just... had to set things straight. Another day of Remus avoiding him, and he'd go mad.

He shucked his shoes off, but didn't bother changing his robes at all. He pulled back the curtain to his bed, but it was empty. He stared down at the cold sheets sadly. Remus had been sleeping here ever since Sirius' dad died.

He went over to Remus' bed resolutely, and pulled back the curtain, crawling in. Remus wasn't even pretending to be asleep. He rolled over and glared at Sirius, but at least he was looking at Sirius, finally! "What the... Sirius! Get out of here!"

"No," Sirius damn near pouted. He closed the curtains around them, and settled in next to Remus. "No, you have to talk to me. What's going on, Remus? You promised me that I would never be alone again."

Remus blushed, and turned away, but in the darkness there in bed, Sirius could only just barely make out the change in color because Remus was so pale otherwise. "Sirius. James told me what you did to Snape."

"So what?" Sirius hotly demanded.

"Be quiet!" Remus hissed, looking embarrassed. "Someone will hear you!"

"I don't care! I didn't do anything wrong! It was just a joke!" Sirius leaned up so he could glare down at Remus.

Remus looked away, but he set his mouth into a thin line. "You don't think. What would have happened if Snape's bones showed up in the shack, and he was missing? Do you really think they'd let me stay here if I killed someone?"

"It wouldn't be your fault!" Sirius protested. "You aren't responsible for what the wolf does."

"I am the wolf, Sirius..." Remus sighed, looking tired. "I don't necessarily remember everything... But I am the wolf."

"Still," Sirius protested. "It's not like you are in control. So you can't be blamed."

"It's that simple, really?" Remus turned his head to look Sirius in the eye. "Sirius, how do you think I would have felt if I had killed Snape? Really, how do you think I would have felt?"

"But... it wouldn't... wouldn't be you..." Sirius insisted, but somehow, this argument seemed to be losing strength.

"His flesh and blood would have been in my belly. How do you really think I would have felt, Sirius?" Remus' eyes were so piercing, just staring right into him.

Sirius was shrinking. His chest felt like there was a heavy weight on it, and he was having a hard time breathing. He pressed his face into Remus' shoulder. "Don't be mad at me, ok? I don't like it when you are mad at me. I'm sorry. I just... I thought it would be funny... I'm sorry. I know it's wrong now, ok, so you don't need to be mad at me anymore. Jamie made it all ok, and I won't ever do anything like that again, so you don't have to be mad at me..."

Remus' arms came up around him, and Remus kissed his temple softly. "I'm sorry, too," he said softly. "I shouldn't have just shut you out. I didn't want to say anything to you until I had calmed my temper, but I was wrong. I should have just told you what I was thinking. I promised, after all. You're not alone, Sirius."

His heart thudded powerfully in his chest, and he lifted his head. Remus smiled at him, and Sirius just beamed in response. He leaned down, and kissed Remus, hard. He kept kissing Remus. They'd swapped a few kisses, here and there, but... this was serious. It felt good, too. He felt really strongly that he should always be kissing Remus.

"Just to remind you two," James cheerfully sang out, "you aren't alone in this room. Just wanted to say that before you traumatized me for life!"

"Bugger off, Jamie!" Sirius grinned, brushing Remus' hair back from his face. Remus was grinning, too, but he was also blushing, so adorably.

"What's going on?" Peter whined. "Sirius, where are you?"

"Everyone should just go to sleep," Remus sighed, sounding very much like a prefect.

"No one ever tells me anything," Peter whined sleepily. James was laughing like mad into his pillow, Sirius could tell.

Sirius cuddled up to Remus, and put his head on Remus' shoulder. "Have to do what my prefect says, right?" he whispered.

Remus patted his head, and smiled. "Good night, Padfoot."

"Night, Moony," Sirius grinned, and closed his eyes.