title: Sanctuary
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kio/Soubi
rating: G/teen
warnings: blood
summary: Soubi finds acceptance in an unexpected place.
notes: for tsunade, for this request on fic on demand, first whack at this request, at any rate. ^_~

He couldn't say for certain why he came here. But Seimei had a home and a family to go to, and he had an apartment. Maybe he should get a pet. A lizard. But a lizard wouldn't care if he was wounded, save for being irritated about not being fed.

His thoughts were scattered, tangential. He was probably in worse shape than he had thought. Seimei would be in bad shape, too, then, wouldn't he? But Seimei had ordered him to go home. He didn't have a home, so he came here.

A blank canvas was spread on the floor in front of him. He lounged over it, and let his blood stain the surface. He watched the blood spread from where it scattered. It was pretty. He held the brush in his hand, and pressed the hairs dipped in pigment over the surface, letting the color mix with the blood, smearing it.

He couldn't really see very clearly. He must be in pretty bad shape. Seimei liked to toy with his prey.

"Sou-chan! What are you doing here so late? Hoping for a secret rendezvous? Heh, you are a lucky man," Kio dropped everything, literally, and started to strut over to Soubi.

Soubi looked up, but he didn't move. He hadn't expected this. Kio was so... normal. He didn't really know how to related to someone like him. So far, Kio had assumed that Soubi was mostly normal, if he ignored his relationship with Seimei, which Kio vastly preferred to do.

He wouldn't think Soubi was normal after this.

"What are you doing here so late, Sou-chan? What was so urgent, you had to work on it?" He peered over Soubi's shoulder, and furrowed his brow. He was about to say something when he got a good look at Soubi in the moonlight. "S-Sou-chan! What happened to you?!"

Soubi could do nothing and could say nothing and could think of nothing, so he just smiled, and once again, pressed his brush to the canvas.

Kio glared, and pushed Soubi back, against the wall. "Sou-chan!" he whined. "What happened to you? Were you in a fight? Are you all right?"

"A fight?" Soubi asked, dazed. "I suppose. But it's really more of a game."

"Sou-chan?" Kio sighed, clearly incapable of understanding.

Soubi didn't expect any.

Kio closed his eyes, exasperated, and sighed, getting up. "You are such a trial. I bet this is related to that Seimei, isn't it? Why would you let him do this to you, Sou-chan?" He walked over to the small cabinet in the corner, and pulled out the medical kit. The ostensible reason for having such a well-stocked medical kit was the knives that were used by the art department for cutting canvases and the like. The fact that artists were prone to self-injury was something no one discussed, but the medical kit was filled every week.

Kio got to his knees next to Soubi, and peeled off Soubi's jacket and shirt, so he could clean and bandage each wound carefully and thoroughly. Soubi watched him, uncertain. This was... unnecessary. He wanted to tell Kio it was unnecessary. It was just pain. He could bear any pain. His master hadn't been concerned with his wounds, so he was fit for further use.

There was no reason to care for him.

As he bandaged Soubi's arm, Kio looked up and grinned lopsidedly at Soubi. "You need someone to take care of you, Sou-chan. You don't do a very good job of doing it yourself."

Soubi didn't know what to say to that. It wasn't his body to care for. Still. He felt something odd at Kio's gentle touches. He wondered what it would feel like if Seimei cared for him like that.

He grabbed the back of Kio's head as he was examining his handiwork, and he kissed Kio, a bit roughly, perhaps. In a second, Kio was all over him, but he was careful not to disturb any of Soubi's wounds, and he pulled away after a moment, sighing and taking Soubi into his arms.

"You fool. What am I to do with you?" Kio affectionately pulled Soubi's hair out of his face, and tied it back for him.

Soubi lifted his arms to circle Kio with them, placing his hands loosely at Kio's waist.

If only.