title: rumors
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: showering, voyeurism, hickeys, gettin' hot 'n' heavy
summary: Tezuka and Fuji, after practice.
notes: written in IM on my aisoku's demand. the things i do for you, love...

Tezuka pulled off his jersey, and folded it neatly, even though it was drenched in sweat. Nothing was worth doing unless it was worth doing correctly. He put the jersey down on the bench, aware that he was being watched by the only other person left in the clubhouse. Looking at Fuji would only encourage him, so he continued, sitting down to take off his shoes.

Fuji smiled. "I heard a rumor in class today."

This hardly necessitated a response, as Tezuka neither had one, nor would Fuji be waiting for one. Tezuka folded his socks on top of his jersey, and stood up. He pulled down his shorts, and folded them, placing them on the pile. Fuji continued.

"It was about you, Tezuka. It surprised me. Such a naughty rumor."

Tezuka looked over his shoulder at Fuji briefly, and then sighed. He could say something, like, I need to shower, but Fuji would only take that as encouragement. Still, Fuji would not be discouraged if he said nothing. There was nothing for it.

Fuji's smile widened marginally as Tezuka stripped out of his underwear. "They said that you had a girlfriend."

He grabbed his towel, and went for the showers. Unsurprisingly, Fuji followed him, still smiling. He watched from the door as Tezuka turned on the water, and he spoke up.

"Their evidence was fool-proof, though sadly lacking in pertinent details. One of them had seen it during practice yesterday. Clearly, she said. It was a hickey under your ear."

Tezuka's hand involuntarily flew to the exact spot. He'd forgotten all about that...

Fuji chuckled. "Now, now, Tezuka. However did you get such a naughty thing on your body? One of the girls suggested that you had a mishap with a vacuum cleaner, although the idea of you fighting with a vacuum cleaner was really too amusing. One of them even asked me about it. If I knew if you were dating anyone. Now, Tezuka, what in the world should I have said to that?"

Tezuka looked over his shoulder, and he felt oddly... vulnerable. Not that showering in front of someone who was fully clothed wasn't bad enough...

"Do you want to know what I said? Tezuka?"

Tezuka licked his lips, and started to soap up his body.

Fuji hummed appreciatively. "I was completely honest with them. After all, they asked me a direct question. They asked me because we're friends. They said that, specifically. They might have asked Oishi, too, I'm not sure. Aren't you glad that I was honest? Captain?"

Tezuka looked at Fuji again, and he stepped under the spray to rinse off.

Fuji smiled. "I told them I didn't know of any girl that you had the slightest bit of interest in. They seemed a bit... disheartened. And, I have to confess, a tad bit hostile. Not everyone really appreciates the truth, you may have noticed."

Tezuka was sure that was true. He shut off the water, and grabbed his towel, drying off quickly. Fuji was watching him. Fuji was always watching him, it seemed. As he walked past, Fuji's hand flew up, and touched him, in that spot, under his ear. "Mm. It's pretty, isn't it?"

Tezuka looked Fuji in the eye. It was hard to read Fuji sometimes; he was deceptive in his openness. It had taken Tezuka some time to get a handle on Fuji's expressions, and he still felt that he was lost most of the time. But there were times when Fuji was like an open book to him.

These times were exciting.

He pushed Fuji up against the wall, and kissed him, holding Fuji up. Fuji was clawing at his back, and Tezuka was almost positive that Fuji was growing his nails out and breaking them on purpose, so he could scratch better.

Tezuka grabbed Fuji's arms, grabbed his wrists, and pressed them to the wall. "You shouldn't listen to rumors; they're vile."

Fuji laughed, and pushed his hips up. "I don't like the idea of some girl putting her hands on what is mine."

"You have nothing to worry about," Tezuka informed him with certainty.

"Good," Fuji sighed. "But just in case, maybe I should give you a matching mark on the other side." He pushed against Tezuka's grip, and leaned forward, his mouth open like a vampire, ready to feed.

Tezuka put his hand on Fuji's jaw, and turned his head. He put his lips to Fuji's neck, and just tasted his skin. "Maybe," he suggested huskily, "I should leave some evidence on you."

"Do you want to, 'Mitsu?" Fuji asked, knowing full well how to breathe Tezuka's name to make Tezuka's knees turn to water.

Tezuka closed his mouth on Fuji's skin, and bit down, hard enough to make Fuji gasp. He let go, and walked away, back to his locker.

"'Mitsu? What?" Fuji had to take a step or two haltingly before he could follow.

That was a type of victory.

Tezuka toweled off his hair, and then pushed it out of his face, done with it. He started to get dressed again, pulling clean clothes out of his bag.

"Tezuka," Fuji chuckled. "Are you playing games with me?"

"I thought you liked to play," Tezuka sighed. He buttoned up his shirt, but not all the way to the top, and he didn't bother to tuck it in. "Anyway. Don't you need to come to my house to study?"

Fuji blinked, and then smiled. "Ah. I'd forgotten. I'll have to call Neesan. I can't believe how forgetful I can be." He winked at Tezuka.

Tezuka closed the distance between them, putting his hand over the hand that was already dialing the cell phone, and he touched Fuji's face before kissing him. "You should know, though, that I don't care about rumors. As long as we understand, then it doesn't matter to me what anyone else thinks."

"You say such provocative things, 'Mitsu," Fuji sighed dreamily. "I'll suppose I'll just have to ignore the rumors, then. But..." He leaned in, and bit Tezuka's bottom lip slowly, pulling it between his teeth. "I'm not done making fodder for rumors yet." He winked, and pulled his hand away from Tezuka's, so he could call his sister.

Tezuka quirked his lips, and went to gather his things.

He could live with rumors, if he had to.