title: Rights of Ownership
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: implied Heero/Duo, Duo/Zechs
rating: Teen
warnings: slavery
summary: Duo makes himself Heero's slave (bastard!Heero, au)
notes: for Kraken, for mother's day! ^_^
these bastard!heero fics are almost always stream of conscious-y bits that just start with an idea of bastardness. lets see where we go today... *apprehensive*

He never thought to touch his collar. Ever. He knew better, right from the first moment Heero clicked it shut, and his eyes had gleamed.

He sat quietly, and tried not to attract attention, but it was hard. It wasn't as common anymore to see the collars, not since they had won independence for the colonies. It was his choice, but it was his choice to no longer have a choice. Quatre had tried to talk him out of it. He probably should have listened. But it was the only way he could get Heero to stay with him.

Heero was across the room, chatting with Relena. He felt naked in his tight, skimpy clothes, and if he were naked, these blue bloods wouldn't pay any more attention to him. They were the only people on Earth who still had any slaves. But the eyes that were on him were greedy.

Heero was watching him, too. He sat quietly, and didn't protest as Relena's brother undid the button of his leather pants. He kept his gaze fixed levelly on Heero's amused expression. He didn't want to be here, but he never had a choice anymore. He didn't want to be touched, not in front of all these people who watched him like they watched the opera, but he didn't have a choice.

He grew up on a slave colony, but he hadn't understood what slavery was like. He lifted his hips because he was told to, and Heero had said to do what he was told. A few more bystanders gathered around him, and he couldn't see Heero anymore. He closed his eyes, and felt their cold hands, and he breathed quietly and slowly.

He heard Heero's footsteps getting closer. He counted them, waiting for Heero to get closer. He would fantasize about Heero coming to his rescue, and taking him away from all of this. One day, he used to think, Heero would leave the Earth forever, and they would go back to then colonies. He had intended his collar to be like a wedding ring.

He should have listened to Quatre.

Heero hooked his finger in the collar, and pulled Duo roughly, so he could whisper in Duo's ear. "You are such a whore." He didn't have to open his eyes to see Heero's malicious grin. "But you earn a good price."

Duo opened his eyes, so he could see Heero pass his key... his key... to Zechs or Milliardo or whatever name the bastard was using now. His heart pounded painfully in his chest, and his vision blurred. He had offered himself to Heero, out of love, out of desire.

He should have listened to Quatre.

His new master wasn't as generous as his last; he didn't want to share Duo with the crowd. With his pants open and pulled down below his ass, he was dragged out of the room, across the longest hallway in the world, to the Prince's private rooms. The door closed loudly, and Duo fell to the ground.

Icy blue eyes watched him with clinical appreciation, the sheen of white gold that surrounded Zechs' face glittering too brightly. "It's just business. Don't worry, I don't want to make this unpleasant for you. I'm even willing to discuss your freedom, for a price.

"After all, I'm giving up my sister to that killer so I can have you."

Duo put his face down on the hardwood floor, and closed his eyes. Solo had taught him, keep your head down, take whatever they have to give, and then pick yourself up and get the hell out. He had thought that Heero was like Solo, but it didn't matter.

He could survive even love, if he had to.

ahhhh. sorry if that's not... well, good. *sweatdrop* thought i'd try for a more psychologically bastard!Heero, and... the idea of slave!duo being sold kinda... well, *drools*