title: seduction and courtship
fandom: D.Gray-man
characters/pairings: Komui, Reever, Jerry, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda
rating: G/Teen
warnings: original character death
summary: Komui becomes smitten.
notes: for misura, for this request on fic on demand.

Reever poured coffee for the both of them, because Komui was still searching his desk for the design specs he'd drawn up just the night before. Reever would have loved to have made some comment about the disgrace of a Supervisor being so disorganized, but that would only lead to a diatribe of excuses that would be accompanied by litany of impossible orders, and Reever would be the one searching that desk.

His plan was to stay out of sight until Komui had found it himself.

"Ah! It's right here! Who said this was lost?" Komui demanded. He waved the sheath of paper at the entire science department accusingly. They were starting to get used to his eccentricities. After all, they'd been working aside of him not too long ago.

Though, even then, he'd been eccentric.

Reever just smiled broadly, though, and held out Komui's mug for him. "Good job, Supervisor. Here, coffee."

Komui snatched the mug away, giving Reever a suspicious look. "Thank you, Section Chief," he said, checking the level of coffee.

Honestly. Like Reever didn't know how he liked his coffee.

They started out to the assembly room. Komui had to convince the Grand Generals to give him a larger budget so they could test and produce the latest bit of anti-akuma technology, a very useful idea of Komui's to create shields to enclose the akuma. It was going to be essential if they wanted to keep any Finders alive for more than three months.

"Supervisor, I finished the review of the Science Department's budget, and I did manage to reallocate some resources. A few projects were growing more and more related, so I merged them, and that freed up a few people and some budget..." He had worked hard at streamlining, so they could further emphasize the importance of their request. However...

He had the distinct impression he was talking to himself.

He looked back, and sure enough, Komui had barely taken one step out of the office. "Supervisor!" he called out, annoyed.

Komui was transfixed, however, by his coffee cup. "Reever! Who made this coffee?"

"What?" He furrowed his brow. "Um... I'm not sure... I think it's Brazilian?"

"What?" Komui gave him a very annoyed look. "No, of course I know what brand the coffee is, I'm the one who approves the purchase. No, I meant who made it? Who ground the beans and put them into the machine to percolate into this, the finest and most delectable beverage of the gods?"

Blinking, Reever looked down into his cup. "I'm not sure. It was made when I got in this morning."

Komui took another sip, and rolled his head back like he was having sex.

Reever turned his head away, not... really wanting to watch. "Supervisor, please. We have a very important meeting."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a slave driver?" Komui pouted, but at least he was walking.

And making cooing noises at his coffee cup.

As usual, things were hectic. When he burst into Komui's office, he did so knowing that he was taking his life in his hands, but he had to get Komui's approval right away. The Supervisor had been locked in his office all last night and this morning. He was either sleeping, building some weapon of mass destruction that would only ever find its utility in decimating hapless Science Department loyals, or he was actually doing something essential for the Order.

The first would cause Reever's blood pressure to spike, making his head explode, the third would mean he was going to get Komui angry with him, and the second was just plain too terrifying to contemplate.

"Supervisor I'm sorry for interrupting you but something urgent has --" he broke off, just staring. Rather than anything he'd considered, Komui was just standing before a blackboard. A golem was bouncing happily near his shoulder, making occasional clicking noises. On the board, there was a rather intricate though crude depiction of the Science Department section, with the coffee station encircled in bright pink chalk. There was a list of names, most of which had been crossed out, some of which were followed by varying numbers of stars.

Komui was, of course, completely ignoring him. "Mm, yes, yes, I see. It's becoming clearer, isn't it? I think we might have this thing narrowed down..."

"Brother is busy." Reever started, but then he smiled brightly, causing Lenalee to beam. "He's finding the person who makes good coffee. It's his most important mission." She rocked back and forth, her hands behind her back.

So cute... Reever grinned, but really... If Komui was this engrossed... "I need his signature..." he started out weakly, holding out the forms.

"I'll get it!" Lenalee declared, grabbing the forms from him. She skipped over to her brother's side. "Brother!" She grabbed his white coat and tugged. "Brother, sign here, please!"

He broke off mid-sentence, and smiled absently down at her, patting her head. "All right, Lenalee-chan. You're such a good girl." He signed the form without even looking at it, and then added another star behind Finder Malloy's name. Lenalee came skipping back, and held out his form.

Reever gaped. This wasn't the right way to do things... but... He bowed gratefully at Lenalee, and decided to just accept the consequences if, later, Komui got upset about what he signed.

He'd have to remember how useful Lenalee could be in these situations for the future...

"Thank you, Lenalee. That was really helpful. Your brother is really obsessed with this coffee thing, huh? Maybe he wants to marry the person who made the really good coffee, huh?" he joked.

Her face went really serious, though. "Oh, no, he just wants more coffee."

"R-right..." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. It couldn't be that... Lenalee wasn't as fixated on her brother as he was... right? "Well, I've got work. Take care."

Komui practically stormed into the cafeteria, peering around. It seemed as if he wasn't watching at all where he was going, but he ended up right at Reever's elbow, and leaned casually against Jerry's counter, as surely as if he'd been watching the whole time. His eyes were narrowed, which made Reever sweat a bit...

"What's gotten your white silk britches in a bunch, honey?" Jerry asked, leaning over the counter.

White silk... "There's a Finder. Deidre Malloy. Do you know if she's here?" Komui asked sharply.

Was she in trouble? And more importantly, did Jerry know that Komui wore while silk britches, or was he guessing? "Right over there, table six, sitting next to that big Goliath. Dee, she goes by. Got a lovely accent."

"Is she... dating anyone?" Komui asked tersely, his hands balling up into fists.

"Not that I'm aware of. Why? Trouble?" Jerry asked, concerned.

"She makes phenomenal coffee," Komui said breathlessly. His demeanor and manner changed. His lips parted and his body inclined toward her. He looked like...

Jerry snorted. "So. Are you going to ask her to marry you, then?"

"Brother!" All three of them started. Lenalee was pulling on Komui's coat again. Komui beamed, and knelt down a bit to look her in the eye. "I've got lunch!"

"Right, right, coming, Lenalee, coming, coming," he said, patting her on the head.

Reever shook his head. Those two...

Though, while he was following Lenalee out, Komui did turn to look Dee Malloy over once more.

He really, really hated to do it, but it had to be done. Had to. Orders needed to be processed, and only the Supervisor could authorize the next phase of the testing.

So he had to go into Komui's lab.

Still, it wasn't easy to do something like that, even if he knew it must be done. He stood outside the door to Komui's lab, his eyes squeezed shut, building up the courage to enter...

The door flew open and Komui burst out like a train. He sent Reever flying back, his paperwork shooting up into the air. "Unhff!" He hit the wall.

"Section Chief!" Komui reprimanded, sounding perturbed. "You shouldn't lurk in doorways!"

"Su-Supervisor! What... what are you doing?" Reever sputtered. He quickly scrambled to pick up the papers.

"I'm working, of course! Unlike some people who have time to lurk. Honestly..." Komui huffed, and helped Reever up...

Reever furrowed his brow. "What... what are those?" He poked the cup of... well... they looked like akuma blossoms or something! They were flower-shaped, but grey, and when he poked them, they all quivered and shivered.

"Don't touch that!" Komui pouted, hiding the cup with his body. He gave Reever a dirty look. "They're not for you!"

"That's not work!" Reever accused.

"It's work of a sort!" Komui countered. "Anyway, I decide what's work and what's not. Shut up! What have you been doing?" he sneered.

"I've been putting together mission plans for the final test of the shield device," Reever quickly came back.

Komui's expression sobered. He looked down at Reever's messed up paperwork. "You applied the new algorithm for assignment of Finders?" he asked, his voice low and serious.

Reever hesitated for a second, and then nodded. "Yes..."

Komui nodded. He held his hand out for the papers. Reever gave him what he needed to sign... "Those... those horrible flowers..."

"They're not horrible! They're mechanical. They're designed to require no water or anything. They release perfectly calculated amounts of scent based on chemical cues from the person near them. And they can make harmonic tones like crickets by rubbing their leaves together." He picked up his cup, cradling it to his chest, petting them gently, which they must have liked, because they started to harmonize.

"Those are for Dee, huh?" Reever shook his head. "You're going to profess your love by giving her.... flowers..." Horrible akuma flowers...

"Who's professing what? I'm going to leave these by the coffeemaker!" Komui blushed, and then ducked his chin down. "I've carefully researched this, you know! I chose the shape of the flower to match local flora from her hometown, and scents and sounds that are compatible to her interests and preferences. Something like this... it's not like a battle. It requires... subtlety." He made a face, and Reever understood that even Komui realized that it wasn't his strong suit.

Still... it just made Reever's heart sink more. He had a bad feeling...

"Supervisor..." He blinked, something occurring to him. "Wait... you said... her hometown... preferences... you haven't spoken to her yet, though? Have you been stalking her, Supervisor!?"

"Research! I just did some research!" Komui snapped. "Anyway, I'm the Supervisor, after all. I have all the files on everyone in the Order!" He raised his chin. "You're supposed to be working, not giving me the third degree, right? So get to work! You know how critically important that mission is, Section Chief! Make sure to brief the Finders thoroughly. And... and make sure to send them off with all our best wishes," he finished seriously before sweeping down the hall.

"Supervisor..." Reever muttered after him. Still. He still had a very bad feeling about this...

The next morning, Komui was very pleased to see that his coffee maker tribute was no longer where he had carefully planted it the night before. The coffee was every bit as wonderful, too, so in general, the Supervisor was in an exceptional mood. The only concern was the current research mission... a group of Finders, selected at random from a pool of the same class, had gone out, one disguised as an exorcist, to see if they could lure out an akuma for a real trial of the device. If it was successful, the Finders would finally have a weapon to help defend themselves against akuma. If it failed, they would all most likely lose their lives. A real exorcist had been assigned, but there weren't enough real exorcists, and they would have to meet the assigned exorcists on site. There were still too many risks.

However, fueled by good coffee, Komui was deeply optimistic, and surprisingly productive and supportive. He only pretended to fall asleep twice during the morning.

During lunch, Reever noticed him scanning the cafeteria, disappointed when he turned back to his meal. Lenalee definitely helped to distract him, but... A sense of dread was overwhelming Reever. He knew he should have made Komui read the papers he signed. Something bad was going to happen...

The next morning, mysteriously, there was the same good coffee, though, which bolstered Komui's mood, but again at lunch, he fell disappointed when he couldn't find that someone he sought out.

That evening, Chakar Rabon returned, carrying the device on his back. As he walked through Headquarters to give his report to Komui, the entire building went silent. Komui sat at his desk, his back straight. Reever stood at his side, grateful that he had Komui's lead to follow.

Rabon bowed to them, and then placed the battered and partially destroyed device on Komui's desk. "Supervisor. The plan went according to mission details; two level one akuma were lured out of hiding by the fake exorcist. The device was employed, and was able to hold the two akuma in stasis for nearly a full minute. However... a third level one arrived, and helped the other two escape. I was able to destroy two of the akuma quickly, but the third..." His voice caught, and his chin dropped. "The third decimated the Finder team while I was working, and escaped. I'm so sorry, sir. However... the device is a success."

Komui nodded slowly. "Thank you, Chakar. I am... I am honored. The Finders...?"

"There were no remains," Chakar reported. "These are their tags." He placed them before Komui, and bowed.

Komui stood, and bowed to the tags. He picked them up one by one... but he froze when he got to one.

Reever shook a bit. How deeply could a person feel for someone they'd never spoken to, he wondered? "Supervisor..."

Komui's hand shook. "Section Chief. I'll make arrangements to inform their families. Please take the device to... to my lab. We'll need to reinforce the casing, and... and bolster the straps for ease of carrying. That's all."

Regretfully, Reever did as ordered.

He waited, though, in Komui's lab, and when Komui came back, his expression guarded and dark, he insisted on helping Komui work on the device. He tried to bring up Deidre Malloy's assignment and death once, but Komui cut him off, and he lacked the courage to bring it up again.

Much later, though, Lenalee came in, looking as sunny as ever, and Komui made himself smile at her. She brought coffee for them...

Komui took a sip, and then stopped dead. He turned to look at Lenalee.

"This coffee..." he started.

She beamed. "Dee-chan taught me how to make it like brother likes!" she declared.

For a second, Reever was sure his heart just stopped.

Komui knelt down, and smiled at his sister. He took her into his arms, and then he kissed her forehead, and ruffled her hair. "Good job, Lenalee. Now, it's time for bed, right?"

"Right! Don't work too hard, brother!" she beamed, and then skipped off.

Komui watched her for a moment longer than she was visible, and then he turned and went back to work. Reever couldn't keep up with him; he went straight through the night, and never said a word beyond instructions and requests, but in the morning, when they were done with the improved prototype and designs, he put his hand on Reever's elbow, and said, simply, "Thank you."


She had pulled Kanda into her room, but Lavi followed them, too. That was fine. She grinned at them over her shoulder, because when she did, Kanda scowled deeper and turned his face even further away from her.

It was cute!

"I've got the book in here. Just wait one second. I'll find it. You'll really like it, Kanda!" she cheerfully told him.

Lavi laughed, and Kanda just crossed his arms over his chest. "We don't have time to read," he half huffed, half muttered under his breath.

That made Lavi laugh harder. "Aw, Lenalee, don't bother Yuu about it. I think he's illiterate, but I don't mind reading it to him. I always have time for reading," he teased. Kanda just elbowed him in the gut and growled.

She chuckled, pulling the book out from the low shelf near her bed. She held it out between them, preventing the inevitable brawl. "Here. It's good! Really!"

Kanda gave her a funny look, and then narrowed his eyes. She looked over the cover, and shrugged.

"Well, yes, they're fairy tales, but my brother says that most fairy tales have some origin in true tales involving akuma."

"That's true, Yuu. In fact, about two hundred years ago..." Lavi didn't have a chance to finish, though, since Kanda jabbed him in the cheek with the hilt of Mugen.

"Don't call me Yuu!" he snarled.

"Kanda, behave yourself," Lenalee said sharply. She rolled her eyes at Lavi, who had staggered back a few steps dramatically. Kanda immediately and smartly straightened up and put Mugen away. Lenalee shoved the book into Kanda's chest. "Here, take it. And return it in good condition."

Begrudgingly, Kanda took the book, and bowed to her. "Thanks," he muttered.

She beamed, and patted him on the head for his reasonably good manners.

"Hey, Lenalee, what's this?" She turned, and frowned. Lavi was poking... "It looks like an akuma flower or something. Weird. Hey! It sprayed me with something that stinks!"

She smiled serenely. "That's because it doesn't like to be touched by anyone but me." She paused for a moment. She thought Kanda was watching her, but she could never be sure with him. "My brother made those for... me. A long time ago. I think they're pretty."

"Eh?" Lavi blinked. "These things? Pretty? Are you blind?" The flowers started to vibrate menacingly. "Ah, they're hissing at me!" Lavi jumped back.

Lenalee put her hands behind her back and shrugged, strolling toward the door. "They might attack you if you keep insulting them. C'mon. Let's get lunch." They followed her out quickly, both probably figuring that flowers Komui made for his sister to keep in her bedroom just had to be lethal.

She kept ahead of them on the way to the cafeteria. She was sure her brother didn't remember that woman he'd really made the flowers for, anyway, although... she certainly wasn't about to ask him if he did.