title: scattered petals
fandom: Harry Potter
characters/pairings: Regulus/Sirius, James, Remus
rating: Teen
warnings: incest
summary: Regulus and Sirius, as their relationship drifts through the stages.
notes: for the Stages of Love challenge. the secret passageway behind the fireplace in the Slytherin Common Room came from a log done with my aisoku in _gamesweplay. ^_~


He huddled in the corner of the closet, hugging his knees to his chest, shaking. The wall to his back was an exterior wall, and he could feel the rain pounding against it. More than the thunder, he could hear his Mother's screams. Doors slammed, and feet pounded on the floor, and there was more screaming. The door to his brother's room slammed shut, and he could hear the sizzle of magic splicing the air, and Sirius shouting obscenities and throwing things at the door.

Slowly, his hands shaking, Regulus crawled out of his brother's closet, pushing the door open just a crack, to make sure that Sirius was alone. Sirius spun around, sensing the motion, and had his wand pointed at Regulus, but he didn't cast a spell. "Reg! You're in here." He beamed, and when Sirius was smiling like that, he looked radiant beyond the power of words to say.

He bent down, and offered Regulus his hand. "You shouldn't lurk about in people's closets, Reg. What would Mum say if she saw her precious little boy cowering like this?"

Regulus took Sirius' hand, pouting. "Shut up. I-I figured she'd lock you in here, so..." he lied smoothly. There was a particularly vicious crack of thunder, very close by as the window sparkled with the glint of lightening, and Regulus surged forward into his brother's arms.

Sirius laughed, and cuddled his brother to his chest. "Oy, oy, don't tell me that you're still afraid of the rain. Look at you. You look like you're a young man, but you're still a boy, aren't you?"

"Sh-shut up!" Regulus whimpered, tightening his arms around Sirius. It wasn't so much anymore that he was afraid, but he didn't get many chances anymore to cling to Sirius.

"It's ok," Sirius said, kindly, and then he kissed the top of Regulus' head. "Eh, it's not often that I get to be kind to you. Well, that's probably more my fault than yours. But I'm your big brother, so I'm supposed to protect you, right?" His hands rubbed up and down Regulus' back, sending shivers down Regulus' spine. "I don't mind at all," Sirius said, and his voice was warm and soft. "Glad I'm not alone, to tell you the truth."

"Don't have to be alone," Regulus offered in a halted whisper. "I-I'm your little brother, s-so, I can always save you from that fate."

"That'd be nice, Reg," Sirius smiled, and he lifted Regulus' chin to kiss his cheeks. "That'd be really nice."

Regulus beamed, and clung to Sirius. The rain raged on, and as long as Sirius' arms were offered in comfort, Regulus continued to pretend to be afraid of it.


The parchment airplane breezed into his soup, then picked itself up and turned to face Regulus.

Quickly, he grabbed it, and turned. Hunching his shoulders to hide what he was reading, he opened the plane, holding its wings steady as they tried to squirm away.

Smile a little, Reg, or I'll think you're unhappy.

♥ -Sirius

He looked over to the Gryffindor table, but, as usual, Sirius was only paying attention to his friends. He even had his arm around that scrawny halfblood.

He didn't care if Regulus was smiling or not.

There was still plenty of time before his next class. He slipped away from the table, and went outside to sit by the lake, pulling out some parchment to try to charm it like Sirius' note. The best he could do, though, was to make a crumpled up sheet sort of shuffle a bit when he wasn't looking at it.

"Look, Reggie's all alone." Those damned Ravenclaw guys! Just because he told on them in Dark Arts and got them detention... well, they weren't supposed to pocket those stupid oracle crystals. They didn't even work!

The big one stepped on his parchment, which was trying to shuffle away and escape. "I thought you spineless snakes of Slytherin always traveled in packs."

They seemed to think that was damned clever. Regulus rolled his eyes. "Snakes have spines, genius, they just don't have limbs."

"Well, it's a good thing you do," the red-haired one said, picking Regulus up by the arm. He yelped; the bastard had a good grip. "Make it easier to chuck you in the lake."

Regulus squirmed around, trying to get to his wand, but the small one grabbed his other arm and twisted it. He opened his mouth to scream out as a gold light zipped past his eyes, and the red-haired one cried out. His glasses took on their own life, and tried to gouge out his eyes. Regulus pulled away, but before he could get his wand out, his big brother was standing over him, decking the big one.

"These boys don't seem very smart, do they, Mr. Lupin?" Potter asked casually, leaning against the tree.

"Must not be," Lupin shrugged, pocketing his wand. Oh, fuck, the scrawny halfblood saved him? "If they don't know the name Black yet."

Sirius grabbed the small one by the collar. "Don't worry, boys. As a responsible older student, I fully intend to teach them all a lesson."

"We're sorry! It won't happen again!" The red-haired one, having torn his glasses off and pitched them to the lake, grabbed his little friend, and pulled him away. They all ran off.

Sirius put his arm around Regulus. "Hey, Reg, you have something in your ear..." He flicked Regulus' ear, and opened his hand, revealing a small parchment flower.

Regulus grabbed the flower, stuffing it in his pocket. "I had that under control."

"I know you did," Sirius smiled, ruffling Regulus' hair. "But I can't stand to see anyone hurting my little brother, can I?"

Regulus couldn't keep from smiling, so he ducked his head down. Sirius would go off with his friends in a second. But.

He'd still have Sirius' flower.


He held the crumpled note from Sirius in his fist. He doused the fire, as 'ordered,' and then waited, sitting stiffly on the couch facing the fireplace. Sirius was coming here? But this was the Slytherin Common Room! Gryffindor's were not allowed!

Sirius was not allowed. Filthy blood traitor...

He said he would be there at ten after midnight, and at ten after midnight, on the button, Regulus heard the sound of stone sliding over stone. He was right on time. That must mean something.

Breathing hard, Sirius stepped out from the fireplace. A secret passageway. How... quaint. Regulus should tell Slughorn about this, but he didn't care enough. Maybe he'd use it sometime.

"Reg," Sirius came to his side, and put his hand on Regulus' face. Regulus flinched, just... contact with his brother was like breathing fire. He just... couldn't... That flinch hurt Sirius, but it didn't matter. "Let me see."

"See... what?" Regulus turned his nose up. "You shouldn't be here, you know. This isn't..."

"I heard," Sirius hissed savagely. He started to tear open Regulus' robes. "MacAllister, he told Julia Martens. Big, ugly marks, he said."

Regulus didn't bother resisting. He'd often dreamed of Sirius ripping his clothes off. Not quite like this, but...

Close enough.

He turned his face away. "What, you're concerned about me? How sweet. You must have been reminded that you have a little brother and..."

"Did Mum do this to you?" Sirius asked, his fingers trailing over Regulus' bruises. "What... what the bloody fuck did she do to you, Reg?"

Regulus shut his eyes. Couldn't... Couldn't look... "What difference does it make to you, mm? You don't care! You're happier with your new little family, right? Potter is the brother you always wanted, right, so bully for you, Sirius. Just leave me the bloody fuck alone."

"Reg!" Sirius cried out.

His hands were still on Regulus' body, tender, caring. If he hadn't yet noticed the growing erection, he was sure to, soon.

Well. Fuck everything. Sirius didn't want to be his brother anyway, after all. He opened Sirius' robes, and pulled him down, wrapping his arms around Sirius.

Kissing him.

He slid his leg against Sirius'. Sirius pulled back, and he wasn't strong enough to keep Sirius in his grasp. "Reg! We can't!"

"Sirius," he said, narrowing his eyes, "if you protest and make a fuss, my housemates will hear you. They'll come down to see what the matter is, and they'll find you. They'll expel you for raping your little brother."

Sirius' eyes widened. His bottom lip quivered, and he shook his head. "Reg..."

Regulus slipped his arm around Sirius' neck, and pulled him down to kiss him again, hard. "You owe me. You left, after all. She's a thousand times worse because you left."

Sirius stopped resisting. He stopped pretending he was being coerced. And he bit Regulus' tongue to keep from screaming.


Of course, when he heard the footsteps, he knew exactly who it was. So, he didn't bother sitting up, or putting out his cigarette.

"What are you doing down here, Reg? You should be up there," Sirius pointed to the ceiling, above which were the Slytherin stands. "Cheering your bruisers on to victory, right?" He kicked Regulus lightly in the leg before sitting down next to him.

"Shouldn't you be up there," he pointed off vaguely in the direction he thought the Gryffindor stands were. "Cheering on... whoever the hell we're playing?"

Sirius laughed, and pulled the cigarette out from Regulus' lips. "Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw. How can you not know who you're playing?" He tapped Regulus on the nose, grinning.

Regulus pulled his cigarette back, taking a long drag. "Be~cause. Quidditch is the singularly most boring sport. Ever. Invented." He tapped Sirius on the nose with each pause, and then blew his smoke in Sirius' face.

"Bite your tongue," Sirius laughed, grabbing the cigarette back. He took a drag, and then dropped it to the ground, stamping it out.

"You bite it for me," Regulus laughed, sticking his tongue out.

Sirius complied, leaning over and catching Regulus' tongue between his teeth. He put his hands on Regulus' hips, shifting over for a better position.

Regulus reached up to grab a strand of Sirius' hair, grinning.

"What a delinquent my little brother has become! Skipping out on Quidditch to smoke. Kissing strange boys under the grandstands. What would Mother think?" He winked, and slipped his arms around Regulus loosely.

Regulus ran his fingers through Sirius' hair. "I find it best not to think about Mother while kissing strange boys. Much less chance of gagging."

Sirius laughed, and put his head down on Regulus' shoulder. "You might be leading me astray, you know. I could be being a good little student, and be cheering Ravenclaw on to victory."

"You can still go," Regulus offered loftily, his fingers clutching at Sirius' robes. "Hardly got you chained down here."

Sirius leaned up, looking down into Regulus' eyes. He stared down into Regulus' eyes for long, heart-thudding moments, and then he kissed Regulus softly. "Dunno about that, Reg. I think you've put a spell on me."

Regulus blinked. "Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not tell me you just gave me the magical world's cheesiest pickup line?"

"What, that's it? I thought the cheesiest one was 'Is that your wand in your pocket or are you...'"

Laughing, Regulus stuffed his hand over Sirius' mouth. "You know, you're sexier when you keep your mouth shut."

Sirius mumbled something, getting Regulus' hand wet, so he pulled it away. "We'll be severely limited if I'm to keep my mouth shut..."

"Prove to me that it's worth letting you open your mouth," Regulus demanded, smirking.

Sirius very slowly leaned up to kiss Regulus' forehead. "Watch me, brat. You'll learn something."

Regulus rolled his eyes, but he certainly didn't do anything to deter Sirius.


He paced back and forth, rubbing his hands together. Regulus said to be here over a quarter of an hour ago. Really, what was he doing here, in the middle of the night, just waiting around? This was ridiculous!

"You never were very patient," Regulus remarked dryly.

Sirius spun around. He must have apparated. Regulus was just sitting on the bench, looking as casual as could be. "Bloody hell, Reg, you've kept me waiting! What's this about?"

Regulus smiled bitterly. "Is sparing a few minutes for your little brother such a burden for you? I suppose you've really moved on, haven't you?"

"Reg..." Sirius sighed, and scratched the back of his head. "C'mon, out with it. What did you call me for?"

"Used to be a time when you didn't assume I had a reason for calling you. But the last year I was in school, that changed things, didn't it? I suppose it was inevitable. You can't exactly play house with your little brother. If anyone knew we were lovers, they'd come to hate you, right?"

Sirius felt a headache coming on. This... he should have expected this. "Is this why you called me out here, in the middle of the damned night? Look, Reg, I don't know what you think I've been doing, but there's a war going on..."

Regulus barked with laughter. "Yes. I'm mildly aware. And I know exactly what you've been doing, Sirius." He paused, significantly, looking Sirius in the eye. "All the Death Eaters do. We're all very interested, even amused, I'd say, by you and your friends. Last night, you thought you got Elmont Hansen's diary, right?" He chuckled, leaning forward.

Sirius felt his heart just die. "What... what did you say?"

"Look, I can't really... I just wanted to see you one last time. I. I don't know if you know this, but Legilimency... actually, it hurts a good deal." He rubbed his hands together nervously. "If anyone ever tells you they can use Occlumency against the Dark Lord, he's a bloody liar."

"Regulus!" Sirius bounded to his side, grabbing his hands roughly. "What the bloody fuck are you talking about?! You're... you're not like them, you wouldn't..."

"I'm not like you, Sirius." He pulled his hands away from Sirius, and then he wrapped his arms around his stomach. "I'm not... strong. It doesn't matter, anyway. Now, I'm..."

"It doesn't have to be like this! Come... come with me, and..." He reached out to put his arms around Regulus, but Regulus stood up.

"And what? What will you do? I honestly hope you and your friends defeat the Dark Lord. But even then, what do you honestly think will happen to me? I'm sorry, Sirius." He smiled, his eyes wet. "I really... really want to be someone you'd respect..."

"Regulus!" Sirius shot up, fully intending to carry Regulus away.

"I'm sorry," Regulus sighed, and then he apparated away.

"REGULUS!" Sirius cried out, but he was alone.