title: sand in your eye
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Jirou/Saeki
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Jirou has quality beach time.
notes: for iron_tennis, week 12. also, with my ever-deepening obsessive lust for Atobe/Yumiko, i decided to revisit an old, favorite out of the blue pairing for Jirou...

He'd gotten used to it, during his weekends in Chiba. Waking up on the sand, with the sun above him, when he didn't remember at all coming out here. They had been nicely wrapped up in bed, but the waves were best at dawn, and Jirou really wasn't.

The sun was too bright, though, to let him really sleep, and the shade was all the way over there, so he sat up, and looked out in the sparkling waters, trying to identify the small speck that was the person that dragged him out there.

As usual, there were rice balls wrapped in plastic in a bag next to him, and bottles stuck in the sand. This morning, it was ramune. Jirou hated ramune; it was too much work. But he liked to play with the bottles, jiggle the marble around, because he liked the clink of glass on glass. The people around him probably thought he was a damned tourist, but he was in his own world, anyway.

Just when the air was starting to get hot, Saeki emerged before him, sticking his board into the sand, and peeling his wetsuit down to his waist. Jirou stuck his tongue into the mouth of the ramune bottle, trying to twirl the marble, and he watched Saeki. There was something about Saeki... Jirou didn't really understand it. They'd met at a match of Fuji Syuusuke's, and they'd gotten to talking. Jirou stuck by Saeki, because he'd said he was a friend of Fuji's, and Jirou wanted to go to lunch with Fuji after the match. Saeki didn't disappoint, and after Fuji left, he promised Jirou to email him the picture of them that he had taken. Jirou and Saeki had hung around, and kept talking.

People just weren't that interesting. If they weren't doing something, like playing tennis, it was boring. Saeki just wasn't people, though. Jirou didn't really understand why.

Looking at his dripping wet, half-naked body, though, certainly wasn't bad.

"Hey. Are we playing tennis later?" Jirou yawned, and stretched out all the way across the beach towel. It was too early for the sun to be this bright! Why was there never any shade on beaches?

"Is that all you think about, mm?" Saeki chuckled, and sat down, stretching himself across Jirou's legs. He took the bottle of ramune away from Jirou, expertly hitching the marble, and then sucking the whole bottle down in one long gulp.

Jirou watched Saeki's throat move, and then he put an arm over his eyes. "Well, wake me up when you're ready, ok?"

Saeki chuckled, and grabbed a rice ball, curling up next to Jirou. "You act like you were the one fighting the waves."

"Your choice," Jirou mumbled, already halfway asleep. Only it was more a daydream than a dream, and he'd have to ask Saeki if they could do that, once they weren't in public anymore.

Weekends in Chiba were nice, even if he did wake up with sand in his eyes.