title: Scenes
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Taka, Eiji
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: a few discrete moments in time, a first, a beginning.
notes: for peta-chan, for her birthday, and for my darling aisoku. ^_^


Fuji gave Taka a smile, but it was a generic smile, easy to wear. Taka was shuffling from foot to foot, and even though Fuji knew that he was fidgeting out of nervousness, it was making him feel like he might get seasick.

"So, uh, we got this really special wasabi in this morning, and my father is making these really, really great rolls, and he said I could invite a friend to come over early and sample it, so naturally I thought of you because you love wasabi so much..."

"Kawamura!" Tezuka voice just boomed. "Lead the first years in warm up exercises, please!"

It wasn't hard to remember that Taka had done that yesterday, but Tezuka was never wrong, so Taka hopped to, and ran off to do his duty.

Tezuka stood not more than twenty feet away, his arms crossed over his chest, frowning. Fuji bit the inside of his lip to keep from laughing. It didn't look like Tezuka was going to hurry off to practice. Fuji sauntered to his captain's side.

"Mm, Tezuka... Did you have something to say to me, by chance?"

Fuji loved this expression on Tezuka's face, like he was examining Fuji for hidden meaning. Sometimes, Fuji wondered how well Tezuka could read him.

"I left your cd at my house. Please accompany me home so that I can return it."

Fuji cocked his head to the side, and smiled. "You want me to come home with you, Tezuka?"

Tezuka just looked at Fuji, but it was the way he was looking... That's what Fuji liked to believe.

Smiling, Fuji approached Tezuka, making sure to brush against him as he went past. "Since you asked, Captain... Sure, I'll come home with you."


Fuji wrapped his arms around his legs, and put his face down on his knees. He was sitting with his back to Tezuka's bed, watching Tezuka at his desk, doing his homework. Tezuka sat very straight in his chair, and wrote extremely neatly. Fuji couldn't see his handwriting from here, but he could see how carefully he moved his pencil over the paper. His desk was optimally arranged to efficiency as well.

The cd Tezuka had borrowed - and almost certainly not listened to - was sitting next to him. They were home alone. Fuji had been to Tezuka's house perhaps half a dozen times since they had met. They had even been alone in the house a few times.

It didn't seem like they should be doing homework now.

Tezuka was aware of him watching. He could tell. He had been watching Tezuka for a while now. It was fun. But it was getting to be more and more frustrating...

"Mm, Tezuka... Your mom is really nice. Where did she say she was going tonight?"

Tezuka paused briefly as he continued to stare at his paper. "She has a charity event. For the environment."

Fuji smiled up at Tezuka's back. "Your mom is so generous."

It would probably be different from Tezuka's point of view. His mother worked, and did charity in her free time. To him, it might seem like she was trying to get away, or maybe it didn't. Fuji had no idea how Tezuka felt about his mother. He didn't respond.

"Did you invite me over to keep me from going to Taka's?" Direct questions were refreshingly obvious. Sometimes, it was the best way to get information.

Tezuka tapped his eraser on the paper. "What do you mean?"

Fuji chuckled. That was an answer unto itself. "Are you the jealous type, Tezuka?"

"Do you think so?" Tezuka's voice was tight, and low. It was damned sexy. Fuji smiled, and tightened his arms around his legs.

"I like the idea of you being jealous. Every time Taka tries to flirt with me, or Inui sneaks up on me, I look around to see if you are watching... Are you watching, Tezuka?" He fidgeted. Usually, Tezuka's grandfather was at home, but tonight, he was at temple for some special theological reason. "What about when Eiji hugs me? Or kisses me?" He was painfully aware of the emptiness of the house, that it was theirs now. "Does it bother you that I know what Eiji's kisses taste like?"

Tezuka sighed audibly, and that was an admission, and a victory. He put down his pencil, and put his hands down on the desk. "Why are you asking me this?"

Smirking, Fuji shifted on the floor. He'd like to be on the bed, under the perfectly arranged comforter. It wasn't that cold out. Maybe Tezuka folded it up to sleep, or maybe Tezuka liked to be hot in bed. Fuji wanted to be between Tezuka's sheets. "Do you want me all to yourself, Tezuka? ...What would you do with me if you had me to yourself?"

He could have sworn that he saw Tezuka shudder. "Are you just... playing a game? What do you want me to say?"

This was too easy. Fuji put his hands flat on Tezuka's floor, and shifted. He licked his lips. "Do you ever think about me at night, after you've tucked yourself into bed, and you're about to fall asleep? Or do you wake up to the alarm, still half in dreams, and touch yourself, imagining that it's my hands on you? No, I bet you wake up before the alarm every day... You probably beat off in the shower, quick and efficient. Do you play with yourself, or do you just want to get it over with, and watch your semen wash down the drain... Mm, Tezuka, tell me what you think about when you are masturbating. I'd like to see it sometime, you know. See you touch yourself. Maybe photograph you like that... while you are looking at me..." Fuji felt restless, hot. Tezuka was less than two feet away, and too far for his tastes. He wanted Tezuka to react... "Do you want me to tell you what I think about when I touch myself? Do you want to see it...?"

Tezuka yanked his glasses off, and covered his face in his hands. Fuji pouted. He wanted to shatter Tezuka's control. "Fuji! Stop it... This isn't... You shouldn't talk like that..."

Fuji curled his finger, clawing at the bamboo mat that covered Tezuka's floor. It would take more. "Why not? Does it disgust you? The thought of me touching you... Putting my mouth on you... Would it make you sick to think of coming inside of me?"

He didn't get to see the moment when Tezuka snapped. He heard the chair clattering to the floor, but then Tezuka's hands were on his wrists, holding him in place, and Tezuka's mouth was covering his, biting at him, Tezuka's tongue hot inside of his mouth, and he couldn't breathe but he didn't care, either, because this was all that he wanted.

Tezuka's hands were in his hair now, holding him in place for more kisses, hard, needy kisses, and then a hand slipped down his body, and Fuji whimpered.

"Stop me," Tezuka pleaded. "Tell me to stop."

Fuji grabbed a hold of Tezuka's shirt. Oh, he wished it were his uniform shirt; he'd wanted to mess up Tezuka's uniform for so long now... "Stop?" Fuji panted. "I don't want you to stop..."

Tezuka's arms were around him, so tight, and his back was against the floor now, his body was being pressed down, and he couldn't open himself up enough, he was wearing too many clothes... "Don't say that. You have to stop me. Because I can't stop myself, I won't... won't stop myself... Syuusuke..."

He shuddered, and damn, he really did need to get rid of some of these clothes... "I don't care. Kunimitsu." He chuckled. What a long, serious name to call out while in throes of passion... "Mitsu. I want you. Please."

Tezuka growled, and damn, that was sexy, but everything was, and his wrists were in Tezuka's hands again, and Tezuka was a damned good kisser, but he really needed to lose some of his clothes... Tezuka was speaking to him, softly, his voice so passionate and needy, and Fuji pushed the hair out of Tezuka's face, so he could look in his eyes, really look, because no one else had ever seen these eyes from Tezuka, and they were beautiful, glorious, and they were his, so it didn't matter if he didn't know what Tezuka was saying, because he could see what Tezuka wanted, and it was what he wanted, and it didn't matter if it was on the floor, or anyplace at all, because it was just right, right now, perfect...


There was something nagging at him that seemed to want him to wake up, but he didn't want to wake up. He wanted to stay asleep forever, maybe. Maybe not. What was making him wake up?

This was not his room. That was clear, just from the light that was coming in the window. The window that was not facing south, as his was. This was Tezuka's room. He was naked in Tezuka's bed. Tezuka had said that his mother wouldn't be home until midnight, and no one checked on him once the light was out, so Fuji could stay the night. Fuji smiled, and curled up in the bed. He wished he had a picture of Tezuka when he suggested that. He was so... adorable.

Tezuka wasn't in bed. Fuji rolled over, and looked around. The room was still mostly in darkness, the only light Tezuka's desk lamp. Tezuka was standing in front of his closet, adjusting the collar of his jacket so that it was perfect. Fuji blinked dazedly. Tezuka was so handsome... especially with his glasses off... He glanced over at the clock, and nearly fell out of bed. "Mitsu..." He spoke just about a whisper, not wanting to be heard by anyone but Tezuka. It was strange, not calling him Tezuka, but it was just the two of them, and... "Why are you awake so early?"

Tezuka smiled, and came to the bed, kneeling down so he was right in front of Fuji, his fingers combing through Fuji's pillow-mused hair softly. "I go to the tennis pavilion for self-training every morning before school."

"But, Mitsu..." Fuji looked at the clock again.

Tezuka laughed. It was low, and soft, just a chuckle, but Tezuka actually laughed. "I train for two hours every morning."

Fuji's eyes widened in horror.

Tezuka kissed Fuji's cheek. "We can't all be geniuses, you know." He smiled affectionately at Fuji, brushing Fuji's hair with his fingers. "My father has already left for work. My mother will leave in an hour. Grandfather won't be back from his retreat until noon." He pulled something out of his pocket, and placed it on the bedside table, in front of the clock. "Go out the back door, and lock up after yourself. I left the right key sticking out. All right?"

He reached out, and put his hand on Tezuka's cheek. This felt so intimate... They had slept wrapped up around each other, because the bed was too narrow not to be holding each other. Their naked bodies... He knew Tezuka so well now. "Fine. Set the clock for a quarter to seven, ok? And your father should just live at work."

Tezuka kissed Fuji's forehead, and then his eyes. "Fine. And he sometimes does. Get some sleep... Syuusuke."

Fuji kept his eyes closed, but he wasn't sleeping, not as long as Tezuka was there. This was so nice. "I like the way you say my name, Mitsu," he murmured.

Tezuka chucked again, so softly, Fuji almost didn't hear it, except he had heard it before, so he knew what it sounded like. "And I like to hear you call me that."


Eiji greeted him as soon as he entered the school as usual, by throwing his arms around Fuji's neck. "Morning, Fuji! Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?"

Fuji grinned. "Nope."

"We have a sub for homeroom!" Eiji mock whispered, giggling madly. "Isn't that great?"

Of course, it did present a few interesting opportunities... Still. It was easy to lead Eiji down the wrong hallway so they were taking the long way to their classroom. This way, they could walk by Tezuka's classroom. He slowed down as they passed the open doorway, and he peered inside. Tezuka was there, as always. He looked up as Fuji and Eiji passed, his eyes narrowing.

"Ooooooh," Eiji's arms slipped away from Fuji, and he grabbed Fuji's arm, pulling him into the empty music room.

"Eh? Eiji?" Fuji blinked. Eiji was making a weird face, with his hands on his hips, and he was leaning forward, peering into Fuji's eyes. Fuji smiled nervously. "Eiji?"

"I see..." Eiji sighed. He threw his arms around Fuji, and kissed Fuji soundly on the mouth.

Fuji backed up until his shoulders hit the door. Not that he was opposed to kissing Eiji... Still... "Eh, Eiji, what are you doing?"

Eiji was grinning like his usual self. "Ha, after seeing Tezuka's face just then, I figured I'd better kiss Fujiko while I still could. Tezuka would kill me if he found out, right?" Eiji winked, and poked Fuji with his elbow. "You did dirty things to our captain, didn't you?"

Fuji laughed, really laughed, so much joy that had nothing to do with anything bubbling up. "Whatever makes you say that, Eiji?"

Eiji shook his head. "If you don't mind, Fuji, I think I won't be hugging you when Tezuka can see anymore. Those eyes scare me!"


He knew exactly where to find Tezuka, even without going to his classroom. Tezuka always had lunch in his classroom, or in the student council office, because he had too much work to do to take the time off, but today, Tezuka was on the roof, where students weren't technically supposed to go. He hadn't even taken his lunch up here; he was just standing against the wall, his arms folded over his chest, his eyes closed.

Fuji grinned.

"Mm, Captain, you should have a good lunch. After all, a growing body needs nourishment." He smiled, and swung his bag with one finger.

Tezuka scowled slightly, and shifted away.

Fuji frowned. "You shouldn't show me such a stern expression, Mitsu. It might give me the wrong idea."

Tezuka lowered his head, and sighed deeply. "I keep getting distracted today. Thinking things I shouldn't."

"Oh?" Fuji sidled up right next to Tezuka. It was nice, to just stand next to him, and maybe lean his head on Tezuka's arm... He was glad he was small at times like these. "What sort of things?"

"If our parents find out, they'll be angry with us," Tezuka sighed. "And... I'll get jealous. Like you said. And possessive. I'll want... I'll want all of your time, and attention. I'll want all of you. And I'll want you... want you... all the time, even when I shouldn't..."

"Shouldn't?" Fuji laughed, putting his hands on Tezuka's arm. Tezuka was his boyfriend now, right? But that sounded childish. He was his lover, really. Fuji blushed; thinking like that wasn't really any better. "Why shouldn't you? I want you, Mitsu, all the time..."

Tezuka was pushing him against the wall, kissing him, putting a leg between his thighs, and damn, that felt good, like that, just like that, his fingers in Tezuka's hair... "You should have stopped me," Tezuka roughly whispered. "I told you... I can't stop myself."

"Don't," Fuji plead, clinging to the strands of Tezuka's hair between his fingers. "Don't, don't ever stop..."

Tezuka fell to his knees, and tugged at Fuji's pants, opening them quickly, and putting his mouth on Syuusuke just as quickly. They were at school, where anyone could, in theory, come and see them. Fuji wanted to laugh, but he couldn't catch his breath, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything but weakly hold onto Tezuka's hair as he heaved, and he might have screamed, but if he did, he couldn't remember.

Licking his lips, Tezuka leaned back on his haunches. He looked so... decadent. Fuji sighed, happy, and slumped against the wall.

Tezuka frowned. "I... made a mess on your pants."

That was funny. So damned funny. Fuji laughed while trying to catch his breath. "There's water... in the lunch bag."

Tezuka was so serious as he cleaned Fuji up, using his handkerchief to wash away the 'mess.' Fuji smiled, not because he thought he should, or because he wanted to show Tezuka a smile, but just because he did. He lazily put his fingers in Tezuka's hair. Maybe this feeling... But it didn't matter what it was called. This felt so nice, so good.

"We have to get to class," Tezuka looked up, regretful. They had to straighten up, rearrange themselves. This would be how it was, really. They would have to sneak time together from now on, because they couldn't be open, and they couldn't just go home together and be together. But it was all right. It was good. They'd figure it out.

Fuji threw his arms around Tezuka's neck, and bit him under his ear. Tezuka made the sweetest noise. Fuji would have to hear that again. He winked at Tezuka as he turned to leave. "Don't ever stop, ok, Mitsu? I'm having way too much fun... I'll never want you to stop."

Tezuka grabbed his hand just as he got to the door, and pulled Fuji back for a quick, rough kiss. "It seems... odd... doesn't it? Like... people should be able to tell?"

He blinked a few times, and then he smiled brightly. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

Tezuka smiled, and once again, Fuji wished he had his camera. They held hands going down the stairs, and then they went different ways, neither of them turning to watch the other go to his classroom.