title: Rite of Reconciliation
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo
rating: Teen
warnings: oral sex in a church
summary: Heero becomes interested in the Church
notes: for cyn and sunnie, for Christmas, which was in the past, but who cares?
apologies: this fic has so been done before... even by me... though, a different pairing... hopefully, it's a fresh spin. or, at the very least, the latest spin. =p

He liked the way the air smelled in here. Like smoke and water. He sat in the last pew, and watched the sunset light up the stained glass over the altar with hot colors.

The blood from the sacrifice seemed to burn on the cold stone pillars that held up the roof.

He held the beads he had bought yesterday from the old nun. She had smiled at him as if he'd belonged, but then, he'd given her a little extra when he'd paid. He turned the polished wood over between his fingers, feeling the small, carved patterns cut into each bead.

"You're not planning on blowing up the church, are you?" he asked, sitting down casually next to Heero. He was wearing black vestments, if that was the right word, and a collar, but he'd worn those during the war, too. He still had the same smile, too.

"No. You're not planning on becoming a priest, are you?" he asked in reply, his tone clearly suggesting that such a plan would be nothing short of insanity.

Duo chuckled. "Not really. But I wanted to learn more about it."

Heero nodded. "I like the rituals," he said quietly, hushing his tone like one did when speaking of God.

"Doesn't surprise me," Duo said under his breath, and he put his feet up on the pew in front of them, the thick heels of his boots fitting neatly under the groove of curl of the top of the pew. "You should look into Islam. They have about fifty thousand more rules."

"Not really that interested in God," Heero shrugged.

"Me, either," Duo grinned, leaning over to put his head on Heero's shoulder. "So, what should two heathens do in this sacred place? It's been five years since I saw you last. You wanna fuck?"

"Not opposed," Heero shrugged, slipping the beads through his fingers. "Not really why I came here."

"Then, why?" Duo wondered.

"Looking for..." Heero leaned his head back, and looked up at the ceiling. Four stories up, at least, the light up there was airy, like it formed a fog, and one could imagine that somewhere through that mist of dust made sparkling with light, there were hidden secrets whose presence alone could give solace. "Hope."

Duo picked up Heero's arm, and pulled up his sleeve. "Well. Didn't figure you for the dramatic route. Still. What kind of hope did you'd think you'd find in a place like this? We're sinners, Heero. If you want hope, you need to make friends with the devil."

"There's forgiveness, isn't there?" Heero asked, and he sounded like a child. He kept his chin down, and he put his hand on Duo's thigh. "Reconciliation, your Church calls it."

"You have to be sorry," Duo said with a sigh. "You have to repent."

"You have to know that it is wrong for it to be a sin," Heero countered.

"Did you think that it was right to blow up schools and firebomb towns, then?" Duo rapidly rejoined.

Heero sighed.

Duo put his hand on Heero's cheek, and turned his face. "Make your peace with yourself. And make a deal with a devil." He scooted up in the pew, and leaned over to kiss Heero, pressing their mouths together tightly, his tongue sliding over Heero's teeth, over his tongue.

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned," Heero gasped, eagle-sharp eyes looking around for any intruders into their intimacy. It was the modern custom, though, to have confession out in the open, so Heero had read. "I've... never given a confession before." He spread out his legs, and let Duo undo the button on his jeans.

"Well," Duo grunted, shifting on the pew to get better access to Heero without being too horribly uncomfortable. "That's because you aren't Catholic."

"Oh, right," Heero lifted his hips slightly, letting Duo pull down his pants. Twilight sent shadows through the church, lending ominous girth to the darkness. The air immediately surrounding his lips, his nose, became hot from kisses, from Duo's breath, from his own panting. Duo put his teeth on Heero's earlobe, and he bit his tongue to keep from groaning, as Duo's hand started to pump his shaft.

He stared at the faraway figure on the cross, grotesque red paint dripping from square iron pegs in his hands, side, and feet. They were defiling this holy place, or maybe they were creating their own holy place, borrowing the air and the shadows to heighten the tension of each breathless gasp.

Duo's head bent down as his balls tightened, and he felt the hot, wet suction of Duo's mouth; he nearly bit off the end of his tongue to keep from screaming out.

Maybe he should have gone with a hallelujah instead. Blood filled his mouth, and his vision blurred, tears spilling out as he closed his eyes.

Duo kissed his face tenderly, gently, his hand still in Heero's pants.

"You aren't really going to be a priest, are you?" he asked, his body cowering a bit in the shelter of Duo's arms.

"I'd be a fucking disgrace if I were," Duo smiled.

He opened his eyes, and turned to look into Duo's eyes. He touched Duo's face tenderly, exploring the texture of his cheek, mapping the contours of Duo's facial bones. "Have you found peace with yourself?"

Duo chuckled viciously. He tucked Heero back into his pants, and kissed Heero's lips. "Why do you think I'm here? Forgiveness... takes time. Doubly so when you have to forgive yourself."

Heero nodded, and put his head on Duo's shoulder. "So, I can't find absolution from you?"

"Sure, I can absolve you. But it pretty much means jack unless you believe it. That's the story with everything," he sighed, and kissed the top of Heero's head.

"Sorry it took five years," he sighed.

"Yeah," Duo shrugged. "Just don't keep me waiting again."

Heero raised an eyebrow. "You're the one with the collar keeping you back."

"Not the only one, am I, Heero?" Duo asked, and he sounded tired.

"No," Heero sighed, closing his eyes. "It won't be five years again."

"Good," Duo affirmed, but his voice already sounded far away.

Heero pressed the wooden beads to his palm, and pretended that the arm around his shoulder wasn't going to retreat any time soon.

oh dear god. ~_~ i think there's some sort of law that if i'm writing heero/duo for sunnie, it has to turn out just ANGST. >_> sorry!!!