title: Replaceable
fandom: Tales of Symphonia
characters/pairings: Zelos/Lloyd
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: in the Gaoracchia Forrest, Zelos attempts to cheer Lloyd up.
notes: *laughs* alllllll for my darling aisoku.

He watched Lloyd storm off, but he didn't follow right away. After all, he couldn't appear too eager. Definitely wouldn't do. He could wait a few minutes. He knew just where the kid was headed. He smiled and joked with the ladies. Totally natural. He had all the time in the world.

The kid would wait for him.

In fact, Lloyd was just throwing stones into the river. Zelos hung back a bit, just to watch. There was something about Lloyd... it sure wasn't his quick wit, or even his looks, though he wasn't bad looking. For a guy. But there was something about him...

Times like this, he was begging to be cuddled. Or something.

Zelos smirked, and strolled over to Lloyd's side. At first, he just stood there, arms behind his back, watching the water ripple. He looked at Lloyd from the corner of his eye. "I think the river will behave now."

Lloyd scrunched up his face and pouted. Too damned adorable.

Zelos rocked back and forth on his feet. "That guy... Kratos. He gets to you, doesn't he?"

Lloyd's whole body froze, and his eyes went wide.

Jealousy stabbed at him momentarily, but Zelos wasn't the type to dwell on such things. Who knew what side that guy was on, and anyway, he was more than a good enough swordsman to fill out Lloyd's party. He had no reason to feel jealous. "What is he to you, Lloyd?"

Lloyd shook, and balled his hands up into fists. His chin lowered to his chest, and he was biting his lip. Zelos was worried for a moment that perhaps he might start crying, but then Lloyd managed to speak. "He...! I....! I... I... I don't know..."

He really was about to cry. Zelos wasn't sure if he should be upset, or happy. He grabbed Lloyd by the shoulders, and spun him around, lifting his chin...

Just a kiss. He'd kissed dozens... dozens before. Girls were sweet and soft, and they giggled after he kissed them. Some girls held onto him, and drew him back to dark corners and secret rooms. Boys were rough, and challenging. Sometimes, they had fire in their eyes, and they shoved their hands places, just to up the ante.

Lloyd was like Lloyd. Maybe this was what innocence tasted like.

Lloyd bucked back, and stared at Zelos with fuckably gorgeous, timid eyes. "Ze-Zelos!!"

Zelos smirked, and laced his fingers together, stretching his arms up above his head. "Hey, kid, don't worry. I'll take care of you, ok, so don't get all worked up over that guy." Lloyd was still breathing hard, but he didn't look quite so tense. Zelos tapped him on the nose. "I've got your back now, Lloyd."

He whistled as he walked back to camp. Probably that Colette chick would come out to talk to Lloyd, and they would come back as if nothing had happened.

He totally had that kid's back.