title: Second Sin
fandom: Trinity Blood
characters/pairings: Cain/Abel
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: semi-incest, dubious consent, bondage, bloodplay
summary: Abel just wants to play nicely with his brother...
notes: for xelloss, for Christmas, and her birthday. but i'm wicked late on both those counts. >_> so it's for valentine's day, because nothing says love like bloodplay. *hearts on xelloss*
the end of Trinity Blood is the only time we get to see Cain and Abel interacting in a non-fighting capacity. and the details are horrifically sketchy, but basically, Cain, Abel, Lilith, and Seth are living in a space ship over the Earth, and wackiness ensues. this is anime based, but since the details are kind of not present, it's more accurate to call this an AU.

"It's a sin," he protested, but his words were little more than a whimper as his brother worked on unhooking the various belts that circuited his body.

Cain laughed, in that beautiful way that he did. It was so cruel; it made Abel love him all the more, and yet, it was so cold, so detached. "No, it's not," Cain lied, and pushed Abel down onto the bed.

"It is! Lilith said..." But his protests wouldn't be heard, not while Cain was kissing him. Abel felt confused, and needy. This was wrong, but he was powerless. Horny.

"I don't care what Lilith said. About anything." Cain smiled brightly, and Abel's heart sank. "Put your arms above your head."

"Why?" Abel asked, trying to shrink back, but there wasn't anyplace to go.

"It's a game," Cain cheerfully replied.

"Like when we were younger, and you broke all my toys because I lost points in that game you made up?" Abel pouted, but his hands were moving over his head anyway. He should know by now that Cain always got his way.

Cain chuckled, and started to wind one of Abel's belts around his arms, binding them together. "Not like that. Not going to hurt you, Abel. I'm going to make you feel good." He tightened the belt, and then secured it around the bars of the headboard. "Don't you trust me?"

He whimpered. He had no reason to trust Cain. He never had. And yet. "You're not going to hurt me?"

"No, I'm not," Cain purred, and Abel couldn't help it. He was getting aroused. Cain rubbed his hand over the growing bulge in Abel's pants, and then he leaned down, and kissed Abel, so that Abel's head was swimming, and every part of his body was hot. "Do you trust me, Abel?"

"Yes," he whimpered, though he didn't want to. Every time... every time he trusted Cain... that trust was betrayed. He'd learned that lesson. But he hadn't learned how to say no...

Cain was kissing him again, and that made no feel unnecessary. He wondered if he was as good a kisser as Cain was, because if he was, then no wonder they kept making this sin, over and over again. Even though he tried to say no. Even though a part of him was learning to hate Cain for the way he was used. These passionate kisses... were killing his soul.

"You are so beautiful," Cain murmured, wrapping a strand of Abel's long hair around his finger.

Abel's eyes widened. "I... I am?"

"You didn't know?" Cain replied innocently.

Abel knew better than to trust that tone, but his cheeks pinked anyway. "You... you really think so?"

"Abel, there are mirrors here," Cain replied, deadpan. He got up, letting the hair unwind around his finger and fall off. "You should look in one sometime. I can't stop myself around you. So beautiful... I can't help loving you."

Cain didn't love Abel. Abel hated the lies he couldn't pretend he believed. They made him feel dirty. "You don't have to say that."

Cain laughed. "But it's true." He started to pull off his clothes. Abel shivered, watching him... Cain was beautiful. Not him. "You're my brother. What did you think?"

"This is wrong," Abel moaned, pulling at his bindings, but even though he was strong enough to pull himself free...

"You're even more beautiful as Krushnik," Cain purred. "When the power flows through you and you become the hand of God..."

"Shut up!" Abel screamed, tugging violently at the belt now. He... he hated it! Hated this life, this place, these... these powers! Everything! It wasn't fair!

Cain laughed. "Calm down. Calm down, beloved."

Abel turned his face away from the lie.

Something cold and thin pressed against his neck.

"Oy, oy, don't move so suddenly." Cain pulled the knife down, under his clothes. Cain was... "I'll cut you."

Abel jerked, and the tip of the knife dug into his chest. "You said you wouldn't hurt me!"

"I told you not to move!" He smiled, and pressed the knife down again, cutting Abel more. "Now, behave, beloved."

"S-stop calling me that," Abel pouted, tears forming in his eyes.

Cain just laughed as he cut Abel's clothes away. "Beloved, don't cry. I told you I'd make you feel good. If you cry, it defeats the purpose."

He felt betrayed already, betrayed by his body, which kept reacting to Cain's actions, betrayed by his heart, which kept reacting to Cain's words. Betrayed by Cain's lies, which he saw as lies, anyway, so it was his own fault for treating them like the truth.

Cain pulled the shreds of his clothes away, leaving him naked, cold. Hard. Bleeding. Cain hummed, and let the blade kiss Abel's pale skin, let skinny, beaded lines of red well up, and then he smeared them with his fingers, and bent down to taste them with his tongue.

Abel cried. "You lied to me," he mumbled as the tears poured down his cheeks.

"I did, just a little," Cain laughed. "But I promised I'd make you feel good, and I will." He winked at Abel, and then he pushed the blade down harder, right over Abel's heart. He cut a deep line. "Do you love me, Abel?"

Abel snarled, and threw his head back. He was afraid to thrash, because it hurt, and he didn't want it to hurt any more. "Stop it! Please!"

Cain pressed the tip of the blade into Abel's flesh, setting up a line to form a cross over Abel's heart. "Do. You. Love. Me?"

"No!" he cried out vengefully, sobbing uncontrollably. "It hurts! Stop!"

"Liar," Cain snarled, and he cut Abel, pulling the blade viciously so it cut a deep swath that ran all the way over, just barely under Abel's nipple.

"It hurts!" Abel shook, feeling like his body was breaking from the tension.

"Tell me the truth, and I won't cut you again," Cain said in an altogether too calm voice.

Abel was crying so hard, it was difficult to speak. "I... I love you. I love you, Cain. I love you."

"Only me?" Cain asked, letting the blade rest against Abel's throat.

"O-only you," Abel hiccupped, trying hard not to put any pressure on the blade.

"Always me?" Cain sighed, sliding his body down over Abel's.

"Al-always you," Abel said in a small voice.

"Good," Cain declared, sitting up. He raised the blade, now smeared near the edge with Abel's blood, to his own throat, and he pressed it down.

"What are you doing!?" Abel screamed, trying to sit up to stop him, but he couldn't reach.

Laughing, Cain leaned over Abel, and his blood dripped on Abel's lips. "Go ahead. Drink it. You want to, don't you? My blood. Our blood, really. You're a vampire, aren't you? It will make you stronger. Drink."

"N-no," Abel protested weakly, his lips parting just enough to let the dripping blood fall into his mouth.

"Yes," Cain insisted. "I'm going to fuck you while you drink my blood. Because we're the same flesh, the same blood, the same bone. The same body. There is no one who would be fit for me but you. And no one fit for you but me. This is love."

"This is perversion!" Abel sniffled, trying not to lick his lips, trying not to drink the blood in. "This is sin! We'll be punished!"

"By who?" Cain lazily asked. His fingers had moved to Abel's hole, probing. They were slick with Abel's blood, which would make for a poor lubricant, but his body could handle the damage anyway. "We're heaven's castaways. There is no God watching over us. We're alone, Abel. We only have each other."

"Lilith..." he protested.

Cain shoved four fingers into his ass. "I'm the only one you love! You swore to me!" He pressed his neck to Abel's lips, and God be damned, Abel couldn't resist. He opened his mouth, and drank Cain's blood, while Cain opened his body, while Cain grabbed his cock, he drank, and Cain shoved into him, and then he nearly choked on Cain's blood, on his passion, his body rocking from the force of Cain's thrusts, as Cain rubbed his cock raw, almost, stroking so powerfully...

He whimpered, and he sighed. He cried more tears, and begged Cain, pleading with him, needing him...

He came, but Cain wasn't done with him yet. He stared up at the ceiling blurred by his tears, and grunted as Cain pounded into him.

When Cain finally came, he collapsed on top of Abel, panting. He ran his fingers over Abel's chest, poking his wounds and making him bleed more.

"You've killed me," Abel sighed, but his leg was moving against Cain's leg, caressing it.

"You're mine to kill," Cain replied with a smile.