title: reverie of shades
fandom: Kenshin
characters/pairings: vague Sano/Kenshin
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Sano recovers, and thinks.
notes: for solitaryjane, for this request on fic on demand.

He dreamed of the Captain. In the fragments of light that swirled maniacally on the ceiling, he saw their lives play out, again and again. He couldn't move, not after all his injuries, even he knew that. Just staring at the ceiling left him nothing beyond his thoughts to occupy his time.

His thoughts led him in circles, though. Maybe it was because they followed the shadows. Everything moved in circles, night to day, and back again. His vision was wrapped in gauze. What filtered through, not all of it did he want to understand, most of it was pain.

It didn't seem strange anymore that the Captain in his eyes had red hair.

Too much time to think... too many visions blurred before him. He closed his eyes, but the lights and shadows above him continued to swirl. He heard voices... Megumi-san, most of all. Kaoru. Yahiko.

He heard Kenshin's voice...

He wondered why it was that Kenshin's voice was so clear when he wasn't even saying anything. Little nonsense noises and soft comments... It was like everything Kenshin did was bigger than life. It was comforting, like having something to believe in again.

Did he really believe in Kenshin so much?

Too much thinking... too much pain. The gauze pulled away layer by layer. He knew he'd been in bad shape. It was life. Unless he'd died. But that was part of life, too. The end part of it. He had gotten used to it, really. He forgot... did Kenshin save him?

He was always thinking of Kenshin.

He opened his eyes, and that made him realize that they'd been closed before. Huh. The chimes outside the window were as clear as the humming next to him. He turned his head slightly. All he saw was red.

"Sano! Are you awake? I'll get Megumi-san..."

He reached out, and the pain helped to wake him up more. "Not yet," he begged, his voice not sounding right at all. Didn't sound like his. "Not yet..."

Kenshin didn't fight him. He sat down on the edge of Sano's bed, and looked down, into his eyes. He was smiling radiantly...

Sano wasn't aware of doing it. He just reached up and touched Kenshin's cheek, touched his scar... his lips... He thought about kissing those lips. Just a stray thought. Couldn't control his thoughts. Thought about stuff too much.

"We were worried," Kenshin said kindly, and he held Sano's hand to his cheek for a moment. It was almost like the gesture of a lover.

A lover. Ha. Like Sano would know... and yet. It felt that way.

He was still thinking.

"Yeah," Sano croaked. "Was worried, too."

Felt like... he must be doing all right if he could make Kenshin laugh. Not that it was hard, but. An honest laugh. Maybe he did believe in Kenshin.

Maybe he could be better for Kenshin than he'd been for his Captain.