title: search party
fandom: Tale of Saiunkoku
characters/pairings: Kouyuu/Shuuei
rating: Teen
warnings: oral sex
summary: Kouyuu got lost again, but Ran Shuuei will find him.
notes: for Cairnsy, for this request for fic on demand. and heh, i was so hoping someone would request something from Tale of Saiunkoku. ^_^

He would be the last one to point out to anyone that his job had become redundant. He was, after all, still a General, so it wasn't as if he had nothing to do, but as far as protecting the Emperor...

Well, who could be more trustworthy than the Emperor's beloved older brother?

He'd leave 'Seiran' to watch over His Highness. Even if he had accepted the purple iris... that only meant that he had more reason to be loyal, and to do as the Emperor wished. And what the Emperor wished more than anything was to keep Shuurei safe. (Well, that, and to lay with her like man and woman should, but that was another matter entirely, and Shuuei had faith in His Highness' ability to eventually wear down her resistance.) Part of keeping Shuurei safe was investigating the person who was poisoning her, and making sure His Highness knew what poisons were being used.

Which was why he needed to find Kouyuu. Well. That. And Shuuei was bored.

But if Kouyuu wasn't in the library or the archives, and he wasn't in the apothecary's suite, then there was only one place he could be.


Shuuei enjoyed tormenting Kouyuu for a whole host of reasons, but, truthfully, he'd been dealing with geniuses most of his life. He was, after all, in the Ran clan. Geniuses were temperamental, isolated, and most often, vulnerable in odd ways. Perhaps it was something perverse about him that allowed him to enjoy Kouyuu's distress so much.

However, he never claimed that he wasn't perverse.

It didn't take long to find Kouyuu, but his situation was a bit more pathetic than normal. He was in a rumpled pile at the bottom of the stairs that led from the harem to the kitchens. Shuuei just shook his head.

"Oh, my, my, my, what will the Emperor think when he learns that you were trying to sneak into his harem? And after you accepted his purple iris and everything!" Shuuei sighed dramatically.

"Shut up!" Kouyuu whimpered weakly. "Who the hell put stairs there?"

"Mm, I'm not sure. This section of the Imperial Palace is about 500 years old, though, right?" Shuuei smiled amicably, but... Kouyuu was in a worse state than he had initially expected. He didn't seem able to get up on his own. "In any case, did you fall down the stairs? That's no good at all. Here, here. Let me help you up. What in the world have you gotten yourself into?"

"Just shut up, you idiot," Kouyuu complained, but he was clearly in pain. Shuuei sighed, and helped him to turn over, letting him sit back against the stairs. Kouyuu kept whimpering and complaining, though.

Was this even worse than he thought?

He gingerly felt Kouyuu over, ignoring his protests. This time, he'd really done it. Falling down these stairs... He was bruised all over, certainly. But that didn't explain his pain.

The way he screamed when Shuuei touched his ankle did, though.

"Oh my, oh my," Shuuei sighed. "Your bones appear to be all right. It's a sprain. That can be even worse. Here. Put your arms around my neck."

"I will not!" Kouyuu snapped weakly.

"You will," Shuuei commanded, and for a flash, Kouyuu was obedient.

That was enough.

He hefted Kouyuu up gently, and held him close. He could take him to the infirmary, but if he did, then Kouyuu would suffer the embarrassment of having his clumsiness discovered.

His field training was sufficient for this.

He carried Kouyuu to his own quarters, and the fact that Kouyuu simply docilely put his head down on Shuuei's shoulder was a clear indication that he wasn't feeling well at all. It must have hurt a lot, falling that far.

The idiot was lucky his head hadn't broken open.

"Why have you brought me here?" Kouyuu asked stubbornly as Shuuei closed the door behind him.

"So I could take advantage of you, of course," Shuuei replied cheerfully.

"Bastard," Kouyuu grumbled, but Shuuei just laughed. He set Kouyuu down on his bed...

And didn't that make for a lovely sight.

He turned, and poured Kouyuu a stiff drink.


"I don't drink," Kouyuu whined, but Shuuei pushed the glass into his hand anyway.

"Drink it. It will help to numb the pain." He turned, trusting Kouyuu to be obedient... enough, at least. He went to his trunk, and got pieces of armor to brace the ankle, and bandages. He went back to the bed, and sat down at Kouyuu's feet, slowly and carefully undoing Kouyuu's shoe.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Kouyuu asked, suspiciously.

"I'm always nice to you," Shuuei sighed. "Don't you remember, when we were growing up? We used to be such good friends."

"That's your imagination," Kouyuu grumbled, but his cheeks turned red. He finished off his drink. "I hardly knew you at all until I entered the Palace."

"That's because you spend all your time inside of books," Shuuei chided softly, lining up the armor to hold Kouyuu's ankle in place.

"So what, if I happen to like... Ah! What are you doing to me, you bastard?" Kouyuu cried, trying to pull his ankle away from Shuuei.

"Stop that," Shuuei snapped. "I'm trying to help."

"You're hurting me," Kouyuu sniffled.

Shuuei grinned.

Kouyuu had enough sense to look a bit afraid of that look from Shuuei, but there wasn't anyplace left for him to run.

Shuuei put his hand on the inside of Kouyuu's leg, and let it slide up slowly. "Now, now, Kouyuu. I don't want to hurt you. You should know that. If I could, I'd like to... make you feel good..." His hand darted up, cupping Kouyuu's crotch, grasping him slightly.

Kouyuu gasped. "Sh-Shuuei, you b-bastard, let g-go!"

"No," Shuuei said silkily. "I'm not going to. I've got to brace your ankle. You're the one who fell, after all. I'm going to make you feel good." Kouyuu's pants were loose, soft silk, and it was easy to put his hands on Kouyuu's cock, and stroke him gently. Kouyuu's face was a war of emotions as he bit his lip to hold his tongue, but he wasn't holding back from Shuuei.


"Let me do what I have to," Shuuei said gently, taking Kouyuu's hand, and pushing down Kouyuu's pants so Kouyuu could stroke himself easily. "Just keep doing this, ok? I won't hurt you again. Stroke hard. Kouyuu. I'm watching you."

"B-b-bastard..." Kouyuu grunted, his face beautifully red, but his hand started to move out of practice, anyhow.

Shuuei licked his lips. He tore his eyes away from the sight of Kouyuu pleasuring himself, and he went to work on Kouyuu's ankle, binding it tightly. Once it was secure, he stuck a spare pillow under the ankle, elevating it.

"There. I should get you some ice. You're going to need to stay off that ankle for a bit, but you can stay here until you can walk reasonably well. If you notice, my bed is wide enough for three, as a matter of fact." He stood up to go, indulging in a good long look at Kouyuu's cock.

"Bastard! Don't... don't leave me like this!" Kouyuu complained, looking embarrassed and needy.

Shuuei loved that look. "Oh? Is there something I can do for you? You seem to be doing just fine yourself. But... these are my favorite sheets..." He seductively lowered himself, crawling up between Kouyuu's legs. Kouyuu was still complaining, but Shuuei wasn't paying attention anymore.

He was too enthralled with Kouyuu's cock.

He pushed away Kouyuu's hand, and stuck out his tongue, licking up the length of it with just the tip, just tasting. That was enough, though, to send shocks through Kouyuu's body. Really. How long had it been since the other man had had any real companionship?

And Shuuei was always willing to help...

He opened his mouth, and took the tip of Kouyuu's cock in, sucking hard. Kouyuu made the most delightful noises. And he tasted just right. Shuuei put his hands on Kouyuu's hips, and slowly worked his way down, until he had all of Kouyuu in his mouth, and he could suck, and use his tongue.

Kouyuu had the endurance of a virgin, but Shuuei didn't mind drinking it all down. He licked and suckled Kouyuu's cock until it was completely clean, and then he sat up.

"Satisfied, Kouyuu?"

"Bastard..." Kouyuu weakly replied, his eyes closed, his body lax and beautiful, spread out over Shuuei's bed.

This was going to be an interesting few days.

"I'll be right back with ice, tea, and some medicine, all right?" Shuuei asked kindly, carefully stepping out of bed. It didn't matter, though. Kouyuu was already asleep.

Shuuei put his hands inside his sleeve, and smiled to himself.

Oh, yes, this was going to be very interesting.