title: Restless
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi, Ritsuka
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Soubi is bored.
notes: set pre-series. i debated writing this now, because i don't know the whole story yet, but... it's vague on purpose, and potentially au, to cover any errors in continuity/etc. ^_~

He rolled over to his belly, closer to his master, and he sighed, audibly. He had cut class to be here; Seimei hadn't ordered him to come, but he hadn't told him to go when he showed up, either, so it was all right.

He just... wanted to be closer to his master. Seimei understood. Especially now.

But Soubi could think of more interesting things to do than watch Seimei organize the photos on his laptop.

Seimei was sitting on the floor next to the bed, and Soubi was laying flat on the bed. He leaned forward, and licked the edge of Seimei's adorable (but irritatingly present) ear. "Sei~mei. I'm bored."

"You can leave anytime you like, Soubi," Seimei grinned. His master liked keeping him on a string, and that's just how Soubi liked it, too.

They were so perfect.

"Mm, but wouldn't you prefer I stayed?" Soubi asked, putting just a bit of a pout into his voice.

Seimei grinned a bit wider. "Doesn't matter."

Soubi pouted for real. He leaned up on his elbows, and peeked over Seimei's shoulder. "What are doing, anyway?"

"It's for Ritsuka," Seimei said, and his voice dropped a bit.

Ritsuka was important to Seimei, very important. Soubi would have to be a fool not to know that. "So, when do I get to meet your cute little brother, Seimei?"

There was a malicious hint in Seimei's cold grin now. "After I die, and not a day before. That's an order, Soubi."

"Yes, Beloved," Soubi answered, a bit piqued, but it was his master's wish, after all. He leaned forward, and kissed Seimei's neck. "Can't you do that later? I want to... play with you..."

"Not now, you pervert," Seimei chuckled, and scooted away from Soubi's reach.

"I'm not a pervert," Soubi sighed, and flopped back onto his back. "I want to make you feel good. You are important to me. Anything that is important to you is important to me, too."

"That may be, but you still just want my ears," Seimei teased, but there was affection there, too.

Soubi smiled. "Don't you want to give them to me?"

"I want to know who you gave your ears to," Seimei replied, archly.

"Is that an order?" Soubi asked, almost... eager.

"No," Seimei chuckled softly. "You don't have to tell me. But... don't ever forget... you are mine, Soubi."

"Never could belong to anyone else, Beloved," Soubi sighed, softly. Seimei would give him his ears someday. Who else could he be with?

He didn't even realize that there was a pause at first. Seimei was not a loud person, but it wasn't natural for him to be still, either.

Soubi leaned up so he could look at Seimei. Seimei was frowning, and glaring at the computer screen. His cute little brother was grinning foolishly up at him. Ritsuka was really adorable. Soubi could understand why Seimei would be protective of him, though it did make Soubi jealous. "Seimei?"

"Soubi. If I die, I want you to take care of Ritsuka. Do you understand?"

"What?" Soubi sat up and crossed his legs, frowning lightly. "Do you think I would let anyone kill you? Don't talk like this."

Seimei smiled, but his smile... it was a private thing, it made Soubi feel rejected, isolated. Cold. "Who knows if you will have a choice? In any case... I want Ritsuka looked after. Do you understand?"

"Loveless..." Soubi sighed, and looked away. He was curious about him, really. Unsurprisingly. "I'll check on him, Seimei. But please, let's leave it alone. I don't like talking about this."

"We'll talk about anything I want to talk about." When Seimei's voice got authoritative, it sent shivers down Soubi's spine. He immediately wanted punishment from such a voice. "If I die, you become his. Do you understand? You will do anything he says."

Seimei's hands were in balls at his sides. It was frighteningly exciting. Soubi swallowed, hard, and tried not to sound too submissive. "I understand, Master. But..."

"No buts." Seimei furrowed his brow. "Ritsuka... he only has me. If something happens to me... Soubi, I need to know that you will take care of him if anything happens to me."

Soubi slinked to the floor, and slide over to rest his cheek on Seimei's knee, slipping an arm around Seimei's waist. "I swear to you, Beloved, I will care for Ritsuka if anything happens to you, fate forefend."

Seimei casually ran his fingers through Soubi's silky hair, letting it fall. He brushed his fingers over his mark on Soubi's body. "You are beautiful, Soubi. I'm happy you are mine."

Soubi's heart nearly burst. His master... could be coy. Affection was a tool to bind them together, he knew that, and he knew that Seimei did, as well. But he... he wanted Seimei to want him...

"I'm home!"

Seimei stood up immediately at his little brother's faint cry. He closed his laptop and put it on his desk. "Soubi, it's time for you to leave the way you came." He walked over to the door, and called out for Ritsuka. Before he left, he turned, and smiled at Soubi. "Remember, Soubi, you promised me. I'm counting on you."

Soubi watched his master leave with a sigh. Someday... someday, he would get really close to Seimei...

He stood up and slipped his coat back on, and went to the window, as he was ordered. Someday, he would understand his master's heart.