title: Respite
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, Heero
rating: Teen
warnings: cutting, bloodplay
summary: Duo gives Trowa another option.
notes: for my darling aisoku, as a prize for fic on demand. ^_^

There was nothing empty about space. Even the cold of it seemed to envelope him, embracing him tightly, like a vice. He'd been out here too long, but it didn't matter because there was no one to make sure that they followed regulations. Inside the thick gloves, his fingers were almost totally numb, but he kept working on the access panel. They'd taken a lot of damage in the last meteor shower. He'd just about finished, but he slowed down; not just because his fingers were numb, but also because he wasn't in a hurry to get back inside.

He wasn't in a hurry for much of anything these days.

It took fifteen minutes to seal off the exit hatch, and repressurize. He had about seven minutes left of air, but if he conserved his breath, it would be fine. He closed his eyes, and cleared his thoughts, blanking out everything. He heard the compression door open, but he didn't move until he realized that his air was gone.

Another twenty minutes degearing, and then a shower. The water was hot, nearly scalding, but his limbs were like rubber. He tried to scrub, but he couldn't bring his arms up over his chest. He put his face in the spray, and left it there until he couldn't stay any longer.

Heero was at the comm when he got out, which wasn't surprising. Heero slept only three hours a day, and spent as little time as possible away from the controls. He grunted, but he kept staring out into the blackness on the other side of the window.

Trowa didn't know if Heero was searching for something, but he figured it was a safe bet that Heero thought that space was empty.

He wasn't thinking about it beforehand, really. It wasn't like he planned it. Sometime he thought about it, but for the most part, he just did what he needed to do.

Only, the small cigar box wasn't there. It was his secret. It was hidden even from himself most of the time. It should have been there.

"Quite a collection," Duo whistled slowly. He was in the corner, in the dark. He had the cigar box on his knee, and he was riffling through it. "Nice blades. There was this kid in our gang, back in the day, he had a box like this. Oh, and you know that stuff, that grey rubber stuff? You could pull off bits and roll it around, it gets all gummy... spread it over your wounds, that way, you know, it was antiseptic, and stopped the bleeding... It was made from a waste product of the crank gears, or something. They passed it out for free, to keep the hospitals cleared as much as they could. You remember that stuff?"

Trowa just stared at Duo. It was just the three of them, out here, this mission... Trowa couldn't remember the mission at all. Didn't matter. Heero had the focus. They were there to keep the ship running. But somehow, it seemed like Duo didn't belong here. Space wasn't empty; people were. Maybe Duo felt the same way.

Duo smirked. "You spent a lot of time out there, Tro. You ok?"

It took him a moment to realize that Duo had asked him a question, and that he needed an answer. "Sure."

"Sure," Duo echoed, with a chuckle. He shook his head. "Of course you are. We're all great. That's why you have this." He lifted up the box momentarily. "You know... Tro... We're all..." He sighed, and looked away.

Trowa stared at Duo. Usually, they didn't talk much. It was odd. He liked the sound of Duo's voice. It was... pleasant. Soothing. Duo was pleasant. Trowa felt like he might have been sleeping, like this wasn't real. Nothing felt real. He felt nothing, in fact. If he asked Duo for his box back, he wondered if Duo would give it to him.

Duo closed the box, and looked at Trowa. "Use me."

Blinking, Trowa watched Duo, looking for some sign of what he could possibly mean.

"Use my skin," Duo offered benignly.

That was an odd thing to say, no matter how Trowa considered it. He cocked his head to the side and considered Duo carefully.

Duo put the box on the floor, and pushed it closer to Trowa. He got to his knees, and pulled his shirt off. "Use my skin, Trowa. I'm offering."

The air changed. Trowa blinked, and he felt his heart pounding in his chest. He felt.

Duo crawled on his knees to Trowa, and put his hands on either side of Trowa. Looking up into Trowa's eyes, he smiled, just a bit. "Use me, Trowa."

"Why?" If Trowa could break the inertia of his limbs, he would put his fingers in Duo's hair, touch his skin. Touch him...

Duo smiled, and shrugged. "Because. It's enough, isn't it? Use me."

Trowa nodded once, though he wasn't sure he could. Wasn't sure he should. Duo was smiling, though, standing up. He got the box, and wrapped Trowa's hands around it. Duo's hands were warm, so warm. Duo was right in front of him, his lips, so close, but they didn't kiss.

Trowa felt. Felt something.

Duo lay down on his stomach, putting his chin on his hands. "Is this all right?" He looked over his shoulder at Trowa.

Trowa opened his box, his hands steady. But then, his hands were always steady when it came to this. He picked his best blade. He'd been saving it, but this was special. Didn't get any more special than this. He set the box aside, and contemplated Duo's bare back. He moved Duo's thick braid out of the way. Maybe someday, Duo would let him cut his hair. Not all of. Just enough to feel the difference.

He pressed the blade to Duo's skin. It was hard to tell how hard to press when it wasn't his skin. Red blood rushed up to kiss the blade, surround it. He moved the blade, a single, straight line, diagonally across the back. Duo shivered and moaned, an erotic sound, and Trowa felt like maybe he should have felt guilty, but...

Duo wanted to be used.

He criss-crossed the lines of Duo's back, letting red lines cover white skin. He ran his fingers through the cords of blood, even as he felt Duo groan, the blood thick on his fingers, hot, he could feel it, taste it... Sharp, bitter, metallic... This was Duo's life on his back, on Trowa's fingers...

Trowa put his hands on Duo's waist, and lifted his hips, undoing his pants. Duo was watching him, but Trowa avoided his eyes. He pulled his pants, and his boxers, all the way off. He picked up Duo's foot.

Duo moaned, he wriggled, he watched Trowa closely, but he didn't pull away. Trowa just touched the blade to the bottom of Duo's foot, not even enough to bring forth the blood. He licked where he touched Duo's skin, and kissed the instep of his foot. He was feeling things, his own blood, thick and hot in his veins, and his heart pounding. His tongue felt heavy, his mouth felt dry. He cut the back of the Duo's shin, and licked the blood clean. He bit the back of Duo's knee, and scraped the edge of the razor over Duo's skin... Damn, Duo's skin was beautiful, the way it pinked. The blood... he was so alive. Like a bonfire. No emptiness here. Trowa cut a spiral into Duo's left ass cheek, and covered his lips with the blood.

"God, you are a fucking tease..." Duo gasped. Trowa spared a glance at Duo's face. He cut a line above Duo's ass.

"You want this?" It wasn't really a question, because Trowa could tell what Duo wanted. He could feel it, like it was his own blood that was welling up and spilling. He leaned up, and stuck the blade into Duo's skin, hard this time, deep enough to let the blood really spill, and he cut a long line.

He wasn't thinking about marking Duo, specifically, but he did feel, quite strongly, that Duo was his, in this moment, in this bed... Duo wanted to be used, so he would use him.

He put his fingers in the line of blood, and lifted them to his mouth, sucking on his fingers, letting it mark his skin.

The offer seemed to imply sex, even though that wasn't specifically what was being offered. He didn't know if Duo was aroused or not; it seemed as if it would be sick if Duo was, but he couldn't take being confined anymore. He opened his pants, and pulled out his cock, caressing it. He picked up one of Duo's hands, and kissed it, cutting a pattern in his forearm.

Duo huffed and moaned, and wriggled under Trowa. He watched Trowa, carefully, but he didn't resist.

He wanted to be used.

Trowa set aside the blade, covered in red now. It would be dark, start to rust, maybe, by morning. Didn't matter. He squeezed hand lotion into his palm, and prepped Duo quickly. They'd had enough foreplay. He didn't want to wait. Couldn't.

He pulled Duo's ass up, and started to pound into him, his hands slipping down over Duo's back, his bloody, perfect back, pushed his hands over Duo's skin, touching Duo's face with his bloody hands, and he was overwhelmed with the ephemeral desire to kiss Duo, not just for a second, but to really take his time with it, to connect with Duo.

His orgasm shattered through him, unexpectedly. He fell down to the bed next to Duo, the smell of blood like the wafting scent of whiskey just before taking a shot.


Duo nudged him, almost kittenishly, smiling against Trowa's skin. Trowa pulled himself out of the sluggishness enough to sit up to get the iodine, to clean Duo's back, but he didn't bother to bandage him.

He wanted Duo to scar.

He fell asleep with Duo in his arms, and he kicked away the sheet, because it was too damned hot, and the bed was small, so they were tangled together.

He kept waking up, with hair in his mouth, or shaking from the smell of blood, but Duo was always there, sometimes blearily awake, sometimes not.

He'd have to kiss Duo someday, just to see what it was like.

Hours later, who knew how long, he woke up with a beam of light in his eye. Heero was in the door, watching them.

Trowa blinked, and watched Heero, his arms unconsciously tightening around Duo's bloody body. He had something like a flashback to when he'd first accepted this mission, sitting across the desk from Quatre, talking about the risks, but all Trowa had thought about was how odd it would be to be living with Heero and Duo.

He wasn't ready to allow Heero in yet.

Heero shifted, and looked away. "Need someone to take over."

Trowa nodded. "Give me ten."

Heero nodded, and moved away. "Don't be late."

The door slid shut.

Trowa took three of his five minutes just touching Duo, wanting to kiss him, wanting to be closer to him.

He slipped out of bed, and tucked Duo under the sheet that had been balled up on the floor. He wanted to be sure that Duo was warm before he left him.